Spirit on a Snowy Night

I’m a 12 year old girl living in the Midwest Region of the U.S. This story happened in December 2016, when I was around 10 years old. I was visiting my dad for the weekend in a large town about three hours away from where I live. This took place during a snow storm on a Friday night.

The night started off pretty normal. We got to town around 8 O’Clock and ordered some pizzas and rented a couple of movies. When we got to my dad’s apartment, we put in one of the movies we had rented and sat down to eat some pizza. My younger siblings Ashlyn and Fenix were sitting at the kitchen table and my dad, his girlfriend, and I were sitting on the couch in the living room and everything was fine.

Fast forward to around midnight. My younger siblings were both in bed along with my dad’s girlfriend Lauren, and my dad and I were in the living room. I was playing Call of Duty or something like that and he was on his phone texting his friends. Lauren’s cat, Speed, was sleeping on my lap when all of a sudden, his head shot up and stared at the bathroom door across the room, which was open. My dad noticed that I was staring at the door and he asked me what was wrong.

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My first paranormal encounter

My first paranormal encounter was when I was 10. I want to be clear I’ve never seen a spirit or ghost whatever you wanna say. This occurrence is strictly something that I cannot explain. I was 10 years old and my family went to stay with my uncle before Christmas. My uncles wife had passed away and so my family all gathered at his house. Plus my uncles house was the biggest for holidays.

My uncles house was old and in the middle of the country. The house was heated by wood burning stove. So when we were there in the winter the living room was where everyone slept.

One night my brothers and cousins all went to the dining room which was next to the living room so we could watch a movie. The adults set that up so they didn’t have to watch the kids movies with us. We were all watching a movie Ace Ventura or something like that. We were all laying on the ground and I just happened to fall asleep.

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What happened to us?

This happened just last week so I’m still pretty shaken up. I’m getting nervous just typing about it. A bit of background. I’m from Tennessee, where you see rednecks driving around in their underwear. I hadn’t been on a long trip in a while. So me and my best friend Joseph decided to go on a road trip. We agreed to travel to Iowa and spend a week at any hotel we could find. We had no idea what was going to happen to us.

I’ll skip the 6 hour drive part. That’s a whole other story in itself. Anyway, we arrived in Iowa at around 5 pm in the afternoon. I won’t say what town and such. We were exhausted and just wanted to sleep. For whatever reason every hotel we looked at was either way too expensive, or just booked. We even tried some motels, of course that didn’t work either. We we’re considering camping out at some parking lot. “There’s one more hotel we haven’t tried.” Joseph said while looking at his phone. I won’t be saying the hotel’s name either. Anyway, back to the story. I was too tired to think and started driving to the address. When we arrived I noticed that there were tons of cars filling the parking lot. We almost didn’t find anywhere to park. I looked around and noticed all the cars were old, like really old. They looked like cars you would see driving around in the 80’s or 90’s. “It’s gonna be walking dead in here” Joseph said with a laugh. I laughed with him then started getting luggage out while he went to get a room. He came back and said “We’re lucky, there’s only one room available.”. We then grabbed our bags and headed in.

As soon as I entered, I smelled smoke. Not like someone was grilling something, but like something was burning. I just brushed it off as this place being old. Then I noticed the lady at the desk, really I noticed what she was wearing. Her dress, her hair, her bright red lipstick. It was all so old fashioned. I leaned in to Joseph and whispered “She could play in the Andy Griffith show”. Now that I think of it, the entire place seemed very…old. We made it to our rooms and dropped our bags and collapsed on to our beds.

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The Old Lady In The Swedish Cabin

I´m a 21 year old girl from Norway, this happened to me when I was around 13-14 years old.

