my brother was scammed

This happened to my older brother, and a few other people that he knew.

My brother is a musician, and plays random gigs sometimes whenever he can. He plays guitar, drums, you name it-he can play it. This took place around 2016-2017.

So around this time, a woman called Debbie Coughlan began to tell people that she had been suffering a brain tumor for 13 years, and that she needed to fly to America to have surgery because her treatment options were running out. Immediately, a friend of our mother who is a cancer survivor herself decided to rally some musicians and our little community to raise some money for her treatment. There was $40,000 raised alone.

She went to America, but as you may have guessed-she never went to the surgery. Instead, according to everyone who helped raised money, she had been posting holiday pictures, including her sightseeing with her son, attending a wedding, all that kind of thing.

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Sleep walking at Girls CampNarrated! 

I’m a 16 year old female turning seventeen in less than a week but, this happened when I was 12. While my mom was still with my stepdad he forced me and my siblings to go to a Christian church which to this day I still despise and they had this group called Young Women.

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My horror in the woods

This story I am about to share, is 100% true, and if you do not believe it, you can just think of it as make believe story.

It was over the summer of 2017; (For the sabbat of lithia for my fellow wiccan listeners) my girlfriend and I were on our way to a picnic and outside rituals in the local woods of our small town.

I am a closeted wiccan and the forest are in the more conservative side of town. Once we reached a desirable spot where is wasn’t too hot, we set up our lunch. We began to unpack our food when suddenly there was this threatening energy that began brew around me, but I stupidly discarded it was my anxiety that I wouldn’t be able to contact my over protective mother if she were to reach out to me.

We placed our ready made lunch in the back of her Tacoma, racing edition (this was be vital information for later). For lunch we ate butter garlic pasta, tofu, bread, juice and some chocolate for dessert. My anxiety began to calm once I had something my system.

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man on the school

i live in lake oswego oregon and it’s a nice quiet little town and i like it i have live here my whole life. currently i’m going to the local middle school it sucks but i survive i guess but you want the scary stuff besides my grades. once a week after school i walk to the convenience store to buy snacks and say hi to friends after i would walk back to the school to hang out with friends then at [5:30] the activity bus would take me to the parks and rec building that was maybe 5 minutes away from my house now this day it was rainy and i didnt want to walk home so i was waiting for the activity bus i was chatting with a friend about class or something dumb and i saw someone one the roof of the school i brushed it off and got on the bus. if you have ever been to oregon you know it’s very rainy and wet and so every time it rained and i was at the school after school i would see it, i only saw it in the rain and it creeped me out i’m not what it was but it stopped after maby one year. it always looked not moving or anything but just watching.

Creepy man

Ok I was on a Vacation with my grandparents, and me and my sis were waiting in the truck until we reached my apartment, I said hi to my parents and unpacked my close, until I looked outside my window and no one was there, so I went to put on new close, this little boy was looking though the window, and when I was finished, I saw him just staring, I told him to leave and he just repeated I saw you naked, the next day, my parents told me they signed me up for school, so I went to the bus stop. This grown man tapped me on the shoulder, I turned and looked at him, thinking he was homeless, I talked to him, my bus came. He grabbed my hand and said, I saw you naked. He lost the grip and I ran up to the bus. Now at night I feel as if some one was looking at me. My dog barks at the window and when I turn No one is there. This is my story.

Halloween store creeper

It all happened a few weeks ago while I was working. I had been working at my local Halloween store for the season. I was in the back of the store putting up costumes when I heard my manager and coworker talking to one another on our headsets, which normally consisted of nonsense so I didn’t really listen to what was going on but maybe I should have been.

I was displaying the costumes as well as helping people in our fitting rooms. I had to stay close by while people were in there considering we’ve had many things stolen, so I couldn’t leave it unattended at any point. I was waiting for the girl to come out so I could go back to putting up merchandise when all of a sudden, a man who looked to be about 40 with bright red glasses and dark brown hair, came up to me. He kept pointing to the very back where all our masks were, trying to lure me over there. He said “hey, hey I need you. Come here now. Come”. The entire time he was gesturing me over there and kept twitching as if he couldn’t stand still. Finally I asked my coworker to come help me because I wasn’t leaving the fitting rooms unattended nor was I going to follow this man in a deserted area which also had been close to an exit.

My coworker, let’s call Tay, came up to me asking what was wrong. The man then came up to her, trying to get her to follow him but she called our manager back there as well. After he went away, Tay began explaining to me that he kept trying to get into our office area where our manager was. He kept begging her to allow him to help to which she refused but he wouldn’t stop trying to get back there until she yelled at him to stop.

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The Reason I don’t like windows

This story happened when I was 4, I’m 14 now and I’m still terrified it will happen again. But first let me give a little backstory. My family was going through a huge court case and had decided to take away my Mom’s right to have me away(she was not happy of course)and had decided to give me to my grandparents on my Dad’s side of the family and let’s say that my Grandma on my Mom’s side was pissed. So now that there is some background let’s began. I remember that night vividly.

I was lying in bed having the best dream in my 4 year old life when it had turned into a horrific nightmare about someone staring at me through the window. I woke up in a cold sweat and looked at the clock which had read midnight. After looking at the clock, I laid back down and turned, facing the window. I just stared horrified at what I was seeing. There was a person staring at the window trying to see me.

Now I had curtains on my window so all I could see was a shadow of a person. I screamed so loud it woke the enter house. My grandparents came rushing in asking what was wrong. All I could do was point to the window. I turns out that the person outside my window was my Grandma on my Mom’s side.

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The Clown In The Ice cream truck

One night like I usually do late at night I walk to the gas station to get a Monster energy drink as I keep on waking down the street I hear weird Ice cream truck music amd It drives up to me Inside there was a evil creepy clown now this Is when the It got weird first he just stared at me for a few minutes be honest It creeped me out and the weirdest thing comes next he lays out hes hand and would you like to buy some drugs holding out what looked like LSD I said no and that when the nightmare starts he says you should fear me now I took off running as fast as I can I could hear the Ice cream truck behind me so cut neighbors yard on the bike path that leads up hes yard and lost the clown and I eventually made It home I know now not to walk alone In the dark the end

Dark Web Teacher

This story is not mine to tell, but all of the middle school student’s. I used to attend to carver middle school, they have terrible conditions.. The teachers would be very unprofessional in different ways.

Either not doing their jobs or just fooling around. In this case however, this teacher was a Pedophile.

His name is Andres Fernando Cabezas, AKA Mr.Cabezas(Ca-base-is). The was a new teacher who started a little after Christmas i believe. Right away students noticed this teacher was off. He used to go around rubbing the 6th, 7th, and 8th grade boy’s backs, and rub their hair.

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Deep Web

This didn’t happen to me but to a friend. I myself have never been on the deep web and this is only further encouragement for me to not go on. Its funny, i always love hearing deep web stories, they are always so fucked up and interesting, so it was very bizarre hearing it in person.

So basically, he downloaded whatever tor app there is to use it on his android phone. While on there he said he found drug and gore sites and other generic sites. Then he clicked on a random link that took him to a web cam and chatroom.

This is where it gets fucked. Appearing on screen was a little boy that seemed very dirty and slightly malnourished. It seemed to be a cell type of room. The way the camera was angled you could see two milk cartons cut in half. One with water. The other was filled with what he swears was looked like dog food.

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