Demon at the zoo

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This story happened about 5 years ago. Me and my teenage friends wanted to give ourselves a good scare so we decided to go to this old abandon zoo. To make it even more creepy we pulled up in the old parking lot at 3 am, you know devil’s hour. And to add the icing on the cake we brought a Ouija Board. After checking to see if there was any security there, we hopped the fence and looked for a good spot to use the board.

We decided to use the board by were the monkeys used to be. We put our hands on the Planchette and moved in a circle 3 times and asked the usual questions. After about 3 minutes of this one of my friends got bored and took her hands off of the Planchette. Now for those of you who don’t know, 1 of the most important rules was don’t take your hands off of the Planchette, so she broke the rules. After she took her hands off the Planchette, to our horror the Planchette started making a figure-8 movement.

This freaked me out but then I asked a question but now I really wish I didn’t. I asked what’s its name was. The Planchette stopped making the figure-8 and moved to the following: Z, O, Z, O. Zozo, its name was Zozo. I felt weird, I felt like laughing and I didn’t know why.

The next thing I knew was my friends over my face talking in frantic voices, shaking my shoulders, and crying hysterically. My friend Kate told me I had began laughing hysterically and started shaking violently. This had lasted at least 2 minutes before I came too. I was so done at that point that I almost forgot to say good bye with the Planchette. We burned the Ouija Board and left.

Take it from me, never ever use the Ouija Board, especially in an abandon zoo or a place like it.

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