Me, my mom, my sister and her two daughters went on a road trip to Sweden one summer, we rented a cabin for 2 nights before driving back home. The journey went well and after 13 hours we finally arrived to the resort where the cabin was located.
We got the keys for a small wood cabin with 4 beds and a small bathroom. The beds in the cabin was full of doghair, and since both me and my sister are allergic, we had to get a new cabin.
We got the keys to a big red house on the middle of the resort. 1 bathroom, kitchen, living room and 2 bedrooms. It was beautiful and I looked forward to stay there for the 2 days and spend time with my family.
Me and my mom got the bedroom on the second floor and my sister and her daughters had the room right below us. This is important for the story to know.
We went out for shopping and came back with food for a big BBQ, candy and food for breakfast the next day.

It started to get dark outside, so we decided to have the BBQ before it got too dark. My mom and my sister made the food and the kids included me played some games on the lawn while we waited for the food. I got a feeling that I was being watched from the window upstairs. I kept looking up, but I didn’t see anything. My sister eventually joined the game, but every time I looked at her, she was watching the same window as me. I said it was cold outside and I wanted to eat in the kitchen because I was too scared to look up to the window again.

We sat in the kitchen around a table playing cards and listening to music. The girls was dancing around and we had a really good time. I got the feeling that I was being watched again and had to look up the staircase that u could see from the kitchen. It was dark upstairs, so I could not see anything, but I was sure something was up there looking back down at us. My mom commented that she felt something or someone was watching her and I told her I was feeling the same. We all got creeped out and we decided to go to bed.

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Wicked Warning

I was trucking down in the states with my ex. We had traveled cost to cost and had many weird experiences. This is just happened to be one of the more paranormal, instead of just freaky experiences.

New Orleans the beginning of August 2005.

After many attempts, we had finally made it to New Orleans, the home of Voodoo and Mardi Gras. Ever since my brother told me about the grave yards, the Voodoo shops and the other strange things I wanted to go see them. Call it a morbid curiosity or just simply fascination with the macabre. Either way I wanted to go. I heard the mausoleums and headstones are beautiful and the local Lore had me interested. I had just gotten a new 35mm camera I had taken a few photography classes in high school so I wanted to capture the area in the best way I knew how. I know, 35mm was old school even back in 2005, but something about not knowing if shot came out and not having instant gratification made me feel like I was some sort of a real artist.

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The time me and my godsister saw a ghost

I was 10 years old when this happened me and some people from my church of on our annual retreat which we do one Columbus day weekend and it was the year of 2015. So I think it was Saturday night and we was in church service and in the middle of it my mom ask my godsister to go get her purse of of the rooms that we sleep in and me being the following loving 10 year old I was I wanted to go with her.

The place that my church goes to I was always afraid of when it gets dark and this made it worse. As we got up the stairs to go to the rooms there is a screen window with a push bar metal door at the top and you have to pass it to get there. Half way up the stairs I look up and the door and for a quick second I saw the form of a mans face but it looked taxidermied. Ever since I was like 3 up to now me being 13 I have a very vivid imagination so when my godsister saw it too I was really freaked out.

There was another way to go to the rooms and I wanted to go that way but she tried to temp me to go past the door. As we was almost at the room door me and her heard heavy footsteps and something coming towards us and we both screamed but we realized it was just a boy skipping down the hallway.

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My daughter can see things

My daughter, Grace, is 5 years old. She’s incredibly smart to the point she’s reading, writing and communicating well above her age. She has always been like this. She was my first child and I was no longer with her father by the time she turned 1. We had been on an off since I found out I was expecting, we had broken up at 7 months pregnant and got back together when she was 5 months old. Grace and I lived with her Grandpa, my father, in my Nan’s old house. She had passed away a few years previous, and we always joked that she was still wandering around house, it was almost like a daily routine that at 9am and 4 pm every day there were noises from upstairs of her bedroom door opening and footsteps to and from the bathroom, ending with the eventual closure of her bedroom (now my fathers bedroom) door. My bedroom is opposite his and I could never have the door open in the evening or at night. There was always a growing sense of someone, or something on the landing, watching all the time. But I’ll dedicate another post to that at another time.

