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Hey Darkness, I am a big paranormal fan from Taiwan. We even have a club where we meet weekly talk about creepy stories. I have put together a compilation of creepy stories that happen to our club members, I hope you can do a podcast on these stories of Taiwan. If you want some more please contact me at :

The Ancient Tree – Kento Namayashi
The Torri at Yasukuni Shrine of Tokyo was made from the highest quality of false cypress from Taiwan but there’s a dark history behind it.

My great-great grandpa’s family was very poor. When he was 16, he quit school and became a logger to help with his family’s financial hardship. It was the 1920’s when the Japanese discovered a whole mountain of ancient false cypress in central Taiwan and decided to harvest them for building Shinto shrine.

The indigenous tribe was very mad about the proposal. They warned that these trees were thousands of years old. They were old to a point they had developed consciousness as if they were conscious beings. There were also spirits guarding these ancient trees. Bad revenges would ensue if these trees were harmed. The Japanese official ignored their protest and called them superstitious. They relocated the entire tribe so they wouldn’t intervene the operation.

The operation began two days after my great-great grandpa’s seventeenth birthday. My great-great grandad and his colleagues spent the entire day cutting only one third of a tree in the first day largely due to how big and tall these trees were. The first day of operation was successful. Everyone was drinking happily with one another and were making fun of the “warning” from the indigenous.

The loggers camped right beside the logging yard which is surrounded by these ancient false crypass. My great-great granddad had a weird dream at the first night camping there – he had a dream that he was lost in these woods and was panicking trying to find a way out. He woke up in cold sweat and to his colleagues’ loud snoring. He shrugged it off but he kept having the same dream every night. He become so tired in the morning and was not being able to work so his boss transferred him to a office named Camp Yama at the lower part of the mountain doing light labor things such as like cooking and delivering documents instead.

Day passed by with more and more trees being chopped down, many loggers started developing inexpiable sickness to which the doctors couldn’t explain upon examination. Some of them had long-lasting fever and some of them couldn’t stop coughing. Some loggers even started quitting the job because of having the exact same nightmares of being called into the woods by some sort of demonic voices at night.

One day after lunch break, a logger, covered in blood, screamed and ran into the office at Camp Yama. “Help!” he yelled out and collapsed right by the entrance of the office, with blood gushing out from his chest, which seemed to be a large wound from some sort of vicious attack. My granddad and some police officer immediately picked up their rifles and rushed to the logging side as fast as possible.

What my granddad saw traumatized him for the rest of his life. There were people screaming and bleeding on the ground. “It seemed that they had attacked each other. But for what?”, my great-great grandpa thought. Some loggers had their upper body completely separated from their lower part. There were possibly four to five limbs scattered all over the logging yard. Some loggers were still breathing and screaming, but with intestines hanging out from their bellies. Some were unharmed but crying in a hysterical way as if they were possessed. Some of them were even making weird noises, crawling like they were animals.

A younger logger, possibly around the age of 16, was found trembling in fear in a tent. Upon being questioned, he said that five loggers somehow had glowing eyes filled with anger and vengeance as if they were possessed by something when they returned from the deeper part of the woods. They went insane and started attacking other loggers, even themselves with axes. He ran hiding into his tent and peeking out as the carnage took place outside. He claimed that it was at the same moment when he saw this mist came out from the woods and started surrounding the logging side, as if something was unleashing some unknown yet evil power thru it.

The entire operation was completely shut down after the incident. My great-great grandpa returned to his hometown and became a barber instead. The indigenous tribe later learned about the incident but was not surprised. The Japanese later had to request a shaman over to bless the entire logging site and the paranormal activities were all gone right after that. The surviving trees are still there in Nantou County, they are now well protected by the National Forest Administration. I think if every tree has consciousness like these ones, it would definitely make the mankind cherish our planet more.

The Flying Thing in Philippine – Jasper Chou
My granddad is 98. He is not your typical 98-year-old. He is still in good shape. He becomes the best story teller whenever he is tipsy. He enlisted in the Japanese army during WW2 and was deployed to Philippine. His unit was sent into jungle fighting against the American with guerrilla tactic. It was the third month of his deployment in the jungle. He has seen some crazy side animal such as giant python but nothing compares to what he experienced that particular night.

