Deep Web Pedophile

My after-school life was, to put it simply, boring. As soon as I got my first laptop when I was 13, my life got a whole lot brighter. To fill the blank span of time from when I got home from school to when I went to bed, I began exploring all corners of gaming and the internet with the help of my older brother. He showed me all the basic forms of entertainment, and I got started. After a while online, however, I began hearing of something known to many as the deep web.

After hours of failed attempts on top of failed attempts to access this forbidden place, I once more sought the help of my older brother, Oscar. He may have not been the brightest, but he was smart enough not to let his 13-year-old sister on to the deep web alone. My persistent begging finally got to him, and he decided to let me mess around on it a little. The only condition was that it would be on his computer, and he’d be supervising me at all times. So, he set me up. Opened up all the right browsers and let me go wild. I browsed Silk Road for a while, looked at some guns, then I stumbled upon a chat room. Hyped with all the possibilities of pranks in mind, I clicked the link. Many of the chats were harmless fun, then, after one more stranger left, tired of my antics, I met Charlie. The following conversation ensued.

“hey 🙂 who am i talking to?”, the new message popped up. Quickly, I respond with my usual, “female, 13. who are you, may i ask?” After a minute or two of more probing, I finally got out that he was a male and he was in his 40’s. I tried to talk my usual prank gibberish, but he reacted differently than everyone else. Instead of leaving, he turned the conversation. “well, what are you on a place like this for?” At this, my brother took over the conversation for me, saying gibberish as I had been doing, but, being a teenager, he couldn’t resist making it sexual gibberish. “that sounds amazing! i’m impressed that you aren’t weirded out by older men, but i’m sure if i showed you what i want you to do to me, you’d be creeped out.” Feeling uncomfortable with the situation, I let my brother take over the conversation completely from here. “no, i can handle it ;)”, My brother laughed as he sent the message. A minute or two later, a file appeared in the chat. I looked at Oscar, hesitation clear in his face and mine, but he clicked on it anyway.

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My Darkweb Experience

Okay, So I’m a 15 y/o girl living in Tampa FL, and I have some weird hobbies, One of them being the exploration of the Deep Web or Dark Web. So I was looking around on a bunch of websites, and I put them into catigories. 1: SCARIEST, 2: CREEPY, 3: DEATH, 4: SCARRED. Lets go back about a month ago.

So I’m in my room on reddit and I see a sub-reddit, title being “INSTRUCTIONS TO DARKWEB” and I start reading. I download whatever is needed (I will not say what as it can possibly give you instructions) including saftey softwares. About an hour later I’m on a site called “” and I’m scrolling. So its basically a bunch of weirdos doing experiments on kids like covering them in some sort of liquid and burning them half to death.

My parents weren’t home during this time so I invited my boyfriend over, (someone whom enjoys doing the same as me) and we start watching more videos. So my parents were both out until about [12:00] the next day so we asked if he could sleep over. Fast foward about 2 hours later and I’m literally about to puke as one of the experiments was on a 3 y/o girl being put into a test tube of some sort of acid and you can see her skin MELTING OFF.

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Locked out of the bathroom

To get you started on my story I need to explain a few things. For starters my roommate and I live in a small farmhouse and we also have no curtains on any of our windows. We’ve only been living together for about one month and we’ve never had an experience like this before.

It was late one night when Dan and I were coming home from work, we were both really tired and we just wanted to take showers before going to bed.

I decided to go first because I knew he’d want to take one right before sleep so he was preparing his clothes for in the morning. I went to the bathroom door and tried to open it, but it was locked. Now our bathroom can only be locked from inside the bathroom and it doesn’t have a key hole from the outside.

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The Man Under The LamppostNarrated! 

When I was 13 years old, on the cusp of turning 14, I was home alone for the night. It was January of 2010 in rural Northwest Indiana. My mom was turning 40 and my dad took her to Chicago for the night to celebrate with a few friends while my brothers stayed at our grandparents house. I opted to stay home because I was at that age that I wanted to prove that I was responsible enough to care for myself. My parents grudgingly said yes but only so that I could take care of our two dogs, Luke and Charlotte, for the night.

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October Creeper

This happened several years ago. My best friend, Will, and I were working on a souvenir booth with my aunt at the local haunted house, which opened every Friday and Saturday night in October, plus Halloween.

