The Face Behind the corner

I’ve been watching scary stories like Darkness Prevails, Swamp Dweller, Mr Nightmare and youtubers like that for about 4 years now, and due to the fact that i’m not a good storyteller I never have had the chance to share my story, until now.
This story takes place in the year 2016, i’m a white male, age 16 and have been with me girlfriend for over the course of 3 years. We would always find our selves going to parties together just to bond, drink and have a good time. This particular Friday night, we drove a good 30 minutes into the wilderness to attend this big party. Me and my girlfiend her name Jin. Arrived around 11pm, we got terrible drunk and while all the other guests at the party decide to make a alcohol run, me and Jin decide to stay back and crash upstairs in the main bedroom. Before you get to the main bedroom, you have to go down a 10 foot hallway, that leads to the doorway. The bed in the room is located right in front of the doorway, so you’re able to see if anyone is coming down the hallway. We lay in bed, and as I’m trying to fall asleep I notice something down the hallway peeking around the corner, it looks like a face. I proccede to wake Jin up, but when she looks nothing is there so I play it off as my drunken state of mind making me see things. About 10 minutes goes by and I look again, and something is still peeking at me from the hallway. I thought what the hell could this be, I stand up, grab my phone and turn on the flashlight. I shine the light down the hallway and I’m greeted by the most terrifying site, peeking from the around the hallway is this pale white face, I see long tangled black greasy hair, no eyebrows and just black eyes, eyes that were too big. The lips of the face were chapped and cracked, I see the mouth move and whatever it was, starts to make a clicking noise with its lips. I go into flight or fight reaction, except I didn’t fight. I locked the door and screamed for my girlfriend , she woke up pissed. I tried calling anyone but sadly no one would answer. Me and Jin sat in bed, Jin confused on the situation until we hear the clicking noises, it came from right out side the door. I pleaded for Jin to believe me, and somehow I think she did. The noise went away and about an hour later we heard all our drunk friends come back inside, I didn’t say a word but that night me and Jin slept in the car. I haven’t been back there sense.

Dogman in GeorgiaNarrated! 

I live in the sothern portion of Georgia in the coastal plains and have grown up around paranormal phenomena. I have always believed that there are things in this world including dogmen however I always just assumed that it would never happen around my area. I couldn’t have been more wrong.

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It followed us home

During October of 2016 in Michigan, Me and my cousin experienced something that we would never forget.

It was a cool October Friday, and I had just gotten out of school, and it was the weekend I was going to my cousins house. When I arrived we immediately went to the basement where we played Xbox.

After a while of playing I decided to get something to eat from upstairs, I returned with a hot pocket and some dill pickle chips, I also noticed my cousin on the phone with a friend of his from school asking if we’d want to hang out. I agreed and we walked from his house about 3 miles to his friends, we stayed there for a couple hours playing Xbox and talking to girls on social media until it got dark, but before we left we decide to amp up the fear factor and tell some scary stories, after all it was the month of Halloween.

As we left, my cousin told me of a spot near his house in the woods that he had seen when he went hunting.

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Garden Gargoyle

I used to live near a really creepy old woman, I believe someone else lived there with her, but I’d never seen them around, or really ever seen them. I was in the 5th grade around this time as well, and I walked home from school.

One day I was walking home from a long day of school, and keep in mind I walk past this lady’s home.

I snagged a glance at the lady’s lawn. There’d always been this crappy little fence around their yard, not sure why, but anyway I looked towards the yard. A man probably around 30-40 years old was walking around the yard fixing all the little nick nacks that had been spread across it recently, things like those fake flamingoes and such. I can’t really remember exactly what was there. The man was brushing dirt off this disgusting little gargoyle they had on the porch. I always hated that thing. It had been there when I moved in, and still there that day.

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What is Real?

