Creeper during a storm

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I’ll start by giving a bit of backstory on myself and the situation. I’m a 25 year old female and live with a housemate in Melbourne in Victoria Australia.

This incident is a true story that is only a single incident from a series of incidents that has been occurring since May 2018 but I chose to share the scariest incident that has happened so far as to tell the full story would be a pretty long story.

I was home alone one night in June 2018 as my housemate wasn’t due home until the next morning. Usually being home alone overnight wouldn’t phase me but with recent events receiving handwritten notes in my letterbox addressed to me that started out as just plain obsessed creepy stalker like but started to become more and more sinister combined with the fact a thunderstorm decided to roll in made me extremely anxious being home alone that night even with the dog inside with me.

I spent the night doing small household chores with the TV on to try and ignore the noise and cracks of thunder outside with little success.

Around 11:30 pm my housemates dog started barking at the back door as if there was something or someone outside that he didn’t want in the backyard. I listened for a minute or two and thought I heard the sound of something moving around outside and decided to look out the spare bedroom window and my bedroom window as they look out to the backyard but couldn’t see anything.

I ignored it thinking the wind had just been blowing something around and went back inside to finish watching the movie I was watching and tried to forget about the sounds I had heard and not think about what the wind could possibly be blowing around that sounded similar to footsteps.

At around 12:30 am I decided to try and get some sleep and headed to bed. After listening to some videos from some of my favorite horror narrators on YouTube for a bit I ended up falling asleep with the dog sleeping at the end of my bed.

At around 3:30 am I woke up to the dog growling again but this time he was at my the curtain over my bedroom window growling. I sat up listening for a few minutes but didn’t hear anything but the thunderstorm outside and decided to get up and get a drink of water.

While I was in the kitchen I heard a loud metallic crashing from out in the backyard and the dog started doing laps of the house growling and barking. I ran to the spare bedroom window and saw that part of the fence around the vegetable garden was on the ground.

The fence wasn’t overly secure in the ground but it was secure enough that it had survived a few thunderstorms during the winter without being blown over so I immediately was a little worried as to what had done it.

Before I could grab the torch to shine out the window I heard a series of bangs coming from the area of the backyard where my housemates garden shed is and immediately started getting really anxious that someone was outside and decided to get my phone to send my best friend a text to ask them to call the police for me as they are usually awake at all hours and I didn’t want to make a call in case someone was outside.

As I went to my room to get my phone the kitchen light and my bedroom light went out causing me to jump in fright and almost scream. Great I thought to myself the storm has knocked out the power as I went to the lounge room to get the torch. As I came into the lounge room I noticed through the window that my neighbors outdoor light was still on as were a house a few doors down inside lights which I found odd as my houses power was out.

I went out the front to check the fuse box which our fuse box is electric and I noticed there was no lights on at all and there was no writing displayed on the little digital screen meaning the unit for some reason had completely stopped working.

Great I thought to myself again just what I want a broken fuse box and no power. I gritted my teeth and went inside and resigned to the fact I’d have to call my housemate and wake him up as he owned the house and would have to call to get someone out to fix the fuse box.

I grabbed my phone and sat on my bed to call my housemate and I explained repeatedly to him that I didn’t know what happened to the fuse box but that it had just stopped working and that I knew that was unusual. He said he’d look into it and get someone out to fix it as soon as possible but that he wasn’t sure how long that would be as the fuse box had never stopped working before. I thanked him and apologized for waking him up and said I’d see him when he got home.

I checked that all the doors and windows were shut and locked but decided to leave my computer on to have some light in my room and laid back down to try and go back to sleep. As the dog settled down at the foot of my bed I heard the leaves blowing round in the storm and I rolled over and as my eyes passed the window I froze in fear.

I thought through a small gap in the curtain and with the small amount of light coming from the hallway that I’d seen someone standing at my window. I turned slightly and looked again and saw the figure of a male at the window.

I shot out of bed screaming and ran to the lounge room with the dog following me barking. Standing in the lounge room I went to grab my phone realizing I’d left it in my bedroom and that I’d need to go back and get it so I could call the police as I still hadn’t heard from my friend to let me know they’d called the police and with having the fuse box die and the power go out resulting in me needing to call my housemate I’d forgotten about asking my friend to call the police.

