an unforgettable encounter

When I was about 9 or 10, I lived in a three story victorian era house, the attic being the 3rd story. My bedroom door was right under the entrance to the attic. From time to time we would get bats in our house, and the ones that would be stuck in chimneys after we had sealed them for the winter just happened to be only in mine. I always felt like I was being watched in the house, no matter how many family members or friends I had around. The most unnerving rooms in the house, to me, were all on the 2nd story. My bedroom, my parents bedroom, and the upstairs bathroom. The only other room on the 2nd story was the guest room, which only held exercise supplies and a blow up mattress. I remember I would sometimes sleep in the guest room because I was too afraid to go into my own room, despite ants biting me as I slept in the guest room.

So you’re probably wondering, “Why would you be so afraid of your own room?” Well, I’ll tell you why. Within the first few days of us living in the house, I woke up in the middle of the night. My hair at the time was quite long. I slowly rolled over onto my hair, only to see a huge rat napping on it. I was terrified, and slowly pulled my hair out from under it, lightly tugging its body across my pillow. I managed to roll out of my bed and immediately sprinted to my parents room across the hall. I told my dad what I saw, so he came back to take a look. Of course, there was no rat in sight. I was relieved, disappointed, and fearful all at once. Relieved the rat was gone, disappointed my dad didn’t see it, and fearful it was hiding in my room somewhere. Luckily, I never experienced that again.

I don’t exactly remember how long I had been living in the house before this next experience, but it definitely scared me enough to never be comfortable in my own room again. I was lying on my stomach, staring into my closet, where my “night light” was. (the night light was just the closet light.) I had been staring into my closet for only a few minutes, and I was still wide awake. I blinked, and instantly everything changed around me. I was paralyzed from the shoulders down, my eyes and neck being the only moving parts of my body. Everything had begun to violently shake as if there were an earthquake, and neon lights were flashing all around me. Things fell off of shelves, my mantle, etc. Glass and porcelain knick knacks shattered to pieces as they met my wooden floors. I had almost immediately began sweating so profusely my legs and back were drenched. I was panting through my nose, since I was unable to open my mouth. I just wanted it all to stop, so I slowly began to turn my head the other way. Before I could get my face out of my pillow, I suddenly feel hands pushing the back of my head, forcing me to nearly suffocate. They eventually stop, and I manage to turn my head the rest of the way, away from all the ruckus. As I did so, the palms of the hands had moved to the middle of my spine, grinding harder and harder until the pain was nearly unbearable. My scalp and face were now soaked in sweat aswell. A feeling of someone sitting on my lower back with their legs on either side of me became apparent, and I truly started to panic. I also began to hear a little girl screaming into my ear for me to wake up. When I say screaming, I don’t mean yelling. I mean damn near banshee status screaming. I eventually began using all of my strength to move my feet. After what seemed to be hours, one of my feet finally jerks. I squeeze my eyes shut, focusing all my strength on tossing whatever was on my back off. I take in a huge breath, gritting my teeth, and finally flpping my back towards the closet I had been staring at before. A freezing cold washed over me as my covers slipped off only the slightest bit and a hard THUD rang in my ears. My bed isnt completely against the wall, but in that instant, my mattress was pushed all the way against it. As soon as I had caught my breath enough to know I was awake, I threw my duvet over my face, shaking profusely. I laid in silence for a few minutes, only being able to hear my heavy breathing. The last thing I heard before passing out was a whisper of, “I hate you!” in the same little girls’ voice.

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Little gun shop or horror

I work at a big local gun store in city and because of it being popular I’m not gonna say the stores name, my name or my coworkers names. So this story may not seem that scary to some people but to me and my coworkers is was scary as hell. Now Let me give a quick backstory on me and my coworkers because this is important to the story.
There is Matt. Matt is a older person but he is kinda a person that thinks everyone is evil till proven different kinda guy but he is a kind soul and a person you’d want to have you back in a gun fight.
There’s jimmy. Jimmy is a former United States Marine who saw two tours over in the Middle East I’m not sure if it was Afghanistan or iraq all I know is he was over there.
Then There’s John and bob. Bob was our gun safe guy and John was our shift lead that was on duty that night.
Then there was me. I recently got out of the AIT and basic training for the national guard but that honestly really doesn’t matter but it will later in the story.

