Did I encounter death?

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This is an experince that happened back to back on different occations so I will keep this story short.

This taken place last year of 2017 in the winter time in Western PA, thirty minutes out of Indiana township. I was with my ex boyfriend during the time at 1 am to grab something to eat up at the local gas station in his town. I am a baby in the cold and didn’t wish to go not only because of mention of before but something in my gut said to not go out. But, if I didn’t go this encounter wouldn’t have happened.

Walking ourselves out into the bitter cold with ice and heavy snow fall, the mile walk going to wasn’t bad, it was when we were coming back was when the encounter happened.
Walking back, the snow begun to pour down heavily so it was making it hard to see but out of the corner of my eye I saw a small blue glow on the bridge. Turning over to see if, allowing my ex to go on a head, my eyes widen to my shock to see a grey cloaked figure of an old man. He was fairly tall about 5’8, a long thin beard that was touching his the tip of his upper stomach. In his hands he held a walking stick with the top curved so that a old fashion lantern with a blueish green glowing flame illuminated from it. I couldn’t see his eyes due to the hood shadowing over them but I knew he was looking directly at me.
” It’s not your time yet, my child. Go home.” the old man spoke calmly but bold with an ethereal tone in his voice. Following his words I begun to hurry to catch up with my boyfriend, but that wasn’t the end of it as I looked over my shoulder he was following us. From where I had seen him it was a five minute walk from that area to my ex’s house and he was following us all the way straight to my ex’s front door when we walked in. I turned and watched from the window seeing the man, his eyes still covered by the hood as we watched each other before he turned himself around and walked off.

The second time I had seen him wasn’t as fierce as it was before as I saw him both in the day time and night time on the same day just at different times, still standing on that bridge.

I don’t know if that was old man Death I have experienced but it would greatly help if I knew what and who he was and why I only seen him.

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