Creeper in the Woods

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I was in my freshman year at a new England College, and I was staying on campus for spring break due to having some thoughts that the college felt I needed to stay away from home.

One of my friends was also staying on campus due to spring break trip that was coming back later that week. In the meantime I’d go for walks and explore the town by myself, I never thought I’d have an experience to share. I started off by walking in the opposite direction where I knew there would be a trail that I could follow through the woods, I’ve heard many things about this trail of how people feel creeped out and turn around but I ignored that.

I was about halfway to this trail into the woods when I started feeling uneasy, was I really going to chicken out? I thought to myself, it’s just woods I’ve walked through the woods many times before! I decided to ignore my feelings and press forward, there was a green vehicle near the entrance of the trail and I could make out a figure in the drivers seat a man who was about middle aged, we met eyes and I quickly looked down.

I thought to myself why the hell would someone be sitting by the trail? But this was New Hampshire so I didn’t think of it. I decided I should continue into the trail maybe when I would be exiting the car would be gone, but boy was I wrong.

I got about halfway into the entrance when the  person exited their vehicle and I turned around to see where they were heading, and they were heading for my direction, shit I thought we locked eyes now I’m going to die I’ve seen horror movies! I decided maybe if I can walk faster than him than I would be able to find a way out. I continued listening for his steps along with mine. I was frightened no one knows I’m here no one even knows I left the campus.

I kept walking and noticed the path split into two directions I took the left path and as soon as I got out of his line of sight I booked it down the path noticing there’s an open field up ahead, maybe I can hide behind a tree I thought.

I ran far into the line of trees that lined the field, I crouched behind the best one I could think of. A few minutes passed and I heard this man speak, where are you? He said in a deep raspy voice. I kept quiet tying to not scream in terror.

I could hear him getting closer and closer kicking the ground as he frantically looked for me. Than the steps stopped I thought to myself what could he be right on the other side of the tree?

I didn’t dare move just in case. I stayed there for what seemed like hours, my phone went off I thought fuck he probably heard the noise. I quickly pulled my phone out of my pocket and saw that it was the friend staying on campus and she asked if I was alright, she was out for a jog and ended up seeing me frantically run down the trail and saw the man and she said he seemed to have freaked out when he heard someone else coming down the trail from the opposite direction.

I was terrified all I wanted to do was get out of the woods and be back in my dorm room, I will never forget that experience I don’t attend New England College anymore. I now am cautious when I want to go for walks and walk away from cars with people in them because of that day.

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