Creep at middle school

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I was 16 years old and i was in my last weeks of school, only 5 weeks left.

At the end of a day of school i had a talk with my pe teacher. My school ended at 4 pm that day and i went to my teacher around half past 4.

I play a lot of sports and i have a very good relationship with my teacher so we are actualy very good friends. In the class room is half way in de ground, there is a glass and you can still see people. Around 5 pm i noticed a man behind the gate of our school he looked right at us. I told my teacher and she said that it’s probily nothing.

But after 10 min he was still staring so i told her again and then we went outside to ask him if he was alright. I didnt know him and i live in a quite small town so that was weird. She didnt know him either. When i asked him if there was something wrong but he kept staring. I was afraid that it was some criminal “friend” of my father. I told my techer to go inside even though she is older then me but i am very protective about my friends and family. The man then wispered to come closer. I told him to talk louder if he wanted to say something. He then got closer to the fence en started yelling. He yelled that i was the one who was crazy not him. He yelled that 10 times when i walked away while still looking at me.

I went back to my teacher and told what happend. It was 5:30 when we said goodbye. I had to go home on my bike, it wasnt bad because it was only a 8 min ride. She was in the car but she had to drive a half hour. 2 minutes from my school the same man was standing beside the road but didnt look at me once. After i passed him he ran at me, he held my bike so i had to stop and he punched me and yelled at me again. I punched him back because i am quite strong and he was a skinny man. he let go of my bike and i just rode as fast as i could.

When i was home i told my teacher and my best friend. I didnt tell my mom because she didnt have time for this stuff and i could handle it on my own.

I keep my window a little open in my room. When heard something ticking on my window i closed it. But then my dog was barfing. I went down stares and there he was the man. He was standing in my living room. I yeled for my brother and my mom. They both saw him ran away. We called the cops. We looked all our doors but i never saw him again. After two days i asked my dad if he knew a guy like that but he didnt that realy freaked me out because he knew where i lived and where i went to school.


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