One night he was in a foxhole to setting up an ambush with two of his comrades – Kento from Osaka and Shiro from Kyushu. They were aiming their rifle to a major intersection to scout out any American troop. All of the sudden, he smelled something rotten in the air. This was uncommon since they had buried the fallen ones few days before. There shouldn’t be anything rotting around them. drandad then potted two red glowing, luring eyes on a top of a tree fifty feet in front of them. “Kento, did you see that?” my granddad asked. “See what?” Kento turned his head toward that direction and froze. “This, this, this thing has wings”, Shiro strutted and it seemed he had been staring at this thing for minutes but couldn’t move due to the extreme fear as the full moon casted upon its light onto this demonic creature. This thing suddenly took off with a loud screech and flapping its wing flying toward my granddad’s foxhole. My granddad fired his Type 38 rifle at this thing, before he could camber another round, this thing was hovering right above them. Both Kento and Shiro were screaming and firing their weapon in the air. This thing was as big as a horse, but was covered in fur with a pair with wings in its back like a giant bat. It smelled like rotting flesh. It kept screeching with its razor-sharp teeth out.

Shiro was horrified and was picked up by this thing and was hovering five feet above the ground. He struggled hard and gave this thing a hard time balancing itself in the air. My grandad pulled out his pistol and shot all its round into this thing’s chest. This thing seemed hurted and let go of Shiro, but was still hovering above them with its big claws reaching out trying to grab them again. My granddad then pulled out his samurai sword and swang toward this thing. The sword cut a part of and splashed a large amount of blood unto my granddad’s face. Shiro and Kento soon bravely reloaded their weapons in chaos while screaming and firing more rounds at this thing.

My grandad then felt a strong knock in the back of his head and passed out. By the time he woke up, he was in the navy hospital. His platoon leader later visited him and told him he had concussion and was in coma for a week. My granddad was eager to know what happened to Kento and Shiro, but his platoon informed him the incident is currently investigated by the military police and was highly classified. “Both Kento and Shiro had sent back to Japan”, said the platoon leader, “they are all just fine”. My granddad knew it was a white lie, but he remained silent about it since he didn’t want to mess with consequences of pressing the military police on the subject. The war ended in that year, the year of 1945. Granddad returned to Taiwan safely but was mentally and physically scarred.

Granddad travel to Japan visit his fellow platoon leader in 1988. It was a nice union he said, but he was still curious about what happened to his fellow foxhole buddies. The platoon leader sighed and told him the truth. The military police had seen some disturbing scene by the foxhole. “We did find your sword, which was covered in blood that stank like nothing else. Kento? Well… he was found on a tree with his gut hanging out from his body. Shiro? They only found his lower body while his entire upper body was missing. They did find a blood trail leading to a river by which his upper body was found on the other side of it. The military police couldn’t explain any they saw but couldn’t conclude it was caused by an animal attack so they kept it classified so it wouldn’t frighten other troopers.”

My granddad was lucky or else I wouldn’t be here today.

I Was Kidnapped by Moshinah – AbeHines1993
I am a half Taiwanese and half American. I was born in Taiwan but didn’t return to the US until my freshman year in high school. This incident occurred when I was 7 in 2003. I was dropped off at my grandparents’ house in a rural town in Miaoli for summer break. My grandparents are both farmers, they live right next to the field they farm which was surrounded by woods all the way to a ridge.

I was only seven, but I was not afraid of dark and was brave enough to sleep alone. I stayed in this bedroom with a window facing the woods. Every night, I would have this dream of something calling my name from the woods. “Li-Chi (Taiwanese name)… Li-Chi… Come play with me in the woods”. It was luring but I had always toughened up and run away from everytime. I told my grandparents about it and they seemed worried. They then made sleep right by them and never allow me to go into that particular room again.

It was one afternoon when my grandparents needed to go into town to do some grocery shopping while I was left alone at home being babysitted by my highscholer cosuin Tian Xin. I asked Tian Xin if he wanted to play outside but he was busy online gaming. So I went outside playing with a soccer ball myself. I kicked the ball against the wall over and over. However every time it bounced off, the ball would bounce further and further toward the woods as if something is attracting the ball deeper and deeper in into the yam field. It eventually bounced off way too far into the yam field and I had to enter the yam field to find it.

