Debbie isn’t Gone

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I have a friend who works as a nursins assistant. Her job is to take care of the developmentally disabled. The facility takes care of their clients 24/7. The clients and nurse always become very close. They see each other more as family than just patient and caretaker. My friend works nights and would help out with patients that couldn’t sleep, needed changes, or were hungry.

There was one named Debbie that lived there that would stick to my friend like two peas in a pod. My friend would always tell me of what Debbie would do and the antics they would get into when she couldn’t sleep. Often as it was. Sadly recently Debbie was taken to the hospital for medical complications and sadly died.

The center was heart broken and the whole facility mourned, but a few weeks after a new client came in and took the first one’s old room. Well one night my friend, and a co worker were sitting in the living room with the new patient asleep on the couch nearby after having a seizure and falling out of bed. Out of the now empty room my friend and her coworker clearly heard the voice of Debbie say very loud and clear “What?”

The co worker was confused and a bit unnerved at hearing this, but my friend just shrugged and didn’t do anything. A little later that night they heard a loud crash from the back of the house. My friend went into investigate and they found that the boxes upon boxes of sanitary wipes had be knocked over and there was no one or nothing present to have done so. They then remembered that Debbie was obsessed with these wipes, and would carry packs of them around with her.

Later that night Lana woke up and was shouting, “Quit it.” and “Go away.” to no one visibly around her. It should be stated that Lana and Debbie had been buddies in life. My friend has since decided that maybe Debbie is still there. Being her mischievous self. Not realizing that she has passed on. Still residing in her favorite room and snagging wipes when she can. Even playing with her old friend.

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