Creepy Window encounters!

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First of all, hello! Please bear with my lengthy tale, as every word of it is true. I have had a number of experiences in various situations, but I am honestly a very logical person even towards my own encounters.

So take these accounts of mine as you will, since I can only share what I myself, have witnessed.

As far as I can remember, I have had this..feeling…where I just “knew” things would happen, or at the very least, whether something I was about to do would have more of a good or bad impact on my life.

For the sake of understanding let’s just call it my “intuition”.

Of course I didn’t always focus on such things like ‘right vs wrong’ since, growing up, I liked to have fun and experience new things life had to offer.

When it came to thrills though such as exploring graveyards at night or sleeping over at a haunted building(both of which I have done by the way), I have and still am, very cautious. I learned pretty quickly after all that some things shouldn’t be tampered with and are best left ALONE. However…what do you do when someone or something, comes looking for you instead?

Growing up I may have been somewhat rebellious because of reasons and had all sorts of adventures, but when I entered my room, that was it for the day.

It was time to either do my homework I was putting off or get ready for bed. Put simply, my room was my safe-Haven. The place I could unwind and relax or vent my troubles away. It was the climax of any “adventure” I had gone through that day and despite the occasional nightmare, ghost claim or creepy bug, my room is where I felt safest.

One time though, My family had moved into a new house, but the moment we entered I knew I wouldn’t like it.

It felt like you were being watched and there were 3 weird carvings into the wooden walls of the center of the house that looked like bull heads and the three when connected formed a triangle.

One time in the backyard I felt drawn to a tree there and in front of it was a tooth sticking out of the ground which resembled a human molar but much larger. I assumed it was an animal tooth and using sticks, I put it in a bag to bury elsewhere while praying the animal would rest in peace.

During the winter months though we got hit by a series of snow storms and after every snow storm what my dogs and I discovered immediately were a single line of foot prints in the shape of a ‘V’ leading directly to my room window.

They were lightly embedded into the snow, as a friend pointed out to me, meaning whatever made the tracks was not heavy…but they weren’t exactly small. These tracks did not come in a pair of footprints, only in a curved line leading directly to my bedroom window, and they seemed to be originating from the location where I found the large tooth or the tree behind it.

They seemed to be appearing only after every snow storm and never any other time.

I tried looking for every rational answer I could think of but I couldn’t come up with anything, heck I couldn’t even identify the tracks! Something I couldn’t identify was watching me directly from my window and the thought that it came more than once and NEVER left tracks leading away freaked me out, because this meant that my room, my “safe-Haven”, wasn’t actually all that safe after all. It isn’t like I felt all that scared from the tracks, but I definitely felt vulnerable for the first time, I mean, who knows what it did when it reached my window while I slept…

I eventually moved out of that place after some creepy stalker issues came up and flash forward two years later…an even stranger event took place.

The new place I stay in is a two story house and my room is in the very top corner.

Overall it’s wonderful but, again, I’ve had strange occurances. A little after I first moved in, it was after midnight and I had woken up to take My dog out one last time for the night.

I exited the back porch and let my dog pee but I felt like I was being watched.

I slowly turned around and a rulers length away from my face was the biggest deer I had ever seen watching me, easily passing 7-8 ft and it’s galloping was a bit louder than a horse’s.

This new place is definitely close to the city, but since the backyard is connected to a forest area I can understand a deer rarely coming over. Still though we don’t get deer that big, so this encounter really woke me up.

Once more fast forward to winter, and I started to worry about this creepy yet fuzzy memory I have of my parents leaving my brother and I at some inn type of room when we were toddlers which my brother supposedly remembered but my parents didn’t. I still wonder if it really happened or not but it feels hazy to think about.

So back to winter, this memory kept bugging me but I ignored it and slept.

That night though…I had a dream that my brother and I were with my parents in a motel watching fireworks when the fireworks started to change into movable lights.

The lights headed towards us and as I ran my body froze and fell to the ground, similar to sleep paralysis but I could move a little more. Around me every one save my brother and I were knocked out and a spotlight began shining into our room over my brother and with a weird zwoop! It disappeared.

Then after a few seconds it shines on me and when I said, “Me too?” Everything went white and I woke up. When I woke up however, I saw my window glowing green and matrix style numbers covered the blinds completely.

Even after rubbing my eyes they stayed there, which caused me to freak out a bit and stay awake for the night.

Remember how I said it was winter? Well The very next morning, all of the snow in the shape of a circle had been melted outside of my bedroom window…

And my room is located on the second floor.

My most recent encounter was with  a strange orange orb I saw outside of my window that vibrated in one position for a bit before slowly moving up like a rocket then to the left once two planes blinking red began approaching it.

I took a bad picture and a bad video…but while in my pocket the video deleted itself off of my phone.

I have always considered myself a lucky person, having so many 7s surrounding my birthday plus seven being a lucky and in some cases, a sacred number. Lately though I’ve been experiencing more situations following the three accounts I’ve mentioned, and I don’t know if I can even consider myself “lucky” for experiencing them.

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