I entered the yam field trying to find my ball. It was when I reached the edge of the yam field, I suddenly saw a humanoid thing with my ball in its hand, standing there on the edge of the field. As far I could remember, this thing was about my height. He or she had skin tone of dark green. It had these yellow glowing, luring eyes and also long claw-like nails. “Hey!” I called out, “give me ball back!” The thing took off running deeper into the woods. I chased after it as I did, I suddenly felt this sensation of being filled with some sort of energy and my feet started taking off the ground. I was flying and running after this boy at the same time. I then came to this place with stone table with snacks laying on it. The boy was sitting on a stone chair asking if I wanted to join him to enjoy the snacks with it. I didn’t seem scared somehow, I seemed utopian and happy to take the invitation.

My grandparents came home and saw I was missing. They called the cops and gathered whoever was available to look for me in the surrounding area. It was around eight o’clock when my cousin Tian Xin found me lying in the woods with mouthful of dirt, torn out clothes, and scratches all over my body. I was wearing this big smile as if I was high or intoxicated. I was hospitalized immediately. When I woke up three days later, I told my grandparents what I saw and every feature of that boy. My grandparents were horrified but didn’t really explain to me what happen.

It was not until I turned fifteen, my grandparents really told me the truth. Based on my description of that figure and the incident, I was lured into the woods by an entity called “Moshinah”, a demonic entity from Taiwanese folklore that would lured people into the wood and prank on them for fun. There are still missing cases regarding the similar experiences til this day. It is said Moshinahs are the guarding spirits of the wood. They are short, bold and had red glowing eyes that would give anyone extreme power to make people chase after them. I am glad I am back to the US and now living in downtown Chicago, instead of in the woods. Moshinah let’s never meet again.

Taiwanese Exorcism – Ryan2000
My parents are both Americans. They left Wisconsin and decided to move to Taiwan when I was only two. My family has been living on the island ever since. I didn’t go to international school; instead, I attended Taiwanese school with Taiwanese kids. I thus grew up speaking Mandarin and Taiwanese. Hell, even though my skin color is different than the rest of the kids, I even doubt myself to be more a Taiwanese than an American. The neighbor living right across from us, whose name is Dr. Johnson, is an American as well. He has been living in Taiwan since the late 90’s. He teaches anthropology in a nearby college and has profound knowledge of Taiwanese religious culture. It is thru him I learn many things regarding Taoism, the most predominant religion in Taiwan. Unlike Christianity, Taoism consists of many deities and it explores a lot on ghost, spirit, demons, energy, magic, and witchcraft. It still fascinates me as a college student, but my scientist parents have always called it a bunk. My parents are never religious, they don’t eve go to church every Christmas when we visit our grandparents back in the U.S.

It was the summer of 2017 when my dad decided to sell the old place and moved to a newer house two blocks down the street. The house was built only two years prior. It’s new and has been re-renovated. It face a park and has an abandoned land filled gravels in the back. I loved it there. It was quiet since the house faces a park instead of a busy street plus my room is a lot bigger in the new house. It was the third month when things started to get weird. At first, I could hear footstep walking and running in the hallway at night. I shrugged it off and believed it was just the wood creaking due to thermal expansion and contraction. But more weird things occurred and it was getting worse every week. I began to have sleep paralysis. Some night I had these dreams of having these long-haired women standing there and staring at me by my bedroom door. I even had this dream of swimming in a creek filled floating corpses. My dog, Pookie would barked aggressively and hysterically at some spot of house. I had even seen my dog having nightmare, as he would growl in pain while sleeping in his own bed. My mom had also became very ill and had inexplainable aches in different areas of her body. We had taken her to many major hospitals but no doctor could explain why. She was eventually sick to a point that she no longer worked. She ended up laying in hospital with those life support machines attached to her. It was the most miserable time of my life. I prayed to both Taoist gods and Jesus for answers. I was in deep desperate myself, too, experienced several mental breakdown. My dad was the only person who wasn’t affected by this. He admitted that he had been finding his belongs would be missing and reappear in the house again, but he absolutely refused to believe it was caused by the paranormal.

I visited Dr. Johnson and told him everything about these weird incidents. He had studied Taoism for years and he suspected my house is haunted before we move in there or is now occupied by some sort of demonic forces. He called one of his friends and wanted him to perform an paranormal inspection on that Saturday.

