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A while back when I was maybe 10 or 11 my mom had a fiance and he was a nurse in Santa Fe NM but we lived in Colorado. So we traveled there and stayed there many times. Usually we would go home the morning after he got off of work because it was such a long drive but this time he just wanted to get home he got off at 10 pm. My mom insisted that we get a room. She seemed a little worried about driving so late and i had a feeling she was worried about something else also. About 3 hours later my moms fiance said he was too tired and he had to rest for a few my mom kept constantly insisting that we get a room. He asked for only 20 mins my mom finally gave up. By this time i was already asleep in the backseat of our hummer.
I woke up to what almost felt like a truck running into us and my mom screaming the hummer was on its two passenger side wheels tipping back and fourth. As this is happening i was looking out the window in shock that i didn’t see a truck rammed into us but i saw nothing but darkness. While i was looking out the window the window started to roll down and i dove onto the floor on the other side or the hummer and covered myself with blankets. My mom was screaming at her fiance to drive but for some reason it would not start.
Finally everything just stopped and the hummer started even the moon seemed to come back and it was bright and i could see around us but i didn’t see nothing the dirt around us wasn’t even disturbed. My moms fiance sped off and we didn’t stop til we got to Colorado. We stopped to see what whatever is what did to my mom and my door.
Only my moms door had a dent and scratches. My grandma believes it was a Skinwalker and so do I. I have not found the place that we pulled over to rest that night.

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