Demon at the park

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My name suggests I am in 5th grade but this story happened when I was 7. I almost forgot about this expierence until I was watching 6 mexican monster sighting.

Let me give you some background, I was 7 and had been into cryptozoology since I was 8 so at the time I didnt know about cryptids but I knew of the chupacabra and bigfoot.

My parents are very religious and did believe in demons or paranormal entities so I never told them. I lived with my grandpa at the time and he lived by a forest the city turned the forest into a park but the forest was really big and they only made part a park.

I have found raw flesh in the forest but that was around when I was 8. I was taking the trash out and it was getting dark.

But then I caught this smell I passed it off as the trash I was taking out.

Butt then I heard the cliche of twigs breaking and I passed it off as a wild turkey. But then I saw yellow eyes emerging from the forest as I saw a tall dark figure emerge from the forest. It didnt apear to have arms but it was covered in black hair and I ran back into the house and pretended everything was alright.

When I was 8 I was walking my granpas dog with my mom and we heard a scream that was not too loud because it was distant butt it was not a human scream it sounded animal and not normal I asked my mom what it was and she said it was probably a fox.

I never saw or heard it again.

I have had another paranormal encounter but it is short and unimportant. I have a website called Cryptozoology studies and am the only member to not live in Utah.

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