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I stood on the dock, listening to the chanting voices that came from the lake. They wavered and were drawn out. “Ceelok” . They rasped. Dark shapes circled the dock. They continued moaning.
And then, they stopped. The lake creatures were gone. I looked down at the dock and saw a round pale almost greenish face staring up at me. It’s pale arms rested on the dock posts.
It’s face was featureless except for the black scars that were it’s eyes. It cocked its head and watched me intently. I ran. I ran off the dock and into the forest. I squatted behind a rock and peered over at the black lake. The fog glowed in the darkness of the night.
The water rippled as the creature swam towards the shore. Silently it emerged from lake, giving me a view of it’s body. It’s frail torso and legs were covered in black reeds. Pale dirty freakishly long arms ended in webbed bony hands.
The creature was soon joined by many others exactly like it. They crept out onto the shore one by one and wandered deeper and deeper into the at moaning. “Ceelok” . I ducked behind the rock and tried to control my breathing. I heard footsteps nearing me. They were getting closer. The moaning had stopped now.
I felt a shadow upon me. They had found me.
I darted into the forest again and didn’t stop until I reached home.
A few years later I was taking a night walk along the lake. The fog was heavy on the lake, just like the day I saw the creatures. After an hour or so I noticed a dark shape floating towards me from the fog. It was a small wooden fishing boat, and was lined with claw marks. I the cake to realize that I was being watched by a white face partly submerged in the middle of the reeds.
I never went back to the lake.

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