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This is a story that isn’t really that creepy. It’s the closest thing to paranormal to happen to me. It may also be important to mention that my whole family, including me, are firm believers in The Christian faith.

My family lived in a more country setting in Central New York, and  we owned upwards of 20 acres of land.

At the time our neighbors were getting a divorce. So the ex-wife on the day of them moving out (also the day my family was celebrating my sister and I’s birthday) came to my family’s house ,and asked us if we would take her cat, and if we didn’t it would just become a stray. My dad not wanting a cat, but not wanting to disappoint his begging children on their birthday accepted the cat, and as the door closed and our neighbor left.

My dad promptly walked to the back door and threw the cat outside, and placed the food bowl by the door. His name was Chico, and he was a black cat with long, fair fur. Then there were his eyes. His most prominent feature. They were golden with black freckles in them.

My dad said he was to be an outside cat strictly. Eventually, and slowly the cat would wait outside the door, and jump in when we opened the door the slightest. Since my mother was home, and not my dad, my mom tolerated it as long as he didn’t piss or crap inside. He never did. Whenever he had to go out he would either brush your leg or meow by the door. So eventually my dad allowed him to come in whenever he wanted, and he became MY cat. I didn’t pick him. He chose me. I would wake up in the morning in my bunk bed (which is only accessible through a ladder) to Chico gently kneading my back with his two front paws. Somehow this is was/is the best massage I’ve ever had to this day. Given to me by my cat. Anyways my mom and I would point fingers at each of my family members as to who put the cat in the bed that was 6 feet off the ground, but nobody confessed. This started happening every day. My room was in the bottom floor. The cat was never introduced to this floor, and we had a gate that attempted to block him from going downstairs. Yet this cat managed to go into an area he had never been and climb a ladder to find an area he couldn’t previously see. Looking back on it this baffles me as to why he would do this unless me belief is true.

Chico and I bonded very quickly, and throughout the three years that I had him he demonstrated many  other feats of wisdom and patience that no regular cat would be able to demonstrate. My mom would say to him “Go get your boy” and he knew exactly where to go to find me. He knew what it meant, and how to get to me.

This cat would also allow me to carry him over my shoulders like a shepherd would to a sheep.

The front legs to one side of the head, and the body around the neck with the back legs dangling around the other side. He didn’t care he just tolerated. He also knew who deserved what. My brother wasn’t nice to him, and kicked him on occasion. Eventually he went to my brother’s room crawled under his queen sized bed, and sprayed pee in the most inconvenient place. Every time my brother kicked him was another time he would have to clean pee out from under his bed. Eventually my brother was nice to the cat, and wouldn’t kick him anymore.

The cat had trained a human. Last but not least this was a trick I learned very quickly. On a night when Chico was out late.

I don’t know what made me do this. Maybe i was worried and didn’t know what else to do, but I went out on our back porch and yelled at the top of my eight year old lungs to 20+ acres of forest “CHICO! Here kitty kitty kitty!”. And almost every time anywhere between 30 seconds, and seven minutes I would see a pair of golden eyes come trotting along up the steps to our back porch, and to my side was Chico. He was my cat, and I was his boy.

Eventually Chico’s eating slowed, and we found out that he had leukemia. I didn’t know what that meant I just knew he was going to die soon, and that I should be really sad. He got thinner and thinner until one day he just vanished. No sign of him ever.

This is where I have my experience. I was about eleven now, and it was about three to four months after he passed, and I was home alone doing homework for fifteen minutes while waiting for my sister in law to come and watch me.

Suddenly I felt the urge to look to my right, and I saw a small light. Somehow with dimensions. In the shape of my old cat with the brightest part of the light being its eyes (It wasn’t glowing, but it was light I don’t know how to explain it). He walked out of my parents bedroom doorway. Looked up at me, and trotted away, tightly hugging the wall as he normally did. Maybe to tell me he was okay, or maybe to check up on me.

I didn’t pursue because I was too afraid. Not afraid that he would hurt me, but I didn’t know what to do. What if he approached me? That was too much for an 11 year old boy to comprehend.

I just immediately called my sister in law, and she didn’t fully believe me over the phone,but when she saw my face she knew i wasn’t making it up.

Maybe he was a cat. More than likely I believe he was an angel sent by God to protect me in some of my childhood years. As I write this now I know a couple people are watching over me.

I can feel it. Protecting me from evils I couldn’t even comprehend. He’s up there. I know it.

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