Does Anyone Know what This Could Be?

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I honestly don’t know where to start.

It happened 21 years ago, (I am 35 as of right know) when I encountered this beast or monster. Call it whatever you want, but it was not human.

I spent my enitre life up until I was 19 on a farm in louisiana in the middle of no where. We had horses, cattle, chicke, and etc. It was quite peaceful most of the time. Anyway my father had recently twisted his ankle will trying to break a horse. I ended up breaking her and she became mine.

About 2 weeks later strange things started to happen. We would here the the cattle panic coming from the field. But everytime we checked one of the calfs where missing. The odd thing was that there where no traces of the calf except for blood and the hooves of the calf. My father was furious as this happened almost every week in the first month of winter. We always guessed as it being a bear because their were not many wolves around anymore.

My father began to set traps at the edge of the woods to hopefully catch whatever was doing this. All we caught was one red wolf, several coyotes and some fox. But one of the openings to one of the trails me and my father usually go horse back riding on had 2 traps. Both of which where bent out of shape and had thick smelly black fur and blood on it. My father immediately thought of a black bear doing this. But how could a black bear do this to a bear trap.

The next day we went to my uncles house to pick up my dog Max. Well it is more like a wolf than a dog. You see my dad’s father used to breed red wolves coyotes and much more. God forbid I wanted a massive wolf. I have had it since it was a puppy and it is the most loyal animal I have ever owned.

After the long drive home I decided to play around with my dog. We played fetch he followed me around on the horse and just sat under the old oak tree on the side of the barn.

As I was enjoying nature and was slowly dozing off Max’s ears perked up. His gaze was fixated on the opening of the woods. What was just curiousity turned into a low growl from Max. Max stood up showing his teeth and had the hair on his back stand up. I stood up and was scanning the edge of the woods to see if I could see anything.

This continued for what seemed like forever. Until suddenly, it stopped. Max calmed down and just looked at me. I was a little scared then. I took a deep breath and told Max it was time to go in and eat. And so we did.

The next day my father was setting up somthing in the top of the barn. I walked into the barn and asked, “What are you doing pops?” He sighed and chuckled and gestured for me to climb the laddeer. And so I did.

He was setting up a camera. “We just might see what is doing this,” he said to me.

Next to him layed a hunting rifle and the double barreled shotgun we kept in the kitchen.

” What do you plan on donig with those?” I asked.

My father looked at me and said,”Whatever the hell that is we are going to stop it, but first we need to bring the cattle closer to us so we can get a clean shot.”

So my entire afternoon had been used helping my dad move the cattle closer and in better view of the barn.

That night me and my father sat out in the blistering cold and waited for something to happen. Max was inside the barn below us probably sleeping in the hay.

A few hours passed and nothing happened. I started to dozed off laying down on the hay until I heard something. Something rubbed against the side of the barn knocking over a bucket. I jumped up when I heard this and so did my dad. He slowly peaked out the window before saying “Oh my God” under his breath.

I peaked out the window and saw what he was looking at. It was a massive creature on all fours crouching behind the tree I usually sit under. My father aimed his loaded rifle at it. He could see him slowly pulling the trigger before Max started to growl and bark at the thing.

Whatever it was it spun around quick and fixed it sight on us. Its dark yellow eyes are forever burned into my mind.

It began to growl in which I could feel from it being about 30 yards away. I began to panic inside of my head as I saw it get closer and ready to pounce. The growling from both my dog and this creature where shut out as I heard the sound of my father’s rifle being shot. The creature then roared in pain as my father grabbed me and the two guns down the ladder. I called for Max how ran up behind me and followed me and my father to the house.

When we got inside before closing the door I looked behind me. I wish I didn’t. I saw what seemed like a couple hundred pounds rushing towards me. I could feel every step it made while sprinting towards us. It was about 50 yards away when I realized that it was bleeding from its left eye.

My father pulled me from the door closed it and managed to lock all 3 locks on the door. We ran around locking every window and door it could use to get in. We hid in the family room which was in the middle of the house and had windows but unfortunately had no doors.

Max ran around the house barking and growling at the thing as it seemed to try every entrance to the house. At one point we heard pounding on the front door but it stopped as soon as max started barking and growling at the thing. Me and my father waited until mid-day to check and see if it was still their. And to our relief it was gone.

Two of the horses where dead and the rest escaped out into the pastor. The spot in which we where waiting for the thing to appear was destroyed and so was the camera.

My father slowly fixed the barn and we never had a problem with that thing again. I eventually moved out when I turned 19 with my girlfriend because of her ex. I am now married to that beautiful woman and we eventually moved back onto the farm.

My father now older but looks as if he hasn’t changed except for the grey hairs told me about how he never saw that thing again. I was happy. I could know raise my son on the same farm I grew up on. I even got him a puppy, a cross breed between wolf and pitbull. Her name is oreo and you can guess why thats her name. Although that thing is gone my father seems to be very interested in it. He even when through the trouble to find the eye he shot out of that creature. He keeps it in a jar above his bed. He believes as long as that is their, those creatures will never show again.

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I can’t really tell what it could’ve been. Based on where you lived and your description, my best guess would be yet another monster no one knows about or possibly a dogman.