The woman and the baby

This story took place in Brazil, long fifteen years ago, but it still gives me chills to this day, even though it didn’t happen to me.

I have an uncle who works as a truck driver delivering tires for a company. Between many crazy stories that happened to him between comings and goings, this one is the creepiest that he’s ever told me.

He says it was a Friday noon, he had only a few tires to deliver in a distant city and had just stopped at a gas station to have lunch -or at least eat something to get him through the long road ahead- in the convenience store.

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Creepy Phill

I am a 27 year old female but this took place is 2010 when I was 20 years old and a sophomore in college. I grew up in western New York and also went to school in the same city that I grew up in. At this time, I was starting a 6 month internship for my degree program. This internship basically required us to track our walks around town, observe our surroundings, work on our communication skills. It wasn’t particularly difficult but it had challenges.

At this time, my on-and-off again college boyfriend Bobby and I were broken up. This internship required us to work a large group of people that rotated, so that we had to work with everyone in this program at least once. I am usually a friendly person and will chit chat or make conversation with someone if they initiate with me. This was only a few weeks into this program and I was assigned to work with a bunch of guys that I really didn’t know or recognize from any of my classes. In this degree program, it is generally a male dominated field, so the ratio of men to women is at least 5 to 1.

My group got our gear ready and began our walk. Almost immediately, one of the guys approached started talking to me. At this time, I realized how tall he was. I am of average height – about 5’6″ tall. He had to have been 6’6″ or 6’7″, easily. He was pleasant enough and I myself was always taught to be polite, engaged in chit chat because I had a long day ahead and it helped passed the time.

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Evil thing

When I was a kid we lived in a city. I was around 8 years old when this incident occurred. I’m female. Probably not relevant but I was tall for my age and had blonde curly hair.

I was outside goofing around alone when I saw this tall, athletic, tanned, blond young man with tiny running shorts (it was the 80s) and he was shirtless. This was normal to me as we were mere blocks from a popular beach.  He approached me and asked me a question I thought was absolutely idiotic “Can you tell me how to get to the beach?” “Uhh, go down this street, turn left and go straight down.” Or something like that. He didn’t seem to understand my directions and began chatting with me. I thought he was a total moron; I could find the beach with my eyes closed.

There is a gap in my memory between this point and what happened later. I don’t know how he managed to take me where he did, either. My next memory is being in an underground apartment parking garage with him. Him still chatting, me feeling uneasy. Then he pulled his penis out of the leg of his shorts and began masturbating. Some part of my brain shouted at me to run so I did. I ran like hell all the way home and told my mother who called the police. They never found the pervert. My mom told me years later they were going to beat the shit out of the sicko.

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First date gone wrong

I had just gotten broken up with back in March. He broke up with me while I was at work through A TEXT because apparently he wasn’t attracted to me anymore, even though I had been a bigger girl the entire relationship, and until then, I had no idea it was an issue to him. There were other reasons, but I’m not going to bore you with those. Needless to say, I got real depressed real fast because I never expected him to do me this way and because I planned on marrying him. At the same time, I was also dealing with some financial and family problems. I tell you this just to give you an idea of my mental sate and vulnerability at this time.

About two months after we had been broken up, I decided to go seek professional help. Everything was piling up on me and it was beginning to be too much. I was becoming someone I didn’t recgonize and I didn’t like it.

Three weeks later, I was on my 3rd therapy appointment. I checked in and sat in the waiting room, looking mindlessly through my phone, waiting for my name to be called. I just wanted to get it over with since I just got off work that morning and wanted to go home and get some sleep.

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The follower

So about a few months ago me and my mom wanted to go watch my cousin Carla perform a play, my cousin lived about a 45 minute drive away but since we were going to her school it was 30 minutes-ish.

So we eventually got there but me and my mom were late and saw the last five minutes of it. My cousin who was in the play came out after it had finished and told us that there was gonna be another play in two hours or so. So my mom said okay and we went out to the lobby to find my cousins sister… for this sake of the story we’re gonna call her Janelle.

So Janelle came out and came to me and hugged me asking how I was and stuff. I answered her by saying I was good and such and such. So my mom had asked me and Janelle if we wanted to stay at the school for two hours and just buy some of the snacks they had in the lobby to get by. So we said yes and my mom had left me and Janelle with $20.00.

