Dark Web Mystery Box

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A couple years ago, I went on the dark web and ordered a mystery box. I will cut right to the chase on what I found. So it started off already pretty gory, I had found a bloody knife wrapped in a napkin, then i had found a box of what i assumed to be nails, human nails. *SIDE NOTE it costed me 2,000 dollars* And what I lastly found was a box and in it i found a human eye, it was a blue eye and I was so scared I had dropped the box and out fell a note. The note read “Hope you enjoyed the mystery box, PS DON’T GO TO THE POLICE” I automatically went to get a trash bag to properly dispose of the items, I was wearing gloves the whole time so I’m not too worried about getting caught. It was just a scary experience overall and I definitely don’t recommend buying one, you will never get your moneys worth.

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