Czechoslovakia Forest

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This is my Babi’s (grandma) story from when she lived in Czech, firstly I will say that I was saying about how I was listening to scary story’s, skinwakers and wendigos mostly and dedo (grandpa) was saying how they are stupid and how they aren’t real. I don’t beleve the storys are real either and don’t know what to think after hearing Babi’s story.

When she was younger she lived in a village near a forest in Czechoslovakia. She had friends in the far but neighboring village and regularly went there to play table tennis. The village had a road around the forest or you could cut through it can get there in half the time. Everything was normal but Babi had stayed longer than she was allowed and it had become night. This was before phone and she knew where mum would be very angry coming home so late. She started walking home cutting through the forest, something she did a lot, when suddenly she had a bad feeling and noticed the forest was silent with a pungent odor. She couldn’t describe it but had an overwhelming fear which was made worse when suddenly hearing a noise. Scared she hid hugging a tree until the feeling passed but soon released that she couldn’t stop hugging the tree. She tried to pull away from the tree but it would not let go from a long time. Finally it let her go and she flew home. Upon arriving home she knocked on the door and her mother answered angry and babi started apologizing. Her mum started yelling at her for not replying to her when she got home. Babi tried to explain that she only just got home now but her mother wasn’t listening saying that she had been home an hour and hour in her room.

Babi doesn’t know what happened back in Czech and I don’t know either, I have never herd a story like it before and am not sure is this even is a monster or counts a sighting. This story scares me more than any other as I know Babi would not make this story up, as she doesn’t even like me watching horror movies.

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