Saturday arrived, Dr. Johnson brought his friend Fu over. Fu is a skinny guy in his late thirty. Dr. Johnson claimed that he has “the third eye”, a mortal’s ability to see spirits. With my father’s permission, Fu entered our house and inspected every part of the house and gave us a stunning conclusion “Your house was a normal house, but it is now haunted. I honestly haven’t had this strong sense of evilness for quite a while. This is more like a party house for the demonic spirits, not a residence for the mortals”. “Did you see these long-haired women in your bedroom white boy?” Fu asked me. “How do you know?”, I stuttered. “I saw three of them in your bedroom and one of them was even hiding in your closet”, Fu replied. “I’ve also spotted some headless ghost in your parents’ bedroom and a few animal spirits running wild in the entire first floor” I was totally blown away. “I am able to see, but I am not able to cast away these spirits. For matters like that, we need my uncle over to perform an exorcism and we need to do it as soon as possible” Fu said. My dad was day drinking with his colleagues during all these, he was still a hardcore unbeliever.

Fu’s uncle, Master Wu’s is a experienced Taoist priest. He showed up along his five apprentices the next afternoon. They brought a Taoist idol set up a mini altar in front of my house. I recognized that idol, it was the Taoist god Nézhā. In Taoist mythology, Nézhā was once a mortal but became a god only when he was seven. He’s famous for fighting off demons and monster with his spear. He’s seen as the protector of children and youth.

When they were all set, Master Wu, in his robe with a sword carved with the symbol of big dipper in his right hand and a bell in his left hand, circled the altar and started chanting in Taiwanese with his apprentices, “Oh lord, oh lord, we summon you, show us thy way, show us thy path, blessed this household with thy powerful presence, give us the strength to defeat the evil.” They repeated the phases for nearly ten minutes when Master Wu entered a transcendental state. Dr. Johnson pulled me aside and explained to me, they have successfully summoned the spirit of Nézhā. Master Wu is now possessed by Nézhā to perform the exorcism. Master Wu lifted up his sword and called out, “follow me!” as he walked with a limp toward the back of my house. My father, Dr. Johnson, the apprentices, and I followed. We went thru the house and entered the backyard and were told stop right by that abandoned land. My father was still an unbeliever this time, you can see in his eye he thought this was completely a joke. I bet he was waiting to see how we are gonna make fools of ourselves that moment.

Master Wu pointed his sword toward the ground and called out “Here buries something! Something demonic and evil!” “What?” I thought to myself. Two of the apprentices went back our my garage and came back with shovels.They started digging about three feet in the ground when they hit something metal. They continued digging and a big metal box unearthed. It was at the same time Master Wu was slapped out of the transcendental state and fell the ground. An apprentice held Master Wu as he slowly stood up. He seemed exhausted, but could not wait to see what’s in the box. The apprentices cautiously opened the box and it unleashed a horrible smell, the smell of decaying flesh. There in the box, lied a pig’s head covered in some kind of ancient calligraphies and a talisman sticked by three needles right on its forehead. Both Fu and Master Wu were surprised by this. They examined the calligraphies as if they were some groundbreaking discoveries. “This is a very ancient form of a powerful witchcraft that is rarely seen nowadays. I haven’t seen something like this since the 70’s. This witchcraft opens a portal to another dimension and summons all the “bad things” to be in your house to feed off your health and energy. Whoever puts this here, want your house to be haunted and want your life to be misery. For whatever reason, whoever does this wants your family to be gone from this property.” Dr, Johnson and I took up our phones and tried to took pictures of this thing, but both of our phones shut themselves off, and were never able to be turned again. My dad was horrified when he saw that pig’s head, I could tell the look on his face he finally came to believe there are things science cannot explain.

It was getting dark when Fu wanted to call it for a day, but Master Wu insisted he must destroy this abomination immediately. This time Master Wu had arranged his apprentices to surround the box in Bagua array while my dad, Dr. Johnson, and I were standing five feet away from them just to see what will happen next. “Evilness! Evilness! I seal you! The world of the mortal does not belong to you! Go back to the depth of the underworld or you will be doomed!” Master Wu and his apprentices started chanting loudly. It was around the tenth minute into the chanting when metal box started shaking violently on the center of the array and unleashed a long women-like scream as if something was trying to get out of the box. It sent chill right down my spine and I began to tremble. Fu, who was standing outside by the edge of the arry, turned to me and yelled out, “Don’t be afraid white boy! The more you are afraid of it the more these demons will take advantages of you.” As the box shaking more violently than ever, smoke started coming out from the box and it busted a fire and started burning. Master Wu’s picked up his whip and whipping his at the box and screamed out “Out of here!”. It was the third time when Master Wu whipped at the box, the metal started melting with the pig’s head burned into ashes.

