Craigslist creepy bar owner

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I live in Houston & 4 years ago I attracted a creepy pedophile through craigslist. I have autism & had just turned 20 & was posting resumes on craigslist hoping to find some type of honest work. I posted this picture of me to include it in hopes it would increase my chances of finding work. This was months before I got my 1st job at Walmart so I was desperate.

Eventually I got called by a man who sounded a little like Mr Rogers, except creepy & effeminate. He said he saw my resume on craigslist & was willing to give me some ‘work’. He told me he owns a bar & is a lonely man. I thought maybe he was willing to give me a gig at his bar, possibly as a ragtag bouncer or dishwasher. He said he was a gay man & asked if I was okay with being friends with him. He wanted to meet up with me & I was asking what work I would be doing & he said “well none really. I’d pay you to spend some time with me.” He got around to asking if I had a girlfriend or partner & I ranted how Ive been rejected by every girl Ive shown interest in & was a virgin. He acted like he was gonna give me a job & help me out with the ladies.

It got more creepy when he complimented my picture & ranted how ‘nice looking’ I was. Eventually I hung up & didn’t know what to think.

He called from an anonymous number again & tried the same talk with me but I wasn’t impressed with his ‘job opportunity’ & politely ended the conversation & hung up.

About a week later he called a 3rd time from a unknown number but I didnt answer & it pissed me off that I was getting called when I was trying to sleep.

The way this gay pedophile creep was hitting on me & I wasnt picking up on it was very similar to Nostalgia Critic’s Wicked Witch skit from his Dawn of the Commercials video.

So to the gay Craigslist creep from 4 years ago, let’s never meet.


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