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Strange Little Boy

I was in the grocery store when a strange little boy asked me to get something off one of the shelves for him. He looked about 7 years old, Caucasian, brown eyes, brown hair wearing glasses a green t-shirt and tan shorts. There was nothing unusual about his appearance. It was the way he spoke to me. Because he seemed too demanding and was pointing randomly at something on the herbs and spices shelf, I looked around for his parents. A parent wouldn’t tell a child that young to just grab things like that, so I just shook my head and ignored him then went to the next aisle. He followed me and repeated his request, “Hey mister! Get that for me!” When I continued to ignore him, he ran off as if he was going to tattle on me for failure to obey him.

At this point I’m thinking he might just be spoiled or have some other problem. Then I saw him running around in other sections of the store, but it seemed like nobody else saw him. He opened and slammed one of the doors in the frozen foods section right next to another shopper and she didn’t even look at him. After paying for my cart of groceries he walked right next to me as if he was going to follow me all the way to my car. Because the customer service counter was right in front of me, I told the employee at the counter that this unattended child seems to be lost. She asked me to describe him and tell her where I last saw him. I told her he is right here. When I turned toward where he was standing, he was gone. While I was driving home about 5 miles away from the grocery store, I saw that same boy walking on the sidewalk alone. He pointed to me and waved as I drove by. At no time did I see another child or an adult with him. Very weird if not paranormal.

Never work security in Denver without a gun

This happened back in November of 2010. I was working as a float security officer for a small company at the time. Being a float meant I got called in at all times and never had a permanent site. Normally I would be the first security officer to work a site until they set up a permenant person or the job ended. This night I was covering a construction site close to the highway. I worked 6pm to 7AM. It wasn’t that hard of a site. I was to sit outside the fence and watch these big heaters that were trying to dry the cement to make sure they didn’t catch on fire. The building had plastic up to keep the weather and cold out from the building. It is Denver, Colorado so it was cold. I stayed in my vehicle and occasionally would walk around the fence, just to make sure it was secure. Typically this would be the time I would use the port-a-potties. Note, I never covered the interior of the building.

This night I was reading a book and occasionally texting a new officer who had taken over a site I worked at last week. Both of us are females but she was scared of working overnights alone. It never bothered me so I would talk to her to keep her from going crazy. I happened to look up as people were walking past my van. I noticed a light was on in a window upstairs. I shifted and dropped my book on the seat. I kept staring at the light. It shut off and I got out of my van. A few seconds later, a light came on in another window. This was unusual so I walked the fence while I called my supervisor. I told him what was going on since we weren’t technically covering the building just the equipment. He had me call the site manager who gave me the go ahead to check the building after I told him where tihe trouble was and what I saw. I let my supervisor know before I entered the building since he was at another site. The building was going to be apartments with a parking garage on the bottom. It took me a couple minutes to get up to the right floor since I didn’t know the layout. The hallway lights were on but the apartment lights are supposed to be off. I listened as I walked down the hall.

I got into one apartment where the lights were on. The door led into a kitchen which was open to the living room. On the left is one bedroom and the right is a small hallway with a bathroom and two bedrooms. Here is where I made the biggest mistake I ever made as a security officer. In the kitchen, on the floor was a box. I walked past it without looking in it. I cleared the bedroom on the left and went to the other bedrooms. I was in another bedroom when I heard a noise in the kitchen. My stomach sank since my supervisor was at least 30 minutes away so no one should be here. The site manager had said he would come down if I called him and told him to come. I gripped my flashlight tightly and went out into the main room. I was unarmed except for a large mag light. (Heavy huge flashlight for those who don’t know.) A man in a torn and dirty Carhart tan jacket was kneeling in front of the box. He had a hard hat on with torn jeans and work boots.

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Grumpy old man

Hello darkness. Long time listener, first time posting. This story may not seem creepy to some but i thought it was. I was an overnight server at Steak N shake.

It was a busy night.

Ive been in drive through most of the night. When i hear what sounds like a fight at the front of the restaurant. I see one of my coworkers escorting an old man who i later learned tired to take off his pants. Well the police were called and my manager said he could come back, but he had to have clothes on.

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The man in the shadows

When I was younger I wasn’t the smartest person but I knew to never talk to people I didn’t know. One day when I was walking home from school I saw a bush start to rustle. I was curious as any 11 year old would be so I thought I’d just take a peak. Bad idea.

I went to move the bush so I could see why it was rustling but when I got close enough I saw a man just sitting there staring at me. He was around his mid 30s and he had this weird smile on his face. When I spotted him he started laughing and it scared me so bad I started running really quickly.

this isn’t all though. A few weeks later I was walking home and I had this feeling that someone was following me. I turned around and just as I did I heard someone running. I turn around and see the man running away with his pants pulled all the way down. I don’t even want to think of what he may have been doing. Who knows what he would’ve done to me if I hadn’t turned around when I did. Creepy man let’s not meet again.