My Dad’s Alien Encounter

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I did not encounter any aliens myself, so I do not count as a witness. My dad is not known to lie however, so this story is most likely 100% true.

When my dad first told me this story, I was probably around the age of 16. All of my family members were in the living room, just hanging out. Somehow, the subject of paranormal encounters was brought up.

According to my dad, he and my brother were in the driveway one night, talking about stuff like religion and ghost sightings. While having a completely normal conversation, they were interrupted by a UFO.

My dad says they were abducted by aliens. He told my family they used this metal thing to cut his forehead. My brother could not remember any of this, even though my dad said he was abducted as well.

My brother asked my dad how long ago this was, because if it was a very long time ago, there was no way for Austin to remember it, seeing as he has a horrible memory. My dad told him it was when my brother was 14 or 15. My brother was 22 when this story was told.

I was told this story 4 years ago, and to this day, my dad swears the story is completely true.

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