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I am a 27 year old female but this took place is 2010 when I was 20 years old and a sophomore in college. I grew up in western New York and also went to school in the same city that I grew up in. At this time, I was starting a 6 month internship for my degree program. This internship basically required us to track our walks around town, observe our surroundings, work on our communication skills. It wasn’t particularly difficult but it had challenges.

At this time, my on-and-off again college boyfriend Bobby and I were broken up. This internship required us to work a large group of people that rotated, so that we had to work with everyone in this program at least once. I am usually a friendly person and will chit chat or make conversation with someone if they initiate with me. This was only a few weeks into this program and I was assigned to work with a bunch of guys that I really didn’t know or recognize from any of my classes. In this degree program, it is generally a male dominated field, so the ratio of men to women is at least 5 to 1.

My group got our gear ready and began our walk. Almost immediately, one of the guys approached started talking to me. At this time, I realized how tall he was. I am of average height – about 5’6″ tall. He had to have been 6’6″ or 6’7″, easily. He was pleasant enough and I myself was always taught to be polite, engaged in chit chat because I had a long day ahead and it helped passed the time.

While we are talking, he happened to pull out his phone and mentioned Facebook and how we have joined recently, and at one point pulls up my profile picture and says, “This is your number right?” Which I was taken aback, since I am very private about my cell phone and was not aware it was listed with my account then. I reluctantly nodded and then he said “ok cool, I am saving your number so that we can text later. We can compare our tracking logs later.” I didn’t say anything because we had to do it anyway, but usually did it over email.

A few days, he texted me for our tracking logs, and once that was done, continued texting me. He asked if I wanted to hang out with him. He was nice, but somewhat awkward, and I wasn’t fully comfortable around him just yet. He then continued to text me, asking me about myself, and if I was dating someone. I normally don’t divulge information out but my ex had recently broken up with me and I was still feeling burned from it. Having someone else pay some attention to me was a bit flattering, even if it was somewhat awkward.

After talking and texting for a few days, I had agreed to hang out with him, to see if maybe there might be something there. In hindsight, I should have realized this was just a rebound. However at 20 years old with a broken heart, you tend not to think straight. We hung out around school a few times, with a group of people, talking and getting to know each other. He was never rude but made some awkward comments & compliments here and there that I nervously laughed off because they were partly cheesy and I didn’t want to be rude. I finally agreed to hang out with him at his house in the city. This was the first time we really hung out outside of school with one on one time. I was nervous, anxious, and everything in-between with my feelings.

Once I got there, we started watching a movie and mentioned how my shift at work was this week. Since I got called in on one of my days off and he said “Oh, it seems like your manager can be a real bitch. I saw her yelling at you even when you were helping her out..” That struck me as odd, since I don’t remember telling him where I worked or have not mentioned this particular incident to him since it was so recent. I didn’t say anything, I think because of shock, but I just remember saying “yeah she really was.”

A week or so later, I am working with my assistant manager, who I got along with very well. At the time, I worked for a woman’s clothing store in a local mall that catered to middle aged to older women. Technically we weren’t allowed to have our cell phones out but the assistant manager I was working with was cool, and let us hide ours out at the register and we could text when it was slow.

Now at this time, it was one of the first nice days outside, so I had on nice Capri’s, a tank, and cute sweater with my hair in a nice updo. Our store only had 1 entrance. You can see all the way to the back of the store from the front, and the back door that lead to the storage room, emergency exit, and lockers for our belongings. There are no windows and the emergency door was locked and alarmed. The only thing across from us was a tiny hardware store, with a similar layout to ours.

I get a text message from Phil, it said “Wow, you look really beautiful with that outfit. It really shows off your body..” I read this text immediately and started freaking out. This kid is extremely tall, and I quickly looked around and saw nobody. no one in the hallway of the mall or the hardware store across the way except for the hardware store clerk. All I said was “…thanks” I continued to talk to my assistant manager but felt extremely uneasy. More texts came in from him, “Wow, you really know how to strut your stuff walking around the store” and “don’t be afraid to walk on over to my house later baby..” I didn’t answer them but they continued to come in. I looked around again, more frantically, as I still did not see anyone besides the store clerk across the way, yet he was texting me details about what I was doing at this time. My assistant manger noticed and I explained to her the texts. We were closing the store and she insisted I have security escort me out to my car.

I leave work that night and once I get into my car, the security guard heads back inside and I start to get my stuff organized and get ready to head home. My phone goes off again. Its Phil. “Really, why did you have security escort you to your car? Do you think I am going to kidnap you or something?!” I immediately locked my car and looked around. There were a few cars in the large parking lot but I couldn’t see if anyone was sitting in their cars or not. I quickly started my car and took off. I was officially freaked the fuck out. This awkward and cheesy compliments were one thing but this was a whole other level. I saw Phil the next day at school, asked him if I could talk to him privately, as he acted like nothing happened. I told him I wasn’t comfortable ‘talking’ to him anymore and it became very obvious that he did not like that. I lied and told him I think he’s great but I wasn’t really ready to get into anything anytime soon. He then got this weird look on his face, yelled “FINE” out loud, and accused me of leading him on, stating that I was using him to get back at my ex.

I left it at that because I was already creeped out and didn’t really care that he was upset. I avoided him as much as I could in my internship until it was completed and by the end of the semester, had successfully avoided him for a few weeks now. During that time, I had recently got back together with my ex and were dating again. And thats when I started getting texts from Phil again…”So this whole time you were just using me as rebound? I could easily knock out your boyfriend. It would be all too easy to get him when he pulls into the driveway at his house…” I was floored. He not only stalked me but my boyfriend. My boyfriend’s house had a long curvy driveway, with trees covering both sides of it up until you get to the house. That was it. I was officially freaked out. I blocked his phone number, his Facebook, email, and told my friends if he asked to contact me, not to give out any information. I decided to finish up my degree over the summer to avoid having to go in the fall and graduate early so I did not have to see him again. Its been almost 7 years and to this day, it still freaks me out that he followed me to my work and my boyfriend to his house. I have this fear that I will run into him one day with him following me around. I am now married with a 4 month old son and I still get nervous thinking about it to this day.

So Creepy Phil, lets not meet again..

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