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This didn’t happen to me but to a friend. I myself have never been on the deep web and this is only further encouragement for me to not go on. Its funny, i always love hearing deep web stories, they are always so fucked up and interesting, so it was very bizarre hearing it in person.

So basically, he downloaded whatever tor app there is to use it on his android phone. While on there he said he found drug and gore sites and other generic sites. Then he clicked on a random link that took him to a web cam and chatroom.

This is where it gets fucked. Appearing on screen was a little boy that seemed very dirty and slightly malnourished. It seemed to be a cell type of room. The way the camera was angled you could see two milk cartons cut in half. One with water. The other was filled with what he swears was looked like dog food.

The comments in the chat were even worse with several people offering bitcoins for the person to torture the kid.

One person even requesting him to be stabbed at the offer of several bitcoins. The worst part is that there was a time stamp below the video that was dated at about 53 days. That kid was being streamed like that for almost two months. After that he closed tor and hasn’t opened it since. Strangely, now his phone is beginning to act strange. It will take selfies of him without any camera based app open and screen shots without him doing anything.

I’ve been fucking with him, saying that its probably somebody doing it but I honestly hope that’s not the case.

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