Devil Beast

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Where we live isn’t a town really but just a holler in a valley. Maybe 25 or 30 people live here. The closes town to us is nearly an hour away and there are mountains all around us. It’s a truly beautiful place, but this holler does have a violent past history.

This was once a coal company camp and it was a booming one. Back in those days they used a massive furnace as power to pull the carts from the mines here and if someone died and nobody claimed the body they just put the body in the massive furnace and went back to work.

When the coal company left this area a land company bought all most all the land and my parents rented the land where that massive furnace was.

Growing up I would hear stories about how you could hear screaming coming from that area late at night but I never paid any attention to any of it. But the summer I turned 13 I saw something that made me truly believe in God and The Devil.

It was my 13th birthday and I had a sleep over with all the neighborhood kids over. There was about 10 of us and we all were really close. We had planned on sleeping on my trampoline that night. Well, we only had 2 pole lights is what we call them here. They would light up about a 50 foot square.

We had one at the end of my house and one a little farther away from my house. About midnight we were all still awake laughing and joking and we heard a noise coming from the woods.

Now here this is completely normal because we have woods and mountains all around us.

Seeing or hearing a wild animal isn’t that strange so we didn’t really pay it much attention.

Some time passed and we heard a scream like a woman in trouble, now in these parts they teach you at an early age never ever go toward that sound because black panthers will make that sound. We looked at each other and one of the boys said It’s a panther, maybe we should go inside.

So we were about to get off my trampoline when something stepped into the light that was father out from my house. It was unlike anything any of us had seen.

It had the body of a bear, huge black claws but when it turned it’s face towards us we could seen it wasn’t a bear. The face on this thing was badly deformed and it’s teeth hung well over it’s mouth and it’s eyes where these glowing yellow embers. It looked right at us and screaming.

I think we were all to shocked to move until this things head turned completely around and smiled at us. Needless to say we all bolted off that trampoline and were fighting to get into the house.

I had never been so scared in my life.

My mom asked us what was going on and my dad rushed into the room all of us told them what had happened and what we had seen. My mom and dad looked at each other. My mom spoke first and she said that her granny had told of a devil beast that wandered these mountains but nobody had ever seen it.

It was suppose to have been half demon half animal and preyed on the weak or evil. We all just looked at each other. It took us all a long time to claim down and we spent the night inside.

The next day when everyone went home I showed my dad where I had seen this beast and on the pole where the light is was these huge massive claw marks about 7 foot high.

I will never forget that monster because after that I was never alone. I was to scared to be alone. Since then I have grown up and moved. I will never forget what I saw that night and nobody can tell me that demons don’t exist in this world.

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