Did I run into a wendigo or skinwalker?

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This scenario took place when I was around 10 years old. I am 17 now but I still remember it crystal clear.

I was in fourth grade and I was on a class trip. It was my first one so I was pretty excited and hyped. We were going to stay at a small horse ranch in the middle of nowhere. The nearest city was the German city Büsum and it was around 40 miles away from us. We were also around 500 metres away from the North sea.

I am not going to beat around the bush here and get straight to it.

It was Thursday night at around 10 pm and we were supposed to be asleep but let’s be honest: who follows such rules on a class trip. Me and my roommate were chatting and playing a game in which you had to say an animals name with the last letter of the previously named animal. We were at it for one hour already and the girls in the room opposite of ours were sleeping. They wouldn’t be for long though.

In the middle of our game, said girls were suddenly shouting and crying and the entire hall was filled with worried voices and footsteps. Our teacher came out and asked them what was going on. They said that someone or something was knocking and scratching on their window. Now, there was a camping place nearby with quite a few caravans so we thought it might be a prank. My friend and I were curious and asked the girls if they wanted to swap rooms and they happily obliged.

When we entered their room it felt creepy. I can’t really put my finger on it but something or someone was clearly around. It was completely dark outside and I decided to open the curtains to catch a glimpse of what was out there. My friend set on one bed and I sat on the opposite and we were both facing the window. Some time had already passed and we were getting sleepy and my friend nearly fell asleep. And then it happened. A small knock. It didn’t sound loud at all. It didn’t sound like whatever it was wanted to get in, it was more like it was scanning and waiting for a reaction. I couldn’t see what it was at that moment because I was too focused on my friend. I turned my head to the window and scooted back s little, then it did it again. This time I could see it. A long and slim arm with long, thin fingers and long and broken fingernails. My friend and me screamed in unison and ran to our teacher. Under tears I told her what happened and although it sounded unbelievable she believed us. I was always an honest student and although s prankster I would never lie about something like that.

My teacher immediately woke our bus driver and ordered us to pack our things as fast as possible. I was shaking and crying and had a little trouble at first but I managed to get everything inside my bag.

In the middle of the night our entire class practically ran towards our bus and we were begging the driver to ignore all speed limits and just drive. My teacher left a note for the owners so they would know why we left so suddenly.

When we arrived back at school it was around 4 am and the teacher said that we could stay at school till morning. I only lived around 200 metres away so my teacher escorted me to my house until I opened the door and went inside. The next morning my parents asked me why I was already here as they were supposed to pick me up at Friday morning. I told them what happened but left the arm out because it sounded ridiculous.

Until this day I haven’t forgotten and will never forget. This happened in Germany so I have no idea if it really was a wendigo or skinwalker. I just want an explanation for what I saw. Sometimes, when I’m alone at home, I get the feeling that I am being watched within my own four walls. I hope that whatever it was had no evil intentions and was just curious.

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