Creature in the Woods

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Hi my name is John West I am from Ireland but lived in America some years ago . My story begins in the south of America when I was a young man . I set out on a long walk early in the morning by myself well at least I thought I was . No one else was at the car park so I took a big breath of air and set off.

Now note that I’m 6 foot 7 and built, so I’m a big guy, and this is important later on in the story . So about half way through It was starting to rain and clouds were now covering the sky. I keep on walking tho as I’m enjoying the peace and quiet. Big mistake. I walked for about 10 minutes more when I saw it

A big dark creature about 7 foot high. It looked like it didnt have any flesh on its face because the bones appeared to be showing on the surface but there were patches of loose skin hanging off in other areas. I froze!. After 5 minutes I was freezing and just wanted to get past this thing so I started to walk. Mistake 2 . I got close to this thing and nearly past it when I saw its face up close and it looked right thru me.I knew then that it was definitely evil whatever it was. I shouted Jesus so loud that if anyone else’s was in the forest they definitely would have herd me

The thing turns around and hits me as it turns and runs, knocking me down. I stood up, nose  badly bleeding, and ring my girlfriend. I tell her everything is OK but I tell her exactly where I am just in case anything happens. I tell her I will see her soon and then I hang up . Mistake 3

I start running back to my car when I hear a terrifying scream . I nearly died when I heard it . I saw it then sprint past me. It was so fast. I’m quite slow due to my size but this thing was just outrageous. It was out of this world fast.

Then it stands up on 2 Legs, the creases of its body were  disgusting, baring more bones and muscle fibre and black ooze.. It ran at me and ran right into me knocking me down. I hit it and a bone in its face falls off it screams but doesn’t seem to care . I get up and run again . I slipped and twisted my knee . I thought I was a dead man . I said a prayer and listened. It came out of the tree line. It looked into my eyes …. my eyes into his and the scariest most terrifying thing happened next it said  will see you soon in my voice like I said to my girlfriend on the phone before changing its shape and running off.

I got back to my car and cried . Years later I wonder why I did not kill me  or harm me . I made a few mistakes that day . Sometimes it only takes 1 mistake for shit to hit the fan. Be safe

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