Creepy Noise in the Woods

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By Wolfpack45

It all happened two weeks ago. Me, my family including my grandparents and two friends stayed in two cabins next to each other. My brother let’s call him James brought his friend we’ll call him Anthony up to our cottage.

To make it clear my friend we’ll call her Katie and I stayed with my grandparents. While my brother and his friend Anthony stayed with my parents in the other cabin. We had brought my dog with us. He is a smaller dog but barks like he’s some sort of vicious guard dog even though he really is a suck for belly rubs. Anyways all of us gathered into my cottage to play our last game of poker before heading home in the morning. During the game is when the odd things started happening. My dog usually sits under the table waiting for us to finish the game so he could get his belly rubbed.

But this time he was staring out if the window and not moving a muscle. I was the first to notice this odd behavior. So I got up and went to the window to peek out to see if I could notice anything. As my eyes adjusted to the dark I noticed a dark figure. It wasn’t odd there are bears around and the odd wolf but this figure seemed smaller than a bear but larger than a wolf. My dog growled as it stalked around probably looking for a nightly meal.

My brother noticed us and came over. He asked what was wrong but I shushed him and pointed to the figure. He gasped and stepped back. “What is that thing” he asked I replied with I don’t know. I’ve read and seen my fair share of creepy stories but nothing I’ve read about looked like this thing.

My dog jumped down and I looked back out the window to see the thing was gone. It was after ten pm and my parents, my brother and his friend decided to go home. I told them to pick up cooper(our dog) and watch out. They agreed but most gave me a weird look except for my brother. When they left I read for a little my grandparents and Katie have gone to bed so it was very quiet. That’s when the strange calls came. It sounded like a scream mixed with a cat hiss when it’s tail gets stepped on. It was very terrifying.

But I remained in the silence and listened. The calls came closer and closer until they were right out side the cabin. My eyes were itching to look outside. But I just couldn’t in fear of the thing seeing me. The weird calls faded into the forest and I got enough courage to hop into bed and hope it doesn’t return.

Oh boy was I wrong the calls came again around two in the morning waking both me and Katie. She looked around trying to pinpoint where the noise was coming from. This time I was so curious I had to look out the window. That was the worst move ever. I will never forget what I saw that night. I peered out and saw two golden yellow eyes looking at me from the bushes. It’s lips curled into a ferocious snarl as its eyes locked mine. The teeth were terrifying.

They were so sharp. Its head was massive so big that I knew it wasn’t a wolf. I backed away in a daze as Katie asked what I saw. I couldn’t say it I was paralyzed for a moment. She was fed up and looked out the window. She turned to me her face pale. She sat down and looked at me. The only words she said was it was huge.

The first thing that came to my mind was werewolf but was it really that? The whole night I didn’t get any sleep. I heard the calls in the distance. It was like the thing was taunting me by moving closer and farther away from the cabin. In the morning me and Katie went out to the window to find paw prints as big as my foot. I was shocked. I didn’t want to stay there anymore. It was a good thing we were leaving today. As we were driving out I swear I could see those yellow golden eyes peering from the bush as we drove out of the camp grounds.

I’m having bad nightmares about those golden yellow eyes staring at me and those pointy teeth daring me to step closer….

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