At the time, Will wasn’t old enough to be an actor in the actual haunt. I’m a couple years older than him, but I decided to work the souvenir booth with him so he’d have someone besides my aunt to talk to.

Anyway, it was really cold one night, and I wanted to get some hot chocolate.

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Pre-Slumber party horror

It was Halloween week. I was about 8 years old when this happened. Ill start by describing my neighborhood, I lived in the middle of a dead end road, two houses away from a set of rail road tracks.

My best friend lived across the street and one house closer to the tracks. We will call her Lara for anonymity sake. My street being a dead end road the only people who came down it were those of us who lived here (mostly older people) the mail man and the few visitors we would have.

It was the first night ever I was going to have a friend spend the night that wasn’t a cousin or any of my moms friends kids. As you could guess I was incredibly excited, I stayed at her house a few times before but had never had her over before for the night. Lara lived with her grandparents and off and on her mother would live there as well. I wanted her to cone as early as I was allowed that way we could play longer but I had daily chores that needed to be done.

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The Costume Ball Creeper

A little background before I start. I am a young female who just recently turned 21. This experience happened to me last year.

I was invited to a Halloween Costume Ball at a high-class venue. My friends and I all dressed up as angels. We got to the venue at about Quarter to Eight. As we were walking in, we noticed a rather beat-up black pickup truck pull into the parking lot. My friends and I shrugged it off.

After all maybe the person was laying up his costume.

Over the next hour, I danced and had some food with my friends. The whole time I noticed a creepy looking man staring at me. I thought to myself: “why is that old guy staring at me?” Then I left to go to the restroom. The room was completely deserted. Usually the bathrooms are packed with potheads and alcoholics. I immediately got a bad feeling. I hurried up into the stall to do my business.

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The Weird Voicemail

So today after school I was in my mom’s car and my friend was there too. My mom went to stop somewhere and I was just bored so I decided to look at my voicemails. I saw one from California and decided to listen, what I heard was really odd. It was this siri generated voice that was of a woman. She said that there was an investigation and I have a law suit and that I must call her back or they will proceed forward. The voice kept on cutting out and echoing to the point it sounded demonic. After I heard it me and my friend were surprised and thought the worst. But after we got that off our minds we went to get food and the weirdest thing happened. I tried to listen to the voicemail again but it was a different person, it was a male talking about something. I remember seeing this voicemail from this guy before but kept it because I didn’t have time to hear it. And then later when I we dropped my friend off I listened again and I noticed it changed from saying in California to Unknown. I was very freaked out about this and my mom brought to my attention that they were saying something about arresting someone. So I believe whoever owned my phone before me did something that will get themselves arrested. Yes this all makes sense expect for the fact that, how is the voicemail able to change. If any of you know please tell me so I can have a peace of mind.

The Tim Hortons incident

It all started when we were going to Tim Hortons with Brad we were done swimming at a public pool and we decided to use our money at Tim Hortons us Melis and Al went to Tim Hortons after swimming and were tired when we were there we bought some food and we saw this woman she was shouting at people and we Al tried to ask her why she was doing that and she Shouted at him and she started to bite Melis’ arms like some sort of zombie and was throwing chairs at us Brad and Daw were terrified she kept biting Melis’ arms Brad covered his eyes while the woman kept going Psycho and we eventually left the Tim Hortons and Brad and Daw will never go to that Tim Hortons ever again

Publix Horror

So a little about myself… I love to do my shopping at Publix Walmart and Target. It was a night in the winter I drove to a Publix near my house to get some things. I went to the dairy aisle to get milk and then to the produce side as i was getting some oranges i noticed a man near the lettuce staring at me at first i pretended not to notice and walked towards the bakery as I was getting a cake slice and saw the same man but this time walking past the bakery. I rushed to the checkouts paid for the items then out the doors and in my car and locked the doors. I started the car and looked at the building then as i stared at the window the lights inside went off. I drove home and noticed a truck following me, I made a wrong turn trying to lose them but it kept following me so i drove home grabbed the items pressed my car alarm, went into the house and locked the door. Then i put the milk in the fridge then ran up the stairs i looked out the window to see out in the driveway. When i looked through the window my stomach sanked, the man was out there carrying a machete He went to the door then around the house, I called 911 and they came and arrest him I never been back to that Publix ever since. To those of you out and about in public watch your back you never know if someone is following or about to kidnap you and do god knows what.