Childhood Horror

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—This story happened when I was a very young child. I will remember this encounter until the day I die. I was two years old and I have an older brother that loved nothing more then to scare me every chance he got. Everyone is scared of something. For me, it was the dark. Now, I don’t know if this is possible, or maybe it was true, but I was so afraid of the dark as a child that it had substance.
—One evening after dinner, I decided to play in my corner until it was time for my bath. A short time later my mom told me to put my toys away. While I put them back in my toy box, I could hear momma running my water. She called to me to ask if I wanted my tub toys and I told her that I did. As I finished up, I dreaded going upstairs in the hall. It was so dark. I held my breath and dashed up the stairs and into my room. I laid my pajamas out on my bed and went into my bath.
—After I was dressed, I went to my bookcase to pick a book for story time. I loved when momma would read to me. This night I choose The Three Little Pigs. She had voices for everyone…including the wolf.
—Later that night, I woke up cause I had to pee. In the meantime, I realized my night light was no longer on. I was so scared to get up. I even contemplated peeing my bed to get out of getting up and moving around in the dark. Then I thought better of it because I knew momma would spank me if I wet my bed on purpose. So I gathered all my courage, jumped out of my bed, ran out of my room and down the hall to the bathroom. I took care of my business and started to make me way back to my room. Once I turned the light off, it was pitch black. My breath quickened immediately. Once again I tried to be brave and face my fear. I have never been so scared. The hallway was really quite almost as if I was in a vacuum and all sound was gone. I began to feel along the wall to get back. About three quarters of the way, I could hear one thing. Breathing…hard, and raspy. Nothing from this world has ever sounded this way. I paused hoping to God that I was hearing things. As I got closer to it, I realized I wasn’t alone. I bumped into something warm, big, and fury. I froze in my tracks. The breathing got louder. Something took a sharp inhale of air and growled low in its throat. That broke my paralysis and I screamed at the top of my lungs…but no one came to save me in that moment. The beast grolwed again, this time baring razor sharp teeth. I screamed again and I could hear all the sounds of my house return to me. Momma came rushing from her room to see what was the matter. She turned the light on, and the beast vanished. She took me to her room to quiet me. I couldn’t have loved her more in that moment. To this day, I don’t know what that thing was. Maybe someone out there can lay this to rest and tell me what it may have been. Thanks in advance.

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There’s 3 small problems with this story
1. A lot of unnecessary information was put into this story that we didn’t want/need to know.
2. if that thing had substance, how could it just disappear?
3. I highly doubt something like that would be remembered if you were only 2 when it happened