Creeper in the Night

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Creeper in the night
By Carl G

To this day I’m not quite sure if this incident was a dream or real. It felt real but the mere possibility of it was fantastical. Maybe, my mind can’t wrap itself around the idea that this actually happened but my memory of it is so detailed even to this day that I can’t say that it was dream either.

My story took place in Brooklyn, NY when I was 14 years old, I just started High School and I was feeling more independent. I was finally able to get my own bedroom after my grandmother moved out into a separate apartment from my family. Up to this point, I shared a bedroom with my younger sister, she’s 3 years younger than me and we’ve always got along fine when we were kids but when I became a teenager I felt the need be more independent to atlas have my own room and our parents agreed.

When my room was finally all set up it was awesome. I had my own bed and my own tv with video games. I could technically do whatever I want with minimum interference from my folks. This room was a mini paradise and could not get better…until it was time for bed. The drawback of being alone was being alone at night. When I turned off the lights the room became pitch black. There was no moon for minimal light and where my room was positioned it was away from the street lights so there was absolute darkness. I was not used to this, when I was with my sister there was some form of light coming in when its time for bed and now that I’m absolutely alone I feel like my senses were heightened. I could hear every little creak of the house, every little squeak of a mouse and sometimes I felt like there was something else. A sense that I was not alone.

The first few nights were tough as I couldn’t fall asleep easily and I would usually fall asleep when it was really late and I literally pass out from tiredness. I couldn’t leave the tv on since the glare of the light was too bright and felt like would get in trouble if my parents found it on in the middle of the night. So, I decided to swallow my pride and get a nightlight. It wasn’t too bright, just enough light that I could see what’s in my room. This small addition greatly boosted my confidence and I was able to fall asleep much easier.

Things were great for the next few months as I grew accustomed to being alone at night and soon I didn’t need the night light anymore. Finally, after a while, I began sleeping in the darkness and it wasn’t bad.

Things were normal until one night I woke up to something that sounded sort of like thunder but more like a rush of air. I opened my eyes and I looked around the room. When I looked at the window there was a bright light shining in almost blinding. I couldn’t wrap my head around what was happening to the point that I literally ask myself:

“Am I dreaming?”

Then a voice just growled in my head:

“No,…you’re not!”

The bright light went away and I looked around frantically for where that voice came from. Normally, if that would happen I would have hidden under my sheets but this time was different. I was more perplexed and curious than scared. I walked out of my room and looked down the halls and I noticed my sister’s bedroom door slightly open. I peaked in and a cold shudder went down my back. The unbelievable was happening as I looked at my worst nightmare coming true.

My sister was asleep but there was a dark being kneeling down next to her bed. He was on the other side of the bed so I couldn’t see the rest of his body but what I saw wasn’t human. I saw a demonic looking face peering at me from the other side of the bed. His skin was bluish grey and his face was harsh as black creases showed every wrinkle and definition in his face. It had jet black hair that was full like a lion’s mane. It was so predominant that I didn’t notice any shoulders or anything below his head although I could tell that there was a body there. But the main thing I noticed, what really caught my attention was its bright yellow eyes. They glowed as if it generated its own light and was not reflecting any light from an outside source and in the center of the yellow orbs was little black pupils.

It stared me down and at first, I couldn’t move either as I stared back. It felt like a good minute passed before I noticed it moved a little. Was it going to charge at me? Was it going to hurt my sister? At that moment, I walked towards it. My main growing concern was for my sister and I walked towards it, slowly but deliberately. I wasn’t sure if I could do anything to hurt it and I wasn’t even thinking of the repercussions but I was not going to back down.

When I closed halfway, I noticed it shifted slightly again and then it began to meld into the darkness of the night. Within seconds it was gone. “Where did it go?” I thought to myself. “Was it real?” How could something like that actually existed or was my mind playing tricks on me from lack of sleep? But I was awake and I was aware of walking around and everything that just happened. So, I looked around her bed and checked out all the corners and possible hiding spots taking care not to wake her. After a few good minutes of looking I was certain it was gone or maybe never there in the first place. I thought about staying in the room with her for the rest of the night but then I felt that whatever that thing was it was to coming back. I’m not sure why I felt that but the gut feeling grew that she was safe.

When I was returning to my room I thought to myself, “What was that voice?”
Was it the creature that was stalking my sister or was it something else, alerting me to the danger in the next room?

As I settled back in my bed, I couldn’t fall back to sleep. I was still trying to comprehend what just happened. Was that thing going to come back? Was it going to come after me next? So, I put my night light back and eventually fell back to sleep. I never told my sister of the incident, I didn’t want to scare her over something that even wasn’t sure was about and she seemed fine growing up. That thing never came back although my sister seemed to develop a spiritual sensitivity to her surroundings and sometimes I’ve heard mention she sees things at the corner of her eyes and senses things that you normally can’t see.

Now that I’m an adult, I have two little toddlers of my own that I love dearly and I would do anything to protect. I never told my wife about the incident with that thing when I was a teenager. It’s not from fear that she wouldn’t believe me but more if she does. I doubt she would ever get a good night sleep again. So, I have kept my little tale to myself but now whenever I wake up in the middle of the night, I don’t fall back to sleep without checking in on my sleeping children. I have to make sure there is nothing lurking in their rooms at night.

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