Creepy Stranger at McDonald’s

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This a story of an experience I heard from my friend Breanna back when she used to live in Flagstaff, Arizona. She gave me permission to share her story. These are her words:

“It happened in 2007 when I was 16. After 10pm, I was on my way home from work. My hometown Flagstaff has dimmer lights to preserve the night sky so it gets really dark at night. On the way home, I stopped by at McDonald’s to get some dinner. For some reason the drive thru was closed so I went inside. After getting food, I started walking to my car. But then I noticed a heavy set middle aged Navajo man started walking towards me. So I started walking faster towards my car and I glanced back. I noticed that his pace had quickened as well so I kept going faster and faster until I was sprinting. I glanced back and he had also gone into a sprint. I reached my car and unlocked it in a panic. Then I quickly locked the doors, started the car, and put it in reverse. But then he started knocking at my window and gesturing me to roll it down. I was terrified. My heart was racing and I just wanted to get out of there. He started mumbling something about being disrespectful and said that he needed some help. I just shook my head no, apologized, and pulled out of the parking spot. He jumped back and flailed his arms as I quickly got the hell out of there.”

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