So the night in question we our finished closing the store and finishing our out work stuff so we could get the hell out of there. Believe it or not there’s not much to do in a gun store but anyway but with what is there it’s kinda busy. I was done with my stuff but I decided to wait for John to finish counting the drawers Down for the night and Matt to finish cleaning the bathrooms. Jimmy and bob walk in and jimmy asks John to leave and he says “yeah go ahead. I’m not gonna be long anyway” he says ok see ya guys later and walks out the door. me and bob start talking and then all of sudden the alarm goes off and bob runs outside and me and John run over to the alarm system. it’s the classroom! Now our classroom is across the lot in a different building so me and John walk really fast outside leaving Matt inside alone all buy himself but then we are stopped by jimmy and bob John says it’s the class room.

Taken a look at the classroom across the lot we see the door open but not much. johns says I’m calling the cops and then I hear I’m checking it out and next thing I see is jimmy walking to the door with his gun drawn with bob close behind Him. Knowing full well what jimmy was doing and knowing bob didn’t have a gun I decided to fallow just Incase something goes down because two is better than one. This is where Jimmys and my CQB training kicks in from the military.

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The Not Supposed To Be Living Lady

My dad has been working in the medical field for about 30years now, in fact, it’s where he met my mom, teaching her in a medical class.

However, he is younger than her because he was a medical protegee, so he graduated ahead of most his age. Not only that but he was also a paramedic for a majority of this time also. Now that you know the basics, we can get to the story. My dad was working one of his shifts with his coworker. We’ll call him Bill. My dad and bill had suddenly gotten an emergency call about an elderly lady who was having what seemed like a heart attack.

They got in their ambulance and rushed over, mind you, it’s around 4:00 in the morning.

They get there and see the squad car they, were the first responder. The officer was doing chest palpitations and looked terrified, my dad found out later that the guy was new and unsure what to do.

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A call from the forest

I was around eight or nine when this happened and had a very big mind about the paranormal except a word that I know today.

I was playing on the edge of the forest with a few of my friends when out of nowhere a voice came from the woods, it sounded just like my mother.

The voice only repeated itself once and I can assure you I remained at the edge, I walked the area around to see if anything was there, Nothing was in sight.

I walked up into the breezeway where I yelled up to my mother shortly afterwards and asked her if she called for me, The answer she gave me made me want to run up the steps, her answer was NO.

