Creepy walk at midnight

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Ok so I’m 14 and about a year ago me, and my twin sister decided to go on a walk, but the thing about where we lived it was technically in the middle of absolutely no where, and it’s surrounded by woods, and there are trails for people with four wheeler’s and ATV’s and that kind of thing, but anyways we were walking down a road and the houses had no lights on and so we had to bring a flashlight, as we were walking we ended up at an area that had no houses and were in the middle of the woods, and we decided to go to the path in it,

my sister was up ahead of me and we were almost in the woods, when my sister just stopped, she had gone really pale and was sweating, she instantly turned and ran,

I looked at her in confusion, and then I looked back and I swear to god, I saw something that looked like it was a dog humanoid thing that’s arms were longer than it’s hind legs and it was towering over 6ft tall, as soon as I saw this I turned and bolted I caught up with my sister and we both were running for our lives, the thing is I turned and I swear I saw it running after us, we got past that road, and I could still tell that it was running after us,

we ran all the way to our house which was at least 2 miles away from the road we were on, so when we got home we ran inside, locked the door and fell to the ground breathing extremely hard, that was the scariest thing in the world.

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