Creepy school Stalker

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I am a young 16 year old girl and im very shy and unsocial. I was in 10th grade at the time and didn’t talk much.

One day in the first week or so in school I was in Tech class on my computer, we had free time so I was just on a paint app drawing cats or something when our tells us we are doing a project. We had to make a poster, with a partner… I never liked working with others.

But when our teacher chose our partners he randomly chose this strang creepy kid that haf a stalker look to him, and I was right… He blankly stared at me when we sat down to start on the poster. I just shrugged it off because I often got strange looks, but something didn’t seem right about him, he was a sloppy looking person with stains all over him and was about 6 feet tall and I was only 5.3 feet to he practicly towered over me.

I tried to talk to him saying what we should do about the poster but he just stared at me and said “Ok…”.  It was silence after that so I just kept working on the project but I could feel his eyes burning into me. When it was time for lunch I rushed to the cafeteria but he followed and when I sat down to eat he sat uncomfortably right next to me, almost touching shoulders and when I scooted away he would move closer untill I could smell his horrible breath.

After lunch I lost him in the crowd but he was already back in the classroom waiting for me. And he still stared at me. After class I started walking to my class when he stopped in front of me he said ” Can I ask you something?” I said “Ok?…” obviously weirded out.

He then said “Be my girlfriend!” I stood there shocked I barely knew him and he asked the question in a demanding voice as if it wasn’t a question. I said politely “Sorry but no…”  then I walked off, I looked behind me to see him glaring at me with this hostile-Murderous glare. I turn away and quickly get to my class.

The next day I see him talking with some other kids. I heard him say that I was girlfriend. I rush up to him and yell “What are you doing?!” He just looked at me with a creepy grin and walked off.

Later I asked my friend about it and she said to ignore him and tell him off next time and that I was just paranoid. The next day he wasn’t at Tech class.-(Huge relief!) I thought. I asked a kid in class if he was sick or something but the kid said ” No, he went to the counselor for a schedule change I think?” I said thanks and sat down in my seat.

My heart was racing I knew exactly what he was doing. After class I head to my 8th period when I see him sitting in my class. He had changed classes to see me. I was freaked out by this and sat in my chair trying to work and ignore him.

He then gets up and sits right next to me. Then our teacher tells us that we will be working in the hallway. I’m working in the hallway when I hear girls yelling angerly. I turn to see that creepy kid touching these girls and they would turn and slap him and push him away but he would keep doing it I rush over and tell him to stop but he just turns and creepily smiles he walked over and tries to kiss me grabbing my shoulders. I struggle free and punch him hard in the face he falls to the ground and I bolt to my teacher who was in the classroom and tell her what happened. She rushes to the door and grabs the kid and takes him to the principles office.

He was suspended for a week, but when he came back he was silent but stared at me with that creepy smile. After school I was walking to the front exit when I see him following me I try to ignore him and keep waking I was outside and walking away from the school walking home-(I usually get picked up but I had to walk home that day because my mom had to work.)

I turn around the corner and turn to see him following me I start to walk faster but does it too. Its starting to get dark so I am starting to get scared. I see a store and and walk in and hide in the bathroom about 15-20 minutes my phone was dead so I couldn’t call anyone.  I left the bathroom and cautiously made my way outside I walked a couple of feet away when I see him up ahead behind a tree grining wildly I run past him but he follows he runs and stops in front of me.

I just blow up frustrated and say ” What do you want!” My heart is racing. He then says “I need to show you something?” he then points to the ditch behind the same tree and I see rope sticking out from behind it. My blood turns to ice I then say “No thanks” and he keeps trying to persuade me.

I see no one more time but this time he starts to get closer to me I shove him and bolt down the sidwalk and look for anyother people or cars but theres no one. And the guy’s screaming at me and chasing me. I turn around another corner to see my mom driving down the road. I run into the road, she stops and I get in.

And we hightail it down the road. She said that she got worried that I was late to be home and came to look for me. I look behind us and see him grinning creepily still and an even more evil look in his eyes. I  forever grateful to my mother. When I got back to school the next day he was gone and it was like that the rest of the year.

Later on I learned what happened to him. The same night he followed me, he had went to the park and kidnapped a young girl and tried hide her in abandoned house, but was caught and is n juvey, and had many drug charges and many other charges including robbery. They had questioned him as well and he had admited  attemping to kidnap me. I hope  never see him again.

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