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I grew up in a small town in the middle of nowhere Eastern Washington. Not the lush forest and raining all the time washington. Dry, dusty, hills on fire every summer, racist, small town Washington. I’m not going to use real names for Towns but if anyone reading this is from eastern washington you’ll probably know where I’m talking about. The town I grew up in had only two bars in it, a post office, gas station, convenient store and two schools. Elementary and the high school\middle School was further down the road. Since there weren’t a lot of kids, the middle school and high school kids were all in the same building. Like I said small town. This story though takes place in the neighbouring town 15 minutes or so down the road when I was 15 years old.

My best friend Nathen lived in town right in the middle of the university in some of the lower income apartments. These apartments weren’t that bad for being low income like other places. They were nicely kept up and not to many druggies around that area but a lot in the surrounding. I prefered hanging out at his apartments and around the university than my shabby falling apart trailer residing in the middle of methsville. Nathen and I have known each other since kindergarden and have been best friends since the very first day. We ended up both getting in trouble for writing on the walls so we got put into chairs facing the wall together and we had gotten into trouble together ever since.
We went to the same school for the first couple years after he moved up here from Alabama. Eventually his parents divorced in 3rd grade him, his two sisters, and their mother moved out to the next town over, so he had to go to school out there. We could never just not be best friends for life. So we kept in touch with phone calls, emails and little letters telling each other about our days at school and how much we hated our teachers and stuck up peers and school, work we were proud of. We even got to hangout at each others houses for entire weekends every weekend. I had just turned 15 in December when I had to deal with my bio mother dieing of a drug overdose. Both of my parents were heavy drug users and my father is still to this day a drug dealer. I have a lot of horror stories growing up because of this but those are for another time. A couple months after my mother died my father went to jail for a bit. I don’t remember how long but it was a couple months.
He was in and out of jail a lot throughout my entire life, When he came out he was different, he was worse than before. He’d always been the devil himself to me but somehow he had became even worse.

Months later right before summer started my bio father kicked me out because I had told someone something that had happened to me. Again another story for another time. 15 and on my own I was couch sufering for awhile (I did end up finding a forever home) around my shitty tiny town just trying to finish out that year of school before summer hit. I felt like once summer hit and I had more free time I would be able to figure out what I would do about everything then. This was the early days of facebook and not everyone had a phone in their pocket so just like any normal kid in those days, the library is where I spent most of my days. We had an hour time limit on Billy. One of the names of the computers available for public use at the library. Slow as all hell and loud as shit I would scroll through facebook seeing if any of my friends were on to see if I could crash with them and their family for a couple of days. Nathen was the only one that was on and he was also the only one that had messaged me. His mother was gonna be gone for a couple of days for something or another and his sister’s were staying at their father’s house. Nathen and his father were never on good terms so he didn’t go over there to visit as much as his sisters. He was going to be home alone for almost a week and his mother agreed on me staying with him while everyone was gone. She just wasn’t able to come get me and the people I was staying with didn’t have the time or means to transport me into the next town. We agreed to walk down the trail that connects the towns, meet up in the middle and walk back together smoking cigarettes his mother had gotten him and weed we had obtained. ( we were considered the bad kids in town. We got into a lot of shit together. We had shitty lives and should’ve died many times but boy did we have fun.)

It was sunset by the time we got to the opening of the university. This town is a lot bigger than the one I normally lived in. A decent amount of abandon buildings to explore. Lots of things to get into and a gigantic university to explore day and night. It was like heaven for a rebellious teenager. There was also some areas with patches of woods ( My brother from my now adoptive family and Nathen we’re friends as well and they ended up stealing a sofa from behind the bar and takining it into one of those little patch of woods behind the park our trailer park rested beside in our shitty methsvelle. Lots of long nights spray painting trees and camp fires.). It was summer so a lot of the college kids had gone home for the summer. Not a lot of people to bother you. And the students that stayed over the summer didn’t want to be bothered and didn’t want trouble so we got away with a lot. Complete and total freedom.

It was about middle of june and getting pretty hot outside. Nathen and I were out almost everyday and night of that week longboarding around town and the university, Smoking pot in every alleyway and hidey hole we could find.

