My Creepy Fishing Road Trip

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This happened to me back in 2014 when I went fishing with my older cousin Matt.

Me and Matt were never really as close to each other as he was with my other brothers, so he decided to take me on a fishing trip, so we can chill and just bond a little more. It is quite a little road trip to get to the best fishing hole.

We went to the lake me and my dad used to always go to when I was younger and it wasn’t to far from Matt’s. We arrived and there was one other man there, he looked to be in his mid 50’s and had a long grayish, brown beard. He wasn’t fishing either he was just standing there staring down at the water. It was something about him that just gave me the creeps.

Me and Matt grab our poles to get them set up. Mines was broken of course, so Matt told me he would make a run to his house and grab another one.

I didn’t feel to good about it because that would mean I have to be stuck alone with this strange man. But after all I am a 16 year old male I didn’t wanna seem like a chicken. I told him okay and he said it’ll only be 15 minutes, then get on his car and headed off.

About a minute or so later I can see the man staring at me from the corner of my eye. This gave me an uneasy feeling so I glance over and sure enough, he’s staring directly at me giving off a creepy smile. “Nice day where having” I say just to kill the awkwardness. He just nods his head and keeps smiling; not a kind smile, a down right evil smile. I pull my phone out and scroll through facebook until I hear a whisper.

I look over and the mans waving me in his direction telling me to come over to him. I ask him whats up and he just keeps motioning me to come towards him. I get up and walk over to him and he says “wanna see pictures of my daughter” “umm sure I guess” I reply confused and creeped out.

He pulls out a picture of a young girl around 15 and says “pretty ain’t she” I reply with a “yes she’s pretty” then he smiles. Then he tells me in detail how he raped her, and how she makes him hard. Then he starts to tell me how he killed his wife and beat her. At this point I’m creeped out and just hoping Matt would hurry his ass up.

I walk over to where I was and sit back down. I look over one more time to see the man playing with himself while looking at the picture he showed me. That’s it; I text Matt and tell him everything so he tells me to walk around the corner to get away from that creep until he comes.

I grab Matt’s pole and start walking around the corner. The man starts yelling telling me to come back then he says “get back here I wanna make love to you” I sprint around the corner and see Matt , I hop in the car immediately and tell him to just get away from this lake.

I don’t know who that man was, and what he wanted to possibly do with a 16 year old boy. But I’m just glad I got out safe. I hope he gets the help that he most definitely needed

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