As I went to head back to my room all the while crying someone started banging on my door and again I screamed thinking whoever was at the window was now at my door as well. After a few seconds I heard a male voice and realized it was my neighbor.

I ran to the door grabbing the spare key from the top of the book shelf to unlock the door as my house keys were in my room. I unlocked the door and ripped it open crying and hurriedly telling my neighbor someone was outside my bedroom window. After coming inside my neighbor asked what window and I pointed to my bedroom as it only had one window.

My neighbor headed to my bedroom but before he got there the dog ran to the backdoor barking and we heard someone running across the yard my neighbor tore outside to try and catch the guy as he knew what had been happening to me with the notes that got more and more threatening and that due to my ex coming round in late march screaming at me and abusing me that I thought it was him and he was bat shit crazy to put it lightly and terrified the crap out of me but I unfortunately had no proof he was behind the notes and neither did the police.

By the time my neighbor got out into the backyard he saw a male climbing up the fence and drop over the top to the other side. My neighbor jumped onto the fence to try get a look at the guy and shouted at him to get lost and leave me alone and that we knew who he was (even though we didn’t know for sure it was my ex). The guy turned and gave my finger giving my neighbor a rough look at the guy despite it being dark.

When my neighbor came back inside I had already called the police and before he even got a minute into telling me what he’d seen the police were knocking at the door. I let them in and told them what had happened that night before my neighbor got there and he filled them in on what he’d seen in the backyard and gave them the best description he could with it being so dark.

As he was describing the guy he mentioned the guy had a red and blue cap on and I immediately panicked telling the police my ex had a cap in those colors. The police had a look around outside and assured me no one was there or hiding over the fence but they had found a roll of duct tape and a pocket knife on the other side of my fence.

Before leaving they assured me they would look for this guy and tell me if they found anything. They also assured me I could call them if anything else happened and they’d come back out. They also assured me they’d speak to my ex tomorrow and ask him where he was during the times I heard things going on outside. I thanked them and my neighbor and the police left.

My neighbor asked if I wanted to come over to their house till the morning but I explained even though I was terrified I wasn’t going to leave the dog and cat alone until sunrise as they’d hate it as they don’t like thunderstorms and probably hate them more than I do.

I thanked my neighbor and he gave me his number and told me to call him if I heard anything and that he’d check the backyard from his side of the fence we share and let me know if see’s anything and assured he’d be straight over if I needed him to and he walked back to his house.

I closed the front door and went to get a drink and snack and went and laid in bed listening to horror narrators on YouTube resigning to the fact I would most likely not be sleeping again that night or at least the sun came up.

I must of fallen asleep at some point because the last thing I remember was starting a new video after taking my medication for PTSD and panic attacks at 5am and then when I woke up it was around 7 am. So to my knowledge the night passed without another incident and my housemate got home around 9 am and I told him everything that happened and he was understandably angry as the only reason whoever this is chose that night to harass me and stand at the window watching me is because my housemates car wasn’t in the drive way. He also said someone would be out to fix the fuse box that day and that we could be in for a thunderstorm again that night,

Great I thought to myself not what I’d like after last night.

Someone came to look at and fixed the fuse box and informed us that parts of the fuse box had been purposely broken in places and in ways I wouldn’t notice but that would also make the fuse box stop working and the power to go out. He summed it up to being intentionally done and suggested we try work out who did it as they could get hurt next time.

Knowing this creeper cut my power intentionally and was standing at my bedroom window for god knows how long and was creeping around in my backyard possibly all night I was really freaked out. As was my housemate given with what the police found and we installed a security alarm system and a backdoor and front door camera and are planning to get a few more so we can cover the letter box as well to hopefully catch this person.

To this day I still have notes left for me and the police never found the guy who was at my window and my ex denied it being him and told them I was crazy and making up stories to get him in trouble all coz he yelled at me coz he was pissed at me for lord knows what reason.

So creepy stalker whether you be a random creep or my ex that is leaving me notes that are really threatening and sinister and hanging around my backyard and bedroom window lease leave me alone and don’t come back as you scare the ever living hell out me and I really never want to see you again.

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