Creepy Man on the side of the road

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Okay so this is something that happened to me when I was 10. Im 14 now and It was 2014 and I lived in a medium house 3 bedroom and 2 bath, at the time with a 14 year old brother and a 17 year old sister, and of course my parents. Okay so just that for some info, now it was July 24th when my dad was going to visit his mom and his grandma being my grandma great grandma and she was a bout 92 at the time of this story. He had received a call saying my grandma was staying and so he wanted to visit her as we live up Chaska MN and she lived in chicago, he decided to go see her but was guilted by my mother when it was literally with my birthday coming up and he would not be back until the day after my BD he asked if I wanted to come with instead. Immediately I jumped saying yes as I loved to travel being a perky 9 year old, so by about Seven O Clock AM the next morning we were on the road and heading for chicago. Now not to bore you with the details about the trip we made there after about six hours and we went and spent about 5 hours or so with my Grandmas and I was smothered oh my god being the one child with him I left with about 60$ in my pocket and with about 15 cupcakes in my stomach. So after spending a good chunk of time as I wanted to be back in time for my birthday celebration we left at about 4 O Clock in the afternoon. So we made back on the road and I had already Fallen asleep from hours of playing with my Grandmas dogs, and it had been about 6 hours when I woke up again. When I woke up I had the urge to pee and my dad did to so we ended up trying to look for a place but could not find any signs for a rest stop anywhere as we were on a road practically in the middle of nowhere as the next city was still 9 miles away. So my dad made the decision to just pull over at a couple of buildings side to side on opposite side of the road and he pulled into a small lot next some apartment looking style building and the other building on the other side was a closed and
run down building that looked that to have been there for decades. When we pulled in and my dad parked the car we jumped out and went on separate sides to do our business, my dad ended up finishing first as I had to go number 2. For absolutely no reason I decided to look over to the other building and I saw a man about late 40s balding and tall and had greying mutton chops. He was peeking behind the back of the structure, at first I was confused as I was Wondering who that was. My dad at first did not see him because he was looking at a map in the car trying to navigate. Then out of nowhere the man just comes out and starts running at me and I run back to the Car my did being an idiot locked the car and I was pounding on the window at first my dad was angry at me when unlocked the car. But then the man came running up to the car with a bat and he got it right away what I was scared of and he through the car into drive and floored it out of there at first the man tried to give chase but once we left the lot my dad burned rubber and left the man in the dust. I was in tears screaming and my heart was about to pound out of my chest, about 10 minutes later my dad pulled over to calm down as he was going close to 100 MpH before, he called the police and reported him and at the same time trying to calm me down. We ended being able to go home with nothing else eventful happen, now the story does not end there as about 3 days later a missing person was reported and it was on the news which I was watching with brother and a young 19 year old girl went missing on the same highway we were on. I have no doubt in my mind it was that old asshole and it still scares me to this day what would have happened to me had I gotten to the car any later, I do not know what he would have done to me but if he had a bat I know it could not have been good and I do not dream of imagining what would have done.

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