Demon at fort casey

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This happened to my friend and I when we were roughly 12. Part of this story is what she has told me, and the rest is my experience with her in Fort Casey.

For some background, I have always been very sensitive to the paranormal, ever since I was able to talk. I can feel energy, and know when something paranormal is in the area. Generally, I can tell whether or not it is malicious, though I never had any experience with anything malicious. At least, not until this time.

My friend, let’s call her Han, and I were on a Boys and Girls Club field trip to Fort Casey in the summer. I’d never been to a military fort before, so I was pretty excited. Plus it was right on the coast.

We were all excited to leave the van after a 3 hour drive there, and Han goes sprinting out. As soon as I leave the safety of the van, I get hit with this wave of feelings of terror, and hatred directed towards me. I had never felt fear and hatred that strong before, and we were probably 500 feet away from the fort.

I, in dramatic 12 year old fashion, collapse to my knees. I began to have the first panic attack of my life in the grass. Something felt so horribly wrong with this place and I couldn’t go closer to it. Han comes running back and we stay as far from the fort as we can, with the staff telling us to stay close.

After probably 10 minutes, I was able to slowly walk around closer to the fort. I still felt the horrible waves of fear and hatred, but I blocked them out to protect myself. For the most part, it worked, and Han and I were able to run around the top of the fort and have fun.

An hour went by and we had gotten cocky in our adventuring with the staff and other kids. On the base of the fort, there are long, completely black hallways that lead somewhere into the fort. We essentially played chicken on how far in we could venture before running back to the staff with their flashlights. Han, having a slight death wish, almost always ventured the furthest in. Though once we got to the left side of the fort (if you’re facing it from the parking space), those feelings of hatred got stronger again. I started to panic again, but steeled my nerve and started to go in.

I still don’t really understand what happened next, but somehow as I tried to enter one of those long black hallways, my vision turned completely red.

Not like everything got tinted red, just pure crimson red. If you were to set your computer screen to the color crimson red, it would be like that. All I could see was the color red. According to Han, I suddenly covered my eyes, screamed, and sprinted away.

Han thought that I was goofing around and just trying to be funny, so she ventured on. When she was again, the one to go deepest inside, she came across another empty room. She said she felt sick when she entered and knew that something here was wrong.

She saw a dark shape in the corner of the room.

Han stopped and watched the thing to let her eyes adjust and could finally make out what it was.

It was a girl. It had long black hair and was crouched in the corner of the room, facing the wall. It was pale and it’s elbows were pushed out to a 90 degree angle, but were bent the wrong way.

Suddenly, Han noticed that it was slowly turning it’s head to face her.

Han ran out screaming, just like I did. We met back outside, I was having another panic attack and Han was hyperventilating from her run. We swapped stories away from the fort and both agreed that something was evil here. Something that wanted us out.

Soon after, we left. Later on I asked a family friend of ours what it could have been, and she said that it was something demonic. The fact the I could feel it’s presence from a distance meant that it was supremely malicious. That it likely is there because of all the suffering and death that likely has happened at old military forts like that.

Fort Casey was the first place I ever got an anxiety attack, and after this experience I had panic attacks frequently. It could just be coincidence, but somehow I doubt that.

Han and I swore that we would never go back, and to this day, we haven’t.

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