Creepy Sighting of The Rake

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By Thomas R.

This is one of my most fondest memories with a strange creature, in fact, one of my only encounters. Here’s a little backstory, my mom and dad had just recently divorced and my mom had moved out, eventually though she met a new guy through my uncle’s wive. They hit it off and eventually she moved in with him, but soon after we had moved from a small town of East Lynne, all the way to a small house just of the Justice Center of Harrisonville, as to get to school easier.

However, this house was very peculiar. It was a very secluded house, hidden away in the forest near town. The house itself looked fairly nice however there was a old rickety barn next to it that was overgrown with plants which always gave me the chills. Eventually, I just ignored it and made myself think it was a old barn that someone had built to keep their livestock.

Eventually, my mom had gotten a job at a Denny’s in the nearby town of Peculiar which was a 10 or 11 minute drive home, however she didn’t get off work until around 30 or so minutes after I got out of school, and she wasn’t too keen on keeping the door unlocked while there was no one home so I had to wait on her or her boyfriend to come home and unlock the door so I could go inside.

So as usual, I get off the bus and take my walk up the driveway which wasn’t too long, up to the porch and begin waiting.

Eventually, I got bored and began to swing a stick around like a sword until I hear a branch break, and what I turn to see is simply scary. I turn to see a tall, sickly, white, pale figure creeping up behind me a little ways behind me. I guess I spooked it as it ran very fast back into the depths of the forest.

A few minutes after, my mom drives up the driveway and I tell her what I saw, she like any other parent, says that it was probably just an animal that came up to see what I was doing and that I spooked it when I turned around to see it. Now skip a few months later, it is night time and eventually, my brothers, my mom’s boyfriend’s sons, and I decide to play hide-and-seek in the dark. The house had a big field near it that was great for playing all sorts of games in such as tag, hide-and-seek, etc. Now, the first two people who seek are my little brother and my mom’s boyfriend’s youngest son, eventually they find us, and we all walk back up to the entrance to the field.

Soon, it is my older brother and my mom’s boyfriend’s oldest son to seek and everyone ends up hiding behind the house, where they find us, we all walk back to the field to play another round, when suddenly, my brother and my mom’s boyfriend’s oldest son starts running back to the house, as any younger siblings would do, we all follow.

We get back into the house and I ask why we stopped playing, my older brother tells me that they saw a tall figure near a light pole in the center of the field that took both of the flashlight beams of the flashlights we were using to light up the whole body. I no longer live in that house, my mom and her boyfriend broke-up but got back together and are now married.

I have done some research ever since the encounter, the creature that I had seen and heard of was most likely the Rake, a “fictional” creature that is said to be tall and sickly pale white. It is said to stalk humans and is known to lurk in wooded areas. I feel very fortunate that this creature didn’t begin stalking me, I try to avoid that house, and that forest, as to avoid seeing that same sickly paleness of that creature’s skin.

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