Demon of Cedar grove

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I had been couped up in a hospital for six days, and needed to take a walk in nature. West Virginia has many gorgeous forests to offer, and the ones around my home in Cedar Grove are no exception.
I had never appreciated the outdoors more than I did then. It was brisk and cool. The air was crisp and the leaves bloomed in vibrant autumn colors. I was rather enjoying myself when things took a nasty turn.
The sun began to drop below the trees, darkening the forest and my mood. I took a quick drink of water and began the hike back to my home, when I noticed an erie carving in a tree trunk. It was an eye, but crying or bleeding.
Then I heard an echoing cry ring through the woods. I looked around to see if anyone else heard it but realized I was alone.
At this point the sun was almost out of view and I was quite scared. So I began to jog back at a good speed. The sun got lower and lower and the air got colder and colder. I stopped to pull my sweatshirt out of my backpack, when I felt a warm air against the back of my neck. I froze in terror.
Something was breathing just behind me.
I turned to see a man that was about nine feet tall. His oval head and his face were completely blurred by shadows, but his huge round eyes shone white. A red and black plaid shirt covered his lanky torso. His bony arms rested at his sides.
He cocked his head.
My arm was still in my backpack and my hand tensed around the handle of my flashlight. With a single movement I pulled it out and shone it at the demon.
In the light I saw that it had almost no facial features except the bright eyes that reflected the flashlight.
In a fraction of a second that changed as part of its face ripped open to reveal a jagged and bloody mouth that stretched back to the side of its head.
It feared up and roared in anger at the light. Then turned a transparent white and stuttered out of existence.
Astonished, I ran home. The next morning I found the bloody eye mark carved into the side of my house.
I have read many Darkness Prevails submissions have noticed that a few describe the same demonic entity I saw. This confirms that my sighting wasnt simply a lack of sleep or being drowsy from medication. Please comment below what you think this creature should be called. In none of the posted stories is it given a definite name.

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