Twitter Stalker

By Ccs1114

So here’s my scary Twitter story; first of all I am a female and I’m roughly 5 feet 3 inches tall. I’m not anyone famous and I don’t really have a social media following. The only reason I even have a Twitter account is really more to follow celebrities and TV shows that I like. I have very few friends on there and they are mostly a couple family members, a couple people from school, and some random followers here in there. Anytime I get a new follower I check them out, and if they look like spam I block them.

This story happened a little over a year ago and I should also say that I am married and have a child so I’m not looking for any type of relationship. Maybe not relevant but anyway onto the story. One afternoon when my son was at school I was on my phone browsing through Twitter Facebook and Instagram. I was on break from school myself, as I am a full time college student, so I was a little bored and didn’t really know what to do with myself as I had already cleaned and had dinner cooking in the crockpot. Read more “Twitter Stalker”

Tweet Tweet Little Bird

By Winter Nightmare

I should’ve never created that twitteraccount. Damn peer pressure, curse my insolent teenage desires wanting to fit in. I’m sorry, you must be confused. For now call me Tori, everyone does. I’m 17 and well, this happened to me 5 weeks ago and it has just stopped. But no matter what I do, I can’t bring myself to look at my phone or answer a text without screaming.

Before last week, I had a somewhat exceptable normal life and was blissfully unaware of how important it was to have a twitter as a teenager. All my friends had one and after them pursuading me into signing up for one, I did. Immediately all my friends started to follow me and I was happy. For the first two days of having this account it was pretty quiet, then HE started to follow me. I have no clue how he got it or how he knows me but he wouldn’t leave me alone! I finally started going back to school, though I still fear he’ll come back and hurt me. Read more “Tweet Tweet Little Bird”

Followed to School

By ZacSwagz

I am a 13 year old male who currently lives in England, London. This story happened a few days ago so is currently quite fresh. It was getting darker through out the days and my journey to school consists of a 30 minute bus ride and a 10 minute walk. I normally walk with friends to school but today I was only with 1 friend, lets call him Kyle. Our walk to school also consists of an alley way which after 10 minutes leads into a small wood area with a path.

Its kind of strange to have it considering the moment your out of it its just houses and a big school but it never bothered me until this day. All of my other friends wanted to go the store across from the start of the alley so it was just myself and Kyle. So we started out journey. Read more “Followed to School”

Jack in the Box Horror

By Oliviyah Rae

My sister and I went to jack n a box during the summer of 2016. We got our stuff and sat the table closest the window. I hate being in that neighborhood alone like that……

My sister said that this weird looking homeless guy was staring at her. I forgot to buy my mom something to bring back home. The next thing that happened completely terrified me. Another guy ran out of there with his little girl, I thought that she was still in school because she looked like she was like 5 or 6. Read more “Jack in the Box Horror”

Burger King Almost Robbed

By Clannad

I live 5 minutes away from two Burger Kings. When I worked cleaning cars on my own, I would walk on over to the larger one because they had a better card reader. I can’t tell you how many times I couldn’t pay for my food because the other Burger Kings card reader wouldn’t accept my debit card. so, just to be sure, I always went to the one I dubbed the good burger king.

Anyway, I walked over at the end of my short workday, enjoying some podcasts through my head phones. Read more “Burger King Almost Robbed”

Stranger at the Door

By Pippa Scott

I’m a 21-year-old female who recently moved out of my parents house, not by choice. But it worked out fine because I now live at my childhood home that my parents still own. Anyway my name is Pippa.

So I’m at home in my living room minding my own, when my dogs (Brutus – white Boxer and Caesar – Tan Pitbull)started barking and lunging at the front door. I’m watching the Exorcist TV show so I’m already a little jumpy. Anyway my dogs are lunging and growling at the door. I yell at them to shut up, but I realize that they usually do not act this way. I wait to see if someone knocks. Nothing happens, So I open the window and look out. Oh and I should tell you it was around 9:30 at night. Read more “Stranger at the Door”

Visiting Stalker


Going to see my family every summer is fun. Traveling 3 days by car getting there. WE had 3 weeks ahead of us to spend in Nebraska, and we are from Pennsylvania. I was really excited when my Aunt asked us to stay with her. I mean, she was awesome.So we already were 4 days into our vacation, and I wanted to stay up late one night. I get on my laptop and skype my friend, Brodie.

We talked for about 2 hours until my Aunt’s dog starts barking upstairs. I grab the dog and tell it to shut up. Remember what I said for later in this true story, which is so horrifying. It starts barking again, but this time my sister comes in the door. I feel a little bit relieved now that she came in, but she went right to bed. Read more “Visiting Stalker”

Disneyland Creep

By Diamond Darling

When i went to disneyland with my dad and sister we where all happy to cause weve been planning this for a while now. So we entered disney blah blah blah and we went in line to the Hollywood Tower Of Terror.

Behind us was this tall blonde guy with his kids (you’ll understand this later in the story).When we got on the ride and he sat in the row next to us.The man looked like a really nice responsible man and he looked very very mature.

After the ride finished we went on again because the ride was closing down but then i saw the dude WITHOUT the kids but i thought he couinsidently wanted to go again for the same reason.So we got on the ride and the guy sat NEXT TO ME AGAIN!!

Read more “Disneyland Creep”

Creepy Stalker at the Bus Station

By Suzana18

A little background for me: I am a 18 year old female college freshman in Culver City. This happened about 3 months ago during Summer.

I remember it was about a Wednesday afternoon, and it was around Summer time. I had finished high school, and it was time for me to relax. I live in a neighborhood, where there are a lot of drug dealers and gang related activity, so it was pretty rough. It was around the daytime, and I was just getting ready to walk to the pool from the park, about a couple of blocks away from my home. Read more “Creepy Stalker at the Bus Station”

A Hyena’s True Catfish Story

By JenniYena

So, I’ve been slowly trying to ween my way back in to the online dating thing slowly, but this one incident I had about two or three years ago when I was eighteen, really makes me have more than a few second thoughts about whether or not I do want to continue to dip my toes in. It all started on a small sight called “My Teen Network”. I was a bi; now asexual hyenidae at the time and had spent quite a good while searching for other females in my immediate area or at least within a few miles or so to maybe hook up after a few words here and there via the usual mouse and keyboard. I was always the shy and more distant type so, normally I never message anyone until they just so happen to decide to do so first and all themselves.

After about a solid week or so of being on the sight; with little to no luck, I got a message from this one girl (whose exact username escapes me at the moment), but at least had something to do with one of top favorite fellow animal species in the world and my main reincarnation choice of, the gray wolf. She started off with the usual “Hello” and introductory greeting in the little chat box window, and from then on; all through that night, I truly thought the cliche seeds of love did indeed begin to blossom beautifully in that breezy summer sun. About a few weeks, and then months into our relationship, she would at often times act rather strangely within a few private chats or so off the site on Google. Read more “A Hyena’s True Catfish Story”