Creature By The Truck

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This story takes place in Alberta, Canada. I’m an 18 year old female now, but this took place back when I was 16 years old.

My friend and I, let’s call her Bea, were out at my farm here in Alberta. A beautiful rural setting with forest and field.

To give some brief details of the setting, the farmhouse is at the end of a very long driveway. Behind the farmhouse, there is a barn and a wide trail that leads back to a wide open field where we keep cows and horses. Along that trail were two, run down trailers that my mom and her family used to live in while her dad (my grandfather) built the farmhouse.

Bea and I were out there with my mom, her (now ex) boyfriend, and my younger brother. Nothing was out of the usual. The snow was sparkling, it was fluffy and light, easy to sink into with every step. Our truck was parked up by the farmhouse. All five of us were out back in search of a Christmas tree. We were pushing through the trees, but Bea and I decided to turn back as the sun started to disappear behind the trees. As my mom, her partner and my brother continued on, Bea and I started heading back to the trail that would take us back to the truck.

That was where everything went downhill.

Talking mindlessly, we passed the two trailers and rounded the corner. Freezing in our tracks, I swear in that moment my heart dropped right into my stomach.

There, standing on two legs right next to our truck was this… thing. It was huge. It had a pair of antlers, it’s fur was thin, dark and matted. It’s back was hunched over and it’s long, bony hands were pressed up against the window of the vehicle. Bea was grabbing onto my arm, trying to pull my backwards. I slowly started to walk backwards, praying that the 7 foot horror in front of us hadn’t noticed our presence. It stood tall and I knew that if it saw us, we wouldn’t be able to out run it. Not in the depth of snow we were standing in.

I still remember the sound of it’s breathing. It was heavy and staggered. It’s eyes seemed to disappear in it’s head. We were a good 14 feet away from this thing, (thank god), and I was 99% sure it hadn’t spotted us.

The first think Bea and I thought to do was go into one of the trailers. The one that was unlocked was rotting from the inside, the floor practically gone, but with four walls and one tiny, dirty window, it shielded us from whatever that thing was. We waited in there together for what seemed like hours.

We didn’t hear anything, we couldn’t see anything, but both of us were too terrified to leave. The only thing that got us out of there was the sounds of my family’s voices coming back.

We stepped out of the trailer and were greeted with confused glances. We just made up that we were exploring and that I was showing Bea around different areas. I wasn’t about to tell my mom what we had seen. She would think I was crazy.

We don’t live out there anymore. I avoid that place as much as possible now. It’s a beautiful place, but the peaceful atmosphere it used to give off was gone. For me anyways. Bea and I are still friends, but we don’t talk about it. I can tell she still thinks about it from time to time. I can’t blame her. I do too.

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Creepy…. I think you saw a Wendigo.