We went to one of his friends house downtown to get even more stoned and smashed in a small get together in her very large falling apart house. Now other than his friend Ann, Nathen and I didnt know anyone else there. Once we walked in through the front gate I felt like something was a little off. Like someones eyes were boring into my soul. When I looked around at the other faces around me I didn’t see anyone other than Ann looking in our direction. She greeted nathen with a hug and glanced at me probably trying to figure out who I was in her Very hammered state then as she swayed about she led us through a small croud of people into her kitchen and grabbed us cups and started filling them with her own terrifing concoction of booze. She had a talent for making drinks. It Could be 90% alcohol and you wouldn’t even taste it, You wouldn’t even know you were drinking booze until you’ve already chugged half of it through her signature smoothie straw and started searching for something behind you to lean against.

We listened to all the good ol dubstep and edm of that time. Everyone drunk as fuck tripping balls off molly and shrooms, smoking more weed than my little heathen heart could handle and Doing glove tricks, shuffling, with half naked girls dancing around with hoolahoops… ya know normal middle of the week nights for kids like us over the summer at that time. After 3 of Ann’s drinks I could barley remember my name let alone the eerie being watched feeling I had felt when I first arrived. Nathen hadn’t drank as much as me but he was pretty shit faced himself.

At about 1 in the morning everyone started to leave the party, Nathen and I had, had our fill of booze and decided it would be a better idea If we just walked home instead of attempt to ride our boards back to his place, we ended up not even being able to find them in the dark with our double vision. Ann showed us out of her back gate and we started our long track back. About halfway through the college, we were passing the science building when I heared an extra set of footsteps In a pretty dark area of the building. I clung onto Nathen’s arm like drunk girls do and whispered into his ear that I thought we were being followed. Nathen didn’t flinch or even talk above a whisper but he tried to convince me that it was just the echo of our footsteps against the building or a drunk college student making their way home, but I realized that I felt that same being watched feeling I had gotten when we had first gotten to Anns.

We got to the market that’s only about a few blocks maybe half mile from his house and stopped to smoke a bowl and hangout outside after hours to feel like the cool kids. At our spots posted out front of the store like a sad parody of Jay and silent Bob we drunkenly and very stoned started to freestyle ( Yes we were those kids.). Nathen was good and still is, but I was just a dumb edgey Teenager that thought I was good. Again I forgot about the feeling while walking here and I threw out there that we should go through a short stroll through the graveyard and down the hill through the park that was right next to his apartments. He thought it was an amazing idea and we took off laughing like idiots, singing along to Insane Clown Posse playing from his IPod. When we got to the graveyard it was really quiet, almost unnaturally quiet even with Nathens ipod still playing dully in the background. The moon was bright and high up in the sky and the stars were beautiful and shining throughout the sky like diamonds, it just seemed darker than it should be for that kind of night. We were drunk and creeped out so we wanted to get the hell out of dodge and fast.

I smelt something weird in the air and it just felt like my body was trying to tell me something was there, something dangerous even though I couldn’t see it. I made Nathen stop and shut his music off. Do you feel that? I asked him not even knowing what it was that I felt, let alone how to explain what I felt if he decided to ask what I ment. To my surprise though he just sighed and said yea. Something doesn’t seem right but I think it’s just paranoia because of how much we have drank and smoked. I tried to convince myself that it was just that, and I could see Nathen trying to force himself to believe it as well but I could tell by the look on his face that he believed just as much as I did. Let’s just hurry up and get down the damn hill. I said regretting having the idea to go through the graveyard in the first place. We picked up the pace as best we could being two shit faced drunk 15 year olds terrified as hell stumbling through a dark graveyard. When we got down the hill Nathen pulled out a smoke and lit it up as we walked.

Hey bud you got an extra one of those and a light I could bum from you. A raspy smoke stained male voice said from a park bench just out of eyesight. I just about shit myself when he spoke. Ah, yea here. Nathen said holding his hand out to the man so that he had to walk toward us closer into the light from the street lamp further down the path. He had bad scabs and pick marks all over his face and neck. He was shaking just about as bad as me but his wasn’t because of fear. He was 100% tweaking out to the fullest extent while he stood there with us asking all kinds of weird questions. Not like really personal questions but questions like how long have you been going to school here and have either of you ever been burned on the arm by a cigarette? That last question freaked me out and there were many others he asked that sent chills up my spine. I kept my mouth shut but every time we tried to walk off tweaker guy would put his arms out and try to change the subject.