I never really thought about it much until I was showing Grace the photos on the fireplace when she was about 7 months old. I showed her a picture of my family and was teaching her people’s names. I showed her a photo of my Father when he graduated the Police Academy, he was standing next to my Nan so I said her name and tried to get Grace to point to where she was in the photo, like she had with the multiple other photos. She looked at me and pointed behind me, to the cupboard under the stairs and said, clear as day, “Nanny.” Seems a bit unimportant, until I tell you that that cupboard is completely empty. Except for my Nan’s Urn. I froze. The temperature dropped and I couldn’t bring myself to turn round and look. I heard what sounded like the door handle squeak and the door creak as it someone were trying to open it. It stopped after about 10 seconds and I immediately heard the footsteps upstairs. We were home alone, my Father works 12 hour shifts in London and his house was in a village about 45 minute train journey away. He wouldn’t have been home for hours. After a few minutes things seemed to go back to normal, I locked us in my bedroom all the same. I never joked lightly about my Nan’s ‘daily routine’ again. I moved out a few weeks later, and my dad sold the house not long after. We don’t spend enough time at his new house to experience anything. I don’t know who she saw, but I know it wasn’t the last time she would see someone who wasn’t physically there.

A Night At Central High School

A coworker told me this unforgettable story about his time in high school. I’m now writing from his perspective. All names have been changed.

Central High School in Springfield, Missouri is haunted. I know what you’re thinking, every kid says their school is haunted. But my story is different. I saw it. Central was actually the first high school in Springfield, and the original brick building with its tower still stands, but has now expanded with many new wings.

We’d all heard the stories about the steam tunnels that connected the buildings and the supposed hangings, but far more compelling was the story of the deadly principal who would whip troublesome students to death. That would’ve happened long ago when Springfield was a small town and not the queen city of the Ozarks. We had heard the rumors, the stories that were likely exaggerated, but being high schoolers, we knew we had to do one thing: be at the school late at night.

I was the one who came up with the idea that we needed to join the drama class. They were preparing a performance of South Pacific, and as I explained to my group of friends, the way to get in would be to join the class as stagehands, stay to clean after the performance, and then just stay. And that was what we did. Well, only a couple of us actually got on the crew, but after everyone else had left, letting them in was simple.

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The thing that watched me at night

I have never told this to anyone except a few friends. Before I start telling the story I just want to say that i was six at the time and my room had the attic door in it so yeah. So one night after I moved in to my new house with my family I woke up to go to the restroom but when I looked towards the foot of my bed I saw something standing there just staring at me not moving. The thing was around seven to eight feet tall it had red eyes, it looked like it was standing all the way up but it’s head was bent over because its neck was too close to the ceiling, it was very slender and tall. A week has pasted now and that thing would still watch me and I couldn’t sleep at all for that week.

A few years have pasted and I’m now in the basement of my house and some of the ceiling tiles are out and I have to wake up to go to the restroom which their was a toilet in the basement. So I got out of bed to go to the toilet, but I had to go through two different rooms just to get to the toilet which was like a very thin wall between it and my room and once I got there I turned on the light and that is when i saw it the tall slender thing it was very pale and it was trying to get into the ceiling where there were no tiles. As soon as I turned in the lights it froze then it turned around to face me. It’s face was horrifying and i don’t know how to describe it. It wore nothing because it had nothing to cover up. when it saw me it pointed strait at me like it wanted to communicate or it wanted me or something . After I saw it I ran up stairs to get something to eat and I sat down to watch some T.V. because i didn’t want to be in that room with the thing trying to get in to it. But that was the last time i saw the thing.

Shadow Person(s)

Hi. My name is Tyler, and I believe that I have been being stalked by one or more shadow people. It started about a year ago, school had just strated, and my teachers all seemed great. That afternoon, when I got home from school, my life continued as usual, but that night, when I turned off the light, I ran and jumped onto my bed, as I am a paranoid person. I didn’t believe in monsters specifically, but I had an inTeresa in the paranormal.

Anyway, I sleep on my left side, facing the wall, because once again, I am a paranoid person. My room at night is nearly pitch black, but I felt like someone was watching me. That morning, I didn’t think much of it. The day continued as usual.

That night, when I turned off my light, I felt a presence, the same one as the night before, but it felt close.

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