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It was here

It was her.
I am a call Firefight/EMT for a small New England town, I won’t give away where I live. As, I have never told this story to any of the other firefighter. On the night of December 12th, 2016, my tone went off and the dispatcher over the radio reported a one car MVA with entrapment. The officer on scene stated he could not get to the vehicle as it had gone off the road down a 20foot embankment. From the sound of it, I knew this was going to be bad, possible a fatality. I arrived at the station and hoped onto the engine and we made our way to the small road, a very secluded one at that. These types of roads are easy to work on because you don’t have much traffic, and it’s easy to close off. We worked quickly to set up the tower light, the car appeared to have swerved off the road and drove right into the steep embankment.
I could see that the car was in extremely bad shape. I was figuring a way to get down, I noticed a young girl standing about 10 feet away from me crying, I walked over to her and asked if she had seen what happened, she was a young looking girl, blond, wearing a blue tank top, black jeans with brown uggs (This is all important to the story) she didn’t respond she just sobbed and shook her head, she kept saying, how, how. I asked her again, did you see what happened do you know the person in the car? She just looked down at the car saying (How, how am I here?) I was thinking she was in shock, so I walked to the ambulance and grabbed a blanket, I walked over to her, and wrapped it around her, she didn’t move, she just kept saying (How, I am standing here, I’m here) when people are in shock, this is generally how they would act, I looked at her, and told her, everything is okay, you are okay, just stay her, she looked up at me, smiled and said (Thank you) this was the first time she actually responded to me. Before heading down the slope, I walked over to one of the officers and said, (keep an eye on her, she may be in shock) the officer looked at me and just said “huh?” I didn’t give him time to respond, as we made our way down, the car was in a massive amount of damage, as the other firefighters started to use the jaws to cut off the roof, I stayed in the back of the vehicle with the spine board ready to move it over to extract the victim, I heard one of the firefighter yell, victim is no response, heavy trauma, victim has passed, he said this a little harsher, but she was instantly declared due to massive head injury and the state of the body (I won’t get into the gory details) As we waited for state police to arrive, I made my way back up, to inform the IC (Incident commander) that the victim is deceased and we would now need to remove the body. When something of the nature, we have for the corners officer, and state police. After 3hrs of investigation and determine the cause of the accident we had the green light to remove the body. We made our way back down and began extraction, I awaited again the spine board. As the other firefighter removed the body, my stomach sank, it was her, the girl I had seen at the top of the hill, blue tank top, black jeans, brown uggs. As we made our way up the slope, my mind was racing, as soon as we got to the top, I look around for her, I walked up to the officer that I had spoken to earlier, and asked, “Where did that girl go!?” He looked at me again puzzled “What girl, I never saw girl” “You okay?” I just walked away, confused, and really upset. For months my head couldn’t wrap around the thought of seeing a ghost, I just couldn’t imagine what I had seen. I have finally come to terms with this, although I never told anyone about it until now I am just happy I made the girls last moments warmer, and at least I got her to smile.

a drak new friend

Around this time I think I was about 7 but I can remember this like it was yesterday. I also had a sister she about 8 years old.

One school night me and my sister couldn’t fall asleep. But this happens most nights. My sister came over to my bed. She ask if i was in the mood to get something to eat. Of course i said yes but sometimes i wish i didn’t.

We tie toe toward that kitchen. The lights were out and i couldn’t see anything. Well not anything. I looked forward to see..see this black thing. It looked unhamun. I looked back at my sister to see her running towards the bed room. But..but i didn’t wanna to move. Well it was more than that. It felt like i couldn’t move.

Then my sister grad me out of the room and in to the bedroom. She lock the door. She looked scared as hell. But sometimes i wish she didn’t grad just to see what it could have been. It looked un real. Trust me its wasn’t a person.

