I Own a Tesla, and I Regret It Now

has anyone ever experienced anything on a road trip? here is a story from back when me and my girlfriend were together… We decided to go toward illinois for the week, since my boss had got into an accident and wouldn’t be out of the hospital until next sunday…

So, like casual, we pack our stuff in my tesla, bare in mind this was a used tesla. We don’t get on the road until about 8 pm. By the time we were on the interstate highway, there wasn’t a single light on the road or any other car headlight to be seen, so like any human would, i decide to switch my autopilot on.

Im just on my phone playing games until i hear that chime that a tesla plays when there is something in front of the car…

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Wendigo In the woods

This happened when i was 12. I live near the woods in Europe. I have a dog called Alexa.

She may look cute but she is a very protective dog. So one day i was playing with her in the woods. I threw her ball but when she was about to go after it she stopped and started growling at something in a nearby bush.

I was suprised, this had never happened before.

But just as i was about to investigate i heard something calling my name: ”Ali” it said. ”Come here, Ali” it said. As i was about to run out of there with Alexa i saw what was in the bush. A 7 foot tall beast came out, it was basically only skin and bone beacause you could see the bones through the skin but it had the head or the skull of a deer with only black holes for eyes. I booktit out of there.

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My Experience In Algonquin National Park

To get this story started my name is Ike. This happened just about a week ago.

This was a School trip I took with about half of my grade through the forests of Algonquin National Park. Algonquin National Park is a huge huge provincial park. You are surrounded by water and trees for the time you’re there, nothing else. The wild life has flourished and everything is secluded from our present society, in other words there’s no signal on your phone, no building, no nothing. I stayed there for a week with two guides and 6 other guys my age.

The first day was great. We got to this camp that my school was hosting, I remember the lake water and trees and the beautiful cabins that we slept in for the night. Nothing to interesting happened that day, we got there and setup for the week. When we woke up we head down to the main lodge for breakfast and then set off for the water.

On our second (full) day there we were canoeing for about 5/6 by my guess, remember I didn’t have a phone or watch for the whole week, just the sun to tell time. By the time we found a nice spot to sleep for the night it was dark. We set up our tents and got ready to make dinner. On my way through the forest looking for twigs and branches I spotted what looked like a wolfish deer mix. It couldn’t see me. I was looking at it while crouching over a broken/fallen over tree. I was a little worried when I realized all the other guys looking for wood went other ways. I was alone looking at this. this whatever it was. I looked back to the direction of this wolfish creature and it was gone. I quickly got up and ran back to the camp site. Twigless, my guides asked me why I didn’t have any wood, I quietly told them that I wanted to help them start the fire instead. They agreed.

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The Mulberry Bush

This event occurred late july in 2017, and it has left me completely certain that I could’ve died that night if this thing decided it wanted me for dinner. To set the scene I live in northern Illinois, a place where we are definitely NOT known for cryptids and supernatural happenings. I lived in a wonderful neighborhood, that so happened to be on the edge of a lake and small forest area used for recreation.

It’s completely surrounded by city which makes it the opposite of remote and mysterious, but let me tell you that doesn’t mean what lurks within isn’t dangerous.

Part of the property is privately owned and fenced off from the rest of the lake, it’s used as a dumping ground for small construction businesses around town and as a playground for the owners father who presumably has dementia, to bulldoze rock piles to his hearts content.

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wendigo in the woodland

I am a 15 year old guy and this story happened about six or seven months ago. To be honest it’s still kind of hard to talk about. I live in a rural town in Wisconsin. I’ve always been fascinated by monsters and ghosts. So much so I guess you could say I hunt them. I have a couple friends who usually accompany me in looking for the creatures. I guess you could call us a team. there was Alex the “tech guy”, Josh the “tracker”, and me the “team leader”. Note that there isn’t a official leader it just seams like the guys just kind of look to me to know what to do.

Josh told me that he had heard a story from his father about a strange creature in the woods aroud the town. Keep in mind that josh is native american and his father has always tride to instill the culture of his people with little sucsess. Josh was the first to sugguest going to look for this creature. Although his father had completely forayed it. He didn’t care. We ended up going out regardless although without the knowledge of our parents.

