Children of the Sabbath

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I guess I should start from the beginning.
There’s not many things I remember from my childhood due to trauma but one of the few things I remember is that night I saw him with my very eyes. I was young but I grew up in a religious household so there was no mistaking it. The thing I saw that night was the Devil himself, in the flesh.
I was 4, almost 5 when I first started having nightmares about him. He would talk to me and tell me how much I meant to him but being so young and imaginative my toddler brain didn’t think anything of it until a few months ago after my 21st birthday. I mostly thought I thought him up and he was my imaginary friend because I had 3 of them already.
The night he showed himself to me I had just turned 5 a few months prior to this. It was a night like any other if I’m honest, I was in mom and dads bed watching a wrestling match. It was about 12am. My dad asked me to go get him another popsickle so I agreed and got up to get one, as soon as I opened their bedroom door looking down the hall to the kitchen I felt an all too familiar dark, unnatural pressure. The atmosphere was heavy and tense but I didn’t think anything of it because I was a kid and pretty much every child was scared of the dark, so I sicked it up and walked down the hall as quietly as I could and opened up the freezer. The second I closed the door and the light from the freezer that was Illuminating the room cut off, I felt a drop in the temperature and my body froze. When I looked over to the right of the room towards the front door and I saw him. It was a black, tall, shapeless figure with burning red eyes. I couldn’t make out any details due to him being a literal black hole, devoid of any dimension or color. But what I could see was the cloven hooves he had for feet and the tall, thick, almost crown like goats horns on the top of what looked to be a humans head.
I stood there frozen and holding my breath for what felt like an eternity, just hoping he would go away. After a minute passes by he raised his arm and pointed towards me. His mouth stayed shut but I could hear him mumbling something to me, like he was feeding thoughts and ideas into my head. My heart started to pound and I came to my senses, taking off and running to my parents room like any terrified child would do. I took a running start and jumped into their bed covered in cold sweat trying to explain to them what happened but all that came out was “goat man” “red eyes” in broken stutters. I broke down into tears and my mom and dad grabbed their bibles and walked every corner of our yard anointing the four corners with oil and sealing every window and entrance with salt.
Everything was fine for the first few years but my mom freused to speak about it. She even gets funny now when you mention that night around her. Eventually small things started to happen around the house. I would feel the same spiritual pressure from that night if I went off by myself or was left home alone, things would touch me in sleep and I would jerk awake to see odd shadows moving in the corners followed by the same repetitive, gruesome dreams.
Over the years I’ve had 3 mediums see me due to mom worrying about me. The last 3 years have been hard on me mentally and she could feel the spirits attachment to me grow stronger the deeper I slipped into depression. After the last medium saw me and blessed the house she gave my mom a warning and finally admitted that the medium, – let’s call her Rachel for the sake of the story.- Rachel, was called because mom came into my room one night to check on me and saw the same figure watching me, refusing to look away even after she made her presence known to it. Rachel did all she could but the blessings don’t work, if anything it just pisses it off even more. The nightmares got worse and worse, Sometimes I would call my boyfriend at the time and just cry after I woke up. Even my close friend at the time who happened to be a medium said that whatever was hanging around me wanted to me, not to hurt me, but like I belong to it or something. It was keeping me close like a pet or possession and she straight up refused to ever come back to my house after the week she spent there.

Even after everything, I never once got a feeling like this thing wanted to hurt me. It felt more like it was angry I was rejecting it. I bought a few books and started to study everything I could think of from urban legends to native American stories, everything I could think of until I got to the satanic religion. I wasn’t a very religious person to begin with due to being brought up in a strict religious household up until the age of 7 when my parents finalized their divorce, so I wasn’t too sure I’d find my answer on one of those books considering I thought anything religious was a pile of bullshit, but I did.
I was drawn to one of the books I bought called “At Satan’s Altar”. I got bored of reading through all the prayers and hymns only to come up with no answer so I flipped to a random spot in the book and when I started to read my blood ran cold. In the last few chapters I found a page with the title “Satanic Anointing”. It stated that there’s a few different ways that Satan will “choose” you if that’s what you wanna call it.. Some people are chosen at birth or later in childhood like I was, it’s special to be chosen by him apparently and “sets you apart from the rest”. I read over one part that made me freeze, nearly causing me to choke on my drink as i read it. It went on to explain that if you are chosen in your early childhood years that he will make his presence known multiple times through signs, dreams, and visions before he shows himself to you, then he’ll take a physical form. His most famous form is the black figure with horns and hoolved feet, the typical “devil figure”, especially if the kid is from a religious background. The “Horned one of the Sabbath” they described fit all of my experiences perfectly.. I couldn’t believe it honestly, I thought this was some kinda joke. So I kept reading hoping I’d find something to get me out of this, anything. But the more I kept reading the more I found out about myself, which kinda brought a sense of peace? Apparently the marked ones like me are either marked physically or spiritually with above average intelligence, intuition, or other physical abilities.
There’s no way out of this, no matter how hard I try or where I go, I keep coming right back to him. But that doesn’t bother me as much as it used to, I’ve actually come to accept my role in his game. Me and the others like me have a role to play and we don’t have a choice. I constantly feel him with me, watching me, never leaving my side. It’s a dark, heavy feeling that I’ll never be able to shake, but you get used to it. After a while it’s calming. If I’m honest I almost forgot what it was like to have a normal life without feeling this dark energy surrounding me, but this is what I signed up for so I shouldn’t complain.
Anyway I guess I should get to the point. There’s a war coming, and if this is the only way I can get my story out then so be it.
The war is close and his army is getting bigger, he’s marking children and people like me every day. Do yourself a favor and get ready. It’s coming.

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