Could Dragons be real

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About a month ago I went with a group of friends from college to go hiking in the Cascade Mountains in Oregon, right in the Crater Lake National Park area. The trip through the mountain ranges was fun and quite the workout. Towards the end of our little vacation we decided to cross through the Crater Lake area, to take in the view and see the blue waters for ourselves. We arrived in the lake area late in the day and decided to set up camp close to the lake shore.
That night the six of us had a good time talking, and telling stories. Other than a scare from some too curious opossums looking for food, the night was relaxing and soon we all went to sleep tired from the long days trek. Around sunrise we began waking and preparing our meal for the coming day. As we sat around our fire eating in the early dawn light we began hearing a whooshing sound, and what sounded like trees rustling. we all got quiet and were looking around when a large shadow fell upon our group as a large creature flew over us.
As the creature flew by us I took in the features i could see. It looked to be about the size of a one of those mid sized Lear jets. It had two massive wings, four legs, and a long tail that had what looked like fins about mid way down its length. It’s neck was long but not serpentine, and its head was a least the size of a large car.
It flew off towards the lake, more so towards Wizard Island. But, instead of landing on the island it dove straight into the lake. It took a few moments for our group to recover from the shock and fear of what we had just witnessed, but soon we were packed and moving swiftly to get out of the park.
As we walked we were silent, no one wanting to put words to what we saw. Not fifteen minutes after setting out, the sound of something breaking the water and a loud screech sounded out along the lake and surrounding area. It was terrifying, most of our group immediately throwing themselves into the tree line to hide. Logan, the oldest of our group, and I just stood there transfixed in awe and fear as the creature burst from the surface of the lake taking off once again into the air and flying off towards the other side of the lake until it was out of sight.
After we left and parted ways, I went home and looked up dragon sightings in the area and couldn’t find anything. Maybe what we saw that day was a group hallucination, maybe it was a large bird that we all just mistook for something larger. Either way if your planning on going out to the Crater Lake area of Oregon, keep your eyes on the sky.

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