Living between these two towns my entire life and because of my druggie parents, I am very used to tweakers and shady people of the sort. So of course we knew one of the biggest golden rules of tweaker town. Do your best not to do something to piss them off and just wait until something else gains their attention. Nathen was getting irritated by this guy and his nonsense and their smokes were almost gone so he just wanted to leave and get back to his house fast, so did I. Nathen tried to let the guy know nicely that we needed to hurry up and get back home, that when the tweaker guy did the most unexpected, he spoke in the most demonic voice I could have ever imagined as a large grotesque smile spread across his face. Your never leaving here he said then started opening his mouth slowly like how pennywise does in the original IT when Eddie met him in the shower drain. After he said that it was like his whole body just went ridged, he just froze up and went silent with his mouth open so far it looked like his jaw was gonna snap.
Nathen walked up a little closer to him and asked him if he was alright and If he had a phone on him, if there was anyone he wanted us to call because we thought he was really fucked up.

He put his head back down but his mouth was still agape like it was being pulled apart. His eyes darted to him eyes and then to me before his head just started shaking uncontrollably. Not like going around in circles like in the exorcist but just like shaking violently back and forth. Nathen grabbed me by the arm and jerked me back towards him. I hadn’t even noticed I was frozen in place just staring at the man… Thing, nothing but sheer terror flowing through my veins. After he tugged on my arm and I snapped back to reality I just turned my body and booked it. I didn’t even look back to see if the thing was following us or how far back Nathen was from me. I just ran as fast as my body would let me and ran right past the enterince to Nathen’s apartments, nathen noticed I had run past his place and just started screaming at me in the loudest shrillest voice I didn’t even think could be produced from the body almost 6ft 15 year old boy, I didn’t stop to listen to him. The only thing I could think of doing was running, like only my legs had control and there wasn’t any way in hell they were stopping. I just remember shouting back NO and continuing to run for my life. He eventually caught up to me and had to tackle me to the ground 4 blocks away from his apartment. He didn’t know if we were being followed but he did hear footsteps following us when we booked it out of the park so we had to hurry and book back up the street to his apartment.

We got back to his place bolted and chained his door, shut the blinds and made sure all the lights were off and just listened. We sat in complete silance for about 10 minutes before we heard steps and a weird flutting sound coming from outside the window we were sitting under in the dark. Like the sound of a moth hitting the inside of a lamp shade. Nathen got up onto his knees and peaked out of the front room window, his face went completely white and he just slunk back down. I didn’t have to ask I knew the thing from the park was out there. I wanted to see it for myself again soI scooted past him and peaked out of the blinds. The thing was just standing there. The sound we were hearing was coming from the thing in the front yard his head moving back and forth unbelieveably and unnaturally fast. I hit the blinds when I brought my hand up to my mouth in shock and his head just snapped in my direction, we locked eyes and he aggressively started walking towards the window total insanity painted across his face. I ducked down and informed Nathen he was coming to the window and quick. I didn’t know what to do I was so scared I started sobbing and hyperventilating. Nathen was just as terrified as I was but he always made sure to make me feel safe and to take care of me in a way. He put his arm around my neck and pulled my head into his chest, hugging me he started to rock gently back and forth as the thing outside started pounded against the door we were now sitting across from and the window right next to us. He was hitting it so hard I’m surprised the glass didn’t shatter almost instantly

At some point in time during the early morning before the sun started to come up, we had fallen asleep during a time and the thing stopped pounding in the door. We woke up around 1 that afternoon and Nathen looked out the peephole. There was nothing out there and kids were playing on there bikes and scooters outside, so we assumed it was safe to open the door. He slowly opened it and noticed something sitting on the step. He knelt down and picked it up, my heart was pounding so hard it felt like everything was going in slow motion. He shut the door and slowly turned around showing me what was sitting in the middle of his Palm. His lighter he had lent to the tweaker guy early that night.
Home sweet home only place you can find Demon tweakers… we discussed it and think he was either tweaking out and thought he was possessed or really was because that shit was one of the most Demonic things I have ever witnessed, I say almost because after my mother died, I lived with my Bio dad and grandparents. I got into a really dark place and used to mess around with ouija boards to try to contact my mom and oh boy, now that’s another story for another time.

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