The Coven, The Demon, & The Idiot

Ok so lets start off by stating the obvious as the title says there is an idiot involved well I’m the idiot. Back in high school I was hanging out with this group of friends I had made. I had the hots for this girl and she was dating the head of the group. You know typical high school shit. Well they where in to witchcraft and I being the noob in the group didn’t know they first thing about this stuff. So the head of the group tells me he can teach me and that i have decent potential thanks to my aura. (for those who don’t know that’s the energy field made by all things) He tells me that my aura is different then most. Where most people either have a defensive or offensive aura mine is a combination of the two. Well this was the first time I had been told I was different then normal so I was sucked in. Several weeks later after I had been with the group for a while and we all thought it was a good idea to go out to “train” me a little in energy manipulation. We all went to this small patch of woods near a lay line that runs threw my home town and I was supposed to try taping into it and make and energy orb in my hand. I sat there trying to meditate and open my self to the energy of the lay line and all that happened was I felt stupid. I know how it sounds the group was probably making fun of me while I was siting there looking like a moron again I am the IDIOT mentioned above. Well its been what felt like hours to me and all I could feel from the energy around me was cold I decided to get up and ask what I’m doing wrong. The group is now all looking at the park across the river and I walked over they were all quiet and I couldn’t tell why but then I seen him. Standing on the bridge that spans across the river was a man. He was roughly six and a half feet tall I was only six foot tall at the time and being a high school kid with more testosterone then commonsense I spoke up first. I asked the guy who he was and what he was doing out here it was about 2am at the time. He stepped into the light of the full moon and leared at me. His response to my question was simple and and direct. “I’m not here for you now I want them” he was pointing at two of the group members from before I was part of the group and they looked petrified. I had no idea why this guy was in a pin striped suit and looked like a punk but I did get an eerie feeling. Well simple math time one six foot two hundred pound testosterone fulled high school kid plus girl he wishes to impress equals bad idea central. So I step up and tell the guy he’d have to go threw me first. Then he makes a statement I didn’t buy at the time but after this yeah I don’t think he was joking. he looks me dead in the eyes and with a glare that would kill you dead on the spot if looks could he said to the group “”I am Belial and they are owed to me.” Well after that I’m thinking this guy is just some asshole making fun of us and I actually laughed at him. Well needless to say he didn’t like that so I ended up with a fist to the chest and believe you me that was the least shocking thing to happen just then. As he hit me I seen a blast of black and metal gold flame exploded around his fist as he made contact with me. I ended up with a nasty bruise and a mind numbing headache. He ended up with what looked like his hand had been shoved in a fire. Flesh charged to black flakes and bones showing across the surface of his fist where he made contact. I stood up now fully aware I just had my ass handed to me but to pissed to care. when i went to make a move the head of the group stopped me and that’s when I noticed the man was GONE. like he was never there the only thing left the smell of burnt meat and sulfur. Shortly after that we stopped getting together and those to he had indicated left town with in that week. Moral here is that you never know who your friends are till you meet there demons.

The Scream that saved

I’ve been wanting to tell this story for a while now. I go to college in Oklahoma City and learned an aquaintece of mine needed a place to stay. Apparently the shabby place he was living in had been condemned and I knew his parents had died in a car crash a few months prior. He was a really nice guy and I cleared it with my parents, who I still lived with. He really appreciated the offer but initially declined. We were both 22 at the time, but he said he had a little sister who lived with him who was 10 years younger. I again cleared it with my parents and then the guy was happy to move in.

I want to make it clear that I don’t mean this in any sort of incestuous way, but the guy was completely devoted to his sister. He even joked about it, saying that whatever she wanted she got, but she was far from spoiled and never really asked for anything. She always offered to help out around the house and if she asked for something it was stuff like for one of us to drive her and her friends to the mall or to watch cartoons on my friends laptop.

One night we had a family dinner, which ended in a game of cards, which the little sister didn’t know how to play, so she asked to watch cartoons in the living room and fell asleep on the couch. As soon as my friend noticed he popped up and covered her with a blanket. We all chuckled at his attendance to her. Now, at this point he and I had had quite a few beers and were a bit tipsy. He laughed and nodded as he sat back down and then said something that startled us.

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My non creepy glitch

I had glitch today. It was small and quick and when it happened I just thought to myself “wow, there’s been a change in the matrix”.

I don’t have a car, so I walk everywhere. I was walking along a short stretch of the main road and I noticed a very distinct car. I noticed it because it was on tall but thin fancy wheels. The kind that are just for showing off. And the rims were golden in colour at the edges. And the car’s paint was a noticeable, not mass produced, emerald green with gold highlights. A very eye catching car.

It drove past me headed in the same direction as me just before a small, but wide, bridge. The way they were going none of the stores had drives to loop back behind me. There’s a way to drive a circle but it’s a very long walk or a drive that’s at least going to take 7-10 minutes, but you’d have to turn right at the nearest street, and I watched the fancy car go straight.

The bridge that I first saw the car at was only about 50-60 feet long maybe less I’m a terrible judge of distance. Amongst all the many many cars that drove past me (this is a very busy road), the green and gold car stood out because it was my high school colours. By the time I finished crossing g the bridge, around 30 cars had sped past me when suddenly, coming from the same direction as it had before, was the car. Going the same way and going straight once more at the nearest cross street.

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