All the paranormal activities ceased after the exorcism. My mom miraculously recovered and returned home two days later with no prescribed medicine and all that. My father tried to pay Fu and Master Wu just to thank them after that but they gently declined. They both said it’s their job to serve the living with their special ability, not to make a fortune out of it. I am still confused til this day, I still wonder who had put that box there? Who had tried to casted such horrible spells on us.

Ghost from the Past – Jon Tu
In Taiwan, all males above the age of 18 are required to serve in the military. I was drafted by the R.O.C. Marine Corps back in 2003. It was very tough since the Taiwanese Marine Corps was found by the US Marine Corps so I had gone thru all the SOP slash humiliation like those you’ve seen in the TV during the boot camp.

The boot camp was located in Dragan Spring in PingTung County. It was so remote that literally in the middle of nowhere. It was the fourth week of the boot camp when we were taught how to operate a rifle since our first range day was coming up in a week. The night before we headed to the range, our company commander summoned the entire company in the meeting hall and told us to bring any sort of protection charm or Bible for “protection” since we will be camping right by the range for at least two days. Sound ridiculous right? A tough, armed marine is afraid of ghost? With many confused looks on our face, he began telling us the history of this range.

The range used to be one of the largest POW camp in Asia back in WW2. Many captured Allies POW had died there due to inhuman mistreatment and a outbreak of dysentery in 1944. It was not until the 60’s when the government turned the camp into the range for the Marine Corps. But stil, a lot of sightseeing and ghost stories had been passed down from veterans til this day. It is said that you can always see shadowy figures by the corner of your eyes or hear the growling of a suffering person at night in this range. No matter what happen, let yourself alone in the range.

I was the only one who decided not to bring protection in my platoon. I didn’t buy it. I was fresh-off-college physician. I am a pro science person instead of some wishy washy paranormal BS. We marched to the range the next morning and were instructed to set up tent right by a banyan tree. Once we were finished, my platoon leader distributed out paper amulet and told us to stick it right on our tent. For those don’t know, paper amulets are papers empowered by magic spell made by the Taoist priest. They are commonly seen and used in Taiwanese culture for repealing evil entity. I asked the platoon leader why we were the only platoon that got these amulets later that evening? My platoon leader pulled me aside and pointed at that banyan tree and told me, “This tree here,” he sighed ”is the tree where many desperate POW hung themselves”. He proced, “ I had seen some unexplainable thing few years ago in this area. I don’t want to camp here either, but we have no choice since our platoon was assigned to camp here”. I shrugged it off, because again, I ain’t buying.

Three of us from the platoon stood guard that night. Each of us was given a flashlight and a nightstick. The other two seemed extremely anxious and scared, I bet they were so because all the “rumors” and stories told by our bosses. I was fearless and even thought to myself “If there are really ghosts, just show up to prove you’re real”. We separated partoling from tent to tent. After the first patrol, I simply stood right outside of my tent and was waiting my shift to be over. Suddenly, I felt tapping on my right shoulder. I turned around immediately and saw nothing. “I was just too tired and paranoid I guess”, I thought to myself. I mean, it was three o’clock in the morning. Who would stay up this late if he’s not on a guard duty. Suddenly, I felt someone smack my back very hard, so hard to a point I almost cried out. I turned to my back saw three shadowy figures standing in the bushes twenty meters from the tree. I took off running toward the bushes and was ready to strike them with my nightstick. I flashed my flashlight three meters away from the bushes but saw nothing and heard nothing, not even the sound of footstep or sticks cracking. I then saw something was moving in the corner of my right eyes, I turned to my right and saw a tall, naked, skinny Caucasian man wavering at me right by that banyan tree. I immediately flashed my to that man and yelled out “Freeze!”. Within seconds, the man, still wavering at me faded slowly right by that tree. “What’s going on zero-four-eight (my ID number.)?” my squad leader yelled out from the tent. It turned out I yelled so loud that I accidentally woke the entire platoon. I was so frightened by the encountering I had a fever days and was sent to a nearby military hospital.

Oh yes, sounds ridiculous, but you can actually get sick from being frightened. My platoon leader visited me one morning, “So you saw it right?”, he asked. “Was “it” naked and wavering at you?” I nodded as the horror overwhelmed me again. “I saw the exact same ghost at the exact same location when I enlisted ten years ago. Welcome to the club pal. Not everyone gets to see him. It is said he only comes for those who don’t believe in ghosts.” He rolled up his sleeve and showed me his Buddhist bracelet. “I didn’t bring any protection the day I saw him, so didn’t you, didn’t you?”.

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