Disturbing Confession of a Nurse

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In 1987 my 21 year old mother was working the normal night shift. She was an ER nurse in one of the most toughest cities in New York.

Every night was crazy, stab victims, people hit by cars or people cut open by box cutters, but this night was different. It was around 2am and a mother was rushed in to the er with her 6 & 9 year old girls. The girls were naked and were covered in blisters and their skin was hot red.

The mother said she was washing dishes while running a hot bath upstairs for the children.

She then said the little one fell in and the older one went to help, only to fall in after her sister. The girls were put in burn sheets immediately and placed into a packed emergency room with just a curtain around them.

They held hands telling one another they were going to be okay. Second degree burns covered them from their necks to their genitals…

Something made no sense.

Why were there arms and feet not burned if they almost drowned in a hot tub? My mother had this horrible feeling in her stomach and called the police. She said this was no accident you need to check the house.

The police who were use to these cases investigated. About an hour later the officer called her and said, you were right.

Their beds were soaking wet. It turns out the children were sleeping and their mother walked in and dumped a boiling hot pot of water on them.

Why? She was on drugs.

My mother became uncontrollable and was enraged and sick to know these kids were suffering. Getting medicine for pain unimaginable. She hung up and saw the mother in the room. She went to confront her but was held back by the whole staff.

She wanted her to burn and know what she did. ” how could burn your own babies”

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