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Ok I was on a Vacation with my grandparents, and me and my sis were waiting in the truck until we reached my apartment, I said hi to my parents and unpacked my close, until I looked outside my window and no one was there, so I went to put on new close, this little boy was looking though the window, and when I was finished, I saw him just staring, I told him to leave and he just repeated I saw you naked, the next day, my parents told me they signed me up for school, so I went to the bus stop. This grown man tapped me on the shoulder, I turned and looked at him, thinking he was homeless, I talked to him, my bus came. He grabbed my hand and said, I saw you naked. He lost the grip and I ran up to the bus. Now at night I feel as if some one was looking at me. My dog barks at the window and when I turn No one is there. This is my story.


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