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I’ve had a lot of weird experiences in middle school, but nothing matches up to this one. There were rumors all around my school that it was haunted. I believed in ghost and stuff but I never believe anything till I see it.

It was around Halloween time, which is kinda ironic but it happens. When I was younger I loved Halloween, I still do to this day but this story kinda ruined it for me. It was a Friday and everyone was so pumped for the weekend. It was 7th period math. Just a few more hours to go in the school day.

This class was a few classes after lunch, so of course I asked to go to the bathroom after the teacher was done doing his thing and he gave us our assignment.

He said yes, I took the pass and walked to the closest bathroom. I’ve had weird vibes in this bathroom before but I’ve always brushed them off as nothing. Well I was doing my thing, when I heard the door open.

Now this doesn’t bother me, like okay cool. Someone else has to pee or something.

But I didn’t hear, or see any foot steps, so I thought someone was messing with me or something. But then the sink turned on, and it was motion sensorsed so it wouldn’t turn on unless something moved in front on the sensor.

I started freaking out a bit.

I felt someone looking at me.

I started to hear little scratches on my stall, but no feet. The scratching suddenly stopped when another student came in the bathroom to check on me because I was taking so long. She could tell I was scared by something and she knew I didn’t believe any paranormal stuff was wrong with the school. She then asked “do you believe now?” I just wanted about of that bathroom. I’ve never been more terrified.

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