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What i am about to tell you is something that happened to me around the middle of May, 2012. I wish i could say its just a “story” but I dont happen to be that fortunate. I’ve lived in Illinois for the majority of my life. Im 32yrs old now, and also an Iraq war veteran, serving in O.I.F. 3 (operation Iraqi freedom) from nov. 2003- nov. 2006 attached to the 86csh. Ive seen alot of things in my life, many of them i wish i could forget. Although nothing i’ve seen in war or abroad could compare to what to what i saw one night on the quiet suberb of Illinois 30 or so miles outside of Chicago.

Although i lived relatively close to a major metropolitan area, the town i lived in was almost the exact opposite. Its a semi rural area line with town homes seperated by several semi wooded areas . Less than a half mile from a local forest preserve that covers about 5-10 square miles. I lived in one of these town homes at the time, and was living there alone when this happened, I previously had a roomate who was my cousin. He had moved out with his girlfriend about 2 months before all of this occurred. I often slept on the couch located on the ground floor of the home, where i could see both front and back doors. The couch was about 3-5 feet away from my all glass; back patio slidind door that lead to the back yard.

This particular night I had made it home late, about 12:45am coming from spending some time at a close friend of mines house. By the time i made it home i was completely beat and ready for bed. I figured i’d sit on the couch and watch a little t.v.  to help me fall asleep. The time now was about 1:15am before I got completely settled in and comfortable. Being a former military man, I’ve always been big on “self-defence” even yeard after i’d been honorably discharged from the military. I always slept with a weapon within arms reach, just in case of a burglar or any other “Uninvited Guest”. This particular night i small silver .380 caliber pistol laying on the floor just next to the couch where i often slept. It was always loaded. After about another 20min past i had finally dozed off with the television quietly playing in the background.

I always set the television sleep timer for about an hour. There were no lights on inside my house, only the faint glow of the t.v. to cut thru the darkness until the sleep timer shut it off. At that point it would be nearly pitch black in the room, except for the small slivers of light from an outside street lamp that penetrated the tall hanging blinds thay covered the all glass; sliding patio door. I had to trouble falling asleep this night. I had always been a heavy sleeper, even as a child and had no trouble sleeping thru the night. It felt as if i had only been asleep there on the couch just a few minutes.

When i found myself for some reason wide awake, in the near complete darkness of the living room. For some odd reason i had a very compelling feeling of uneasiness i couldnt shake. Somthing wasnt right, and i could feel it. As i picked up cell-phone to check the time I realized it was close to being 5am.  Which i was immediately confused by because i had been asleep only a few short hours. While still staring at my phone, out of the corner of my eye thru a crack in the patio door blinds I saw a very quick single flash of yellow light which didnt strike me as odd at first. As i though i about it I became increasingly confused because I remembered that the only light outside in that area was a single street lamp just beyond the wooden fence in my backyard..

This struck me as particularly strange because i knew that street lights never flash and this particular street light cast a white light, not a yellow one. As i proceeded to stand up to go investigate, there was another single flash of light i saw thru the blinds except this time it appeared brighter and the light was red.  The strange feeling that had awoken me from my sleep was now compelling me to go to the door and look outside. I quickly swapped my cell phone for the silver .380 caliber pistol that lay just next to the couch and walked over to the blinds at the sliding door moving them out of the way so I could see outside. What i saw would be forever ingrained into my memory. As I stood at the door peering outside. I saw that the flashing light had become solid, and it seemed to sit on top of the roof of another town home directly across from my own, about 60ft. Directly in front of me. The light, at this point appeared to be a complete perfect circle, emanating with a bright greenish yellow glow.

Within seconds the ball flickered once again and in a split second it nearly tripled in size and changed from the greenish yellow glow to a solid bright yellow. At that moment i felt as if this ball of light had beckoned me to the door because it wanted me to see this for some reason. Just as quickly as the orb had changed size and color, I began to hear a noise that sounded almost like a freight train in the distance that was getting closer and louder by the second. I couldnt tell where the sound was coming from though. After 3-5 seconds the sound had gotten so loud it was as if a helicopter was directly above my house, but i saw nothing except the large ball of light. When the sound had got to its loudest. I began staring at the yellow orb because I could see what looked like something coming outnof the center of the glowing orb. Whatever it was it flew straight up into the air after exiting. The best way i could describe what came out this luminescent orb which now I thought of as some sort of portal was a mix between a dragon fly and a snake the size of a full grown man.

I was terrifyed, As if only split seconds had past after it exited the portal, the entity had flown directly towards from out of the sky. It must have cleared the distance of 60ft. from the rooftop of the adjacent townhome to my backyard in the blink of an eye. Where it stopped in mid-air 5-6 feet off the ground directly in front of me, no more than two feet away from me. The only thing separating me from it, was the glass patio sliding door between us. The loud helicopter like noise was now slowly fading away. What was in front on me of at this moment peering down at me all black, large deep inlaid eyes i can ony desribe as a real “monster” the likes of which not even my nightmares could produce. It seemed to just float there in an upright vertical position unflinching. I was terrified! I quicky pointed the small .380 caliber pistol i had in my had directly at it. As i did so, the entity seemed to spread two sets of what looked like identical large black wings from its side just as like a dragon fly. The entity itself was also all black with what seemed to be very strange symbols engraved into what i could only describe as the creatures skin if it evem had such a thing. As soon as the creatures wings were completely spread, (although it seemed the entity did not use the “wings” for flight because it had not used them to cross the 60ft. Of parking lot between the roof of the adjacent townhouse from which it had came and my backyard. Nor did it use them to stop in mid-air only inches from my backdoor where it and I came face to face) inbetween, above, and below each of its 4 wings the creature seemed to manifest what I can only describe as what seemed to be 100’s of tiny blue lightning bolts of energy. Each no larger or longer than my pinky finger. As i aimed my pistol toward it is when it displayed this awsome sight.

Which i could only conclude must have been some sort of protective energy field to shield it from harm had i decided to fire upon it. This display lasted only a few short seconds, and just as quickly as it had come it was gone. Flying directly up, and over my house at a truly amazing speed. Till this day i still have no clue or idea as to what flew into my backyard that night, but i do know whatever it was it wanted me to see it and some part of me wanted too see it.



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Holy crap. Just… holy crap.

Thank you for your selfless service, bravery, honor and sacrifice. And again… holy crap.