It was about [11:30] when I first left to meet up with the guys just outside the woods. Alex brought the flashlights, the radios, (incase we got separated) the cameras and the pellet guns (three specifically). I don’t really know why he always brought them I think they just made him feel safer. Josh brought the first aid kit just incase we got hurt, the rope and the fire crackers as makeshift signal flairs. I brought the knives for cutting through the rather thick underbrush, the water and the breakfast bars (four for each). I’ll skip the looking and false scares because there are allot. About an hour or two latter we found an odd gouge in one of the trees. four scratches strait down the tree. at first I thought it was a bear scratch or something. But I noticed that it seemed to be to thin but I’m not what you might call nature savvy so I just kept it to myself.

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I’d just like to first say that I didn’t find out what this was until I turned 12 and listened to the stories, I was 7 at this time and outback my aunties trailer there is a trail that leads deeper into the mountains.

My uncle let’s call him Jared for privacy reasons decided to take this trail and explore a little bit, about 20-30 minutes into the trail we hear the trees rattle now we are in rural Canada so wind coming through the mountains isn’t rare but something was off about this. We decided to truck on not paying much mind to the wind after a little while longer Jared points out something in the tree line about 10 meters away I turned towards the tree line and saw antlers poking out from behind the tree.

Me being young and ignorant I said as quietly as a 7 year old gets when he’s excited “look a deer!” But my uncle who was only 4 years older than me but still had knowledge of deer he realized that this thing was to tall roughly 8 feet from the ground.

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The Wendigo that Stalks the Fields

You can just call me velvet. I encountered this when i was about 15 years old, Something i won’t forget until the day i die. It all started at a farmhouse i lived in with my grandparents,

The house was nice, two story, a huge golden wheat field surrounding it, and beyond that was a large forest. There were fenced in areas, to keep animals such as coyotes out which started at the field.

Anyways, I never really liked being there at night, i had always felt watched where i slept, the top bedroom, above the love kitchen, there was a blind-less window where the moon shined on me as i slept every night. On one of these nights, i was awoken in the night by a nauseated feeling in my stomach, i ran to the bathroom with the urge to vomit, but i never did.

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Oklahoma Plains Wendigo

It was a normal drive home from the oil fields. That is until i saw something that I have never seen before on this road. Keep in mind that the road i was driving on is not used very often.

It was a row of dead deer lined up across the road. something told me that i need to get the hell out of here i started to turn around to get back in my truck and i saw something something inhuman standing right there by my driver side door it had a deer skull as a head my heart was pounding so fast i thought i was going to pass out it let out a scream not just any scream it sounded like a mountain lion mixed with a bear.

I froze for what felt like hours it started to walk towards me i couldn’t move it stood atleast 8ft tall it started to smell me I thought i was going to die.

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Wendigo at my kitchen window

Let me start this story off, I am a 26 year old female, I live in southern Ohio, let’s get to the subject.

One night I was in the kitchen washing dishes and I heard footsteps, keep in mind there’s woods around my house.Then I looked through the kitchen window and I saw something that sickens me to this day,it was 7 feet tall, it had a deer skull, it had rotting flesh.It waved to me and fucking smiled at me and left.

I don’t know what I saw but I hoped I don’t see it again.

Skinwalker on the dirt road

My names Haily. I live in a small town in Florida where there isn’t much do to other than ride dirt roads. It was around I wanna say Junior year of high school. me and my old friend we’ll just call her A was riding dirt roads late one night probably around 1-2 in the morning because like I said there isn’t much to do here. We were coming around a corner on this dirt road and in my headlights we can see something standing in the ditch. So without thinking I stop my car. This thing began to step onto the road. Me and A are just staring in shock as this thing began to walk across the road. It had to be at least 7 foot tall and had the legs of a goat. It had no fur at all just pale grayish white skin. It look malnourished as we could see it’s ribs. It was nearing the edge of the road before it stopped to look directly at us. And in that moment we made eye contact with it. It had the yellowest eyes you’ve ever seen. If continued walking into the woods and when it finally disappeared I sped off and we rushed home. Till this very day I can’t tell you what the face looked like. Just the stare of those Menacing eyes. It wasn’t until last year around Halloween I started watching your videos and got an idea of what i seen that night. I have a family member who has family that are Navajo descent she when to visit them and I got her to ask for me if it was a skinwalker. Before she finished my story. The man she was asking asked about the eyes and if they were yellow. Sorry my stories not as scary as other but it’s without a doubt one of the scariest moments in my life