I know that even as I write this, there are those who will hear it as fiction and others who will believe either partially or wholly what I’m about to say. To those that don’t believe I don’t blame you. After all if I thought my story would convince you what I encountered was real I might have put my name on it. To those who do believe however, I need to ease my burden by sharing my experience with you. Just telling my story with the knowledge that somewhere, someone will believe me might give me a bit of peace.
My nightmares are so bad I feel like I might have PTSD. I feel like if I see a psychiatrist they will try and convince me that I didn’t see what I saw. Part of me wants to forget but, the other part feels like many existential questions have been raised that need answers. The one question that haunts my mind the most is: If something like this exists then what else is possible? I understand that the lines between dream and reality get blurred, distorted, even disappear sometimes but, the definitive moment in one’s dream is the moment we wake up. That moment never came to me that day.
I grew up in a small mountain town in between two larger urban communities. One hour north or south would get you to malls, fast food, movie theaters, etc. There was nothing like that in my neighborhood. We are tucked away in the mountains surrounded by evergreen forests and we all know each other. I loved it there. I used to walk for hours; sometimes along the main road and often on hiking trails that led to gorgeous overlooks that were especially breathtaking around sunset. Even after I graduated from high school and moved to the city for college I would visit my parents, who still live there, and walk all the old paths I used to walk in the past.
As I write this I almost forgot about my horrible experience. Reminiscing about the joy I had growing up there even up to the point my mind and soul had been shaken to their very core. As I look at my computer screen now, I’m filled with anxiety that this thing will come out from behind me and tear me to pieces. I walked about three miles that day just hours before sunset. I knew that it would be dark by the time I arrived home but, the half-moon would be more than enough light to guide me back.
I was used to walking around out there at night with a full or nearly full moon to light up the trails and the road home. Mountain lions and Black bears are native to the area but, extremely rare to encounter. I always hiked with a folding knife that had a six inch blade, which I know wasn’t much but it gave me piece of mind. As I approached the lookout I could see the pinks and oranges and purples of the sky around the setting sun. I was on a narrow utility road that was paved and jutted off the main road for almost a mile. Behind me were trees that inclined gradually up a mountain and in front of me a slight decline that met a flat plain about a half mile below me.
The decline would not be hard to traverse into plain below but, I was there for the view. The plain has tall yellow grass with fir trees scattered near the base of the decline. The plains turned into rolling hills with colorful rock formations sprouting up randomly before stopping at the desert horizon. The sun drops slowly behind the mountains in the distance turning the purple sky into a navy blue. I begin to count the stars as they seem just to appear in the sky out of nowhere. Alone with my thoughts I can’t help but feel happy and safe.
Even as comfortable as I was here the snapping of twigs and the crunching of leaves can be very startling. So, when I heard it my heart started pounding right away. In a second I caught my breath, calmed down, and looked in the direction of the sound. It was coming from below me and I heard it moving around for a few more seconds before I could pinpoint where the commotion was coming from. I was getting nervous because whatever it was it sounded big but, I really wanted to see it. I kept my eyes on the moving brush as I removed my knife from its holster when I started to see bits of grey fur poking out of the brush. I started to rule out bear or mountain lion and my curiosity skyrocketed. I tried to swallow but my mouth was dry and that’s when I noticed my heartbeat in my throat.
I heard what sounded like a snort from a large pig or wild boar come from the casual rustling. The sound was so loud it made me drop to a crouching position immediately. That sound; if I hear anything close to that sound in the present, I freeze with fear. Unable to move I can feel my eyes dart around in my head as I try to see what made that sound. Not this time though, this time I knew it had be something I was familiar with and as I tried to set aside my fear thinking that it would soon be unwarranted I watched and waited. I really wish I hadn’t.
The first thing I saw was two large, grey, triangle shaped ears. Then the head of a large dog emerging from a bush that I could tell was taller than I was. I saw the animal’s profile and to this day I don’t know if it didn’t see me or just didn’t care that I was there but, I wasn’t fully convinced that I saw what I was seeing. Slowly and cautiously I lowered my stomach to the ground so me and this thing would be just out of each other’s view all the while telling myself, “That’s a huge dog! Who just lets a dog like that roam around here?” It had to be a dog. It should have been a dog. We don’t have wolves up there and it was far too big to be a coyote.
Though most of its bottom half was covered by brush the color of its bottom half was consistent with its top half. One of its legs that I could see the clearest seemed to be very slender toward the foot and larger at the thigh with an inverted knee. It looked to be standing in a slightly hunched position but, the creature looked like it was more comfortable on four legs. Then I saw it do something so human- like that shatters my perception of reality every time I think about it. This wolf, this thing, very quickly raised its arm and brushed the leaves and twigs out of the fur on its head and face. In that moment I saw a man, a man covered in grey fur, tall, lean, muscular, and the head of a wolf. Its hand looked like a paw or maybe a large hand with stubby fingers I can’t be absolutely sure but, what I am positive that I saw, what I will never forget is a shoulder joint. The long ape- like forearm attached to the rest of the arm at the elbow and a very pronounced shoulder.
I pushed the side of my face to the ground to get completely out of the animal’s sight. I squeezed my eyes tight and waited to wake up because I seriously believed that I was dreaming. I could feel all the muscles in my body being pulled tight toward my spine and my heart was beating so loud in my ears I thought the beast would hear it for sure. Not since I was a child had I prayed to God but, at this moment I was hoping against hope he was listening, “God please protect me. Please get me home safely. Please help me.” I honestly thought I was going to die that night and I can’t stop thinking about it.
I waited for that thing to come up the incline and see me lying there and I contemplated playing dead. My heart was pounding and my body was trembling there was no way it was going to think I was dead. My only chance was to get a far enough head start and run for it. Run three miles in the dark on the main road with wilderness on both sides of me until I reach my house. I rose slowly to my feet and I remember thinking that I shouldn’t brush off the rocks that had gotten embedded in my skin because the creature might hear it. I backed slowly toward the utility road not taking my eyes off ridgeline expecting the beast to pop up at any moment. Trying to breathe quietly and refusing to blink as I backed away I started to realize the residual sunlight was fading fast and it was going to get very dark, very soon.
I walked backward for about two hundred yards before turning around and breaking into a full sprint. I know it was following me. I know it was watching me. I could feel my back burning as I anticipated its claws being raked down my back. The thought of it right behind me made me run faster and I swear I could feel its breath on the back of my neck. I started to get dizzy and light headed and I turned around ready to come face to face with this thing; but, I saw nothing but darkness and a brightly lit road. The night was in full swing and I was still two miles from home with a burning chest and weak limbs.
My stomach started heaving but only bile and mucus came out. I was exhausted but I kept moving; walking backwards, spitting, and heaving not taking my eyes off the road behind me. I was in so much pain at this point I almost wanted to die but, I refused to give up. I turned around and walked steadily toward the direction of town with my head swiveling from side to side and my eyes scanning the darkness. Every shadow, every twig snap fueled my looming fear as the closer I got to my house the further away I felt. When I arrived in town the streets were empty and the houses were dark except for a few window and porch lights.
With about a mile left to go I contemplated knocking on someone’s door and asking if I could use their phone to call my parents to pick me up. There’s no cell service there so that would be my only other option. I just couldn’t bring myself to do it; I was ashamed. Here I am: a 30 year- old man, 6’, 210 lbs., and I’m terrified of what? After all this time I began to wonder if I saw what I thought I saw. What would I tell whoever answered the door? What would I tell my parents?
Then I thought about that thing’s shoulder and the way it moved, with the muscle flexing underneath the fur. A chill ran down my spine and got me running again. Not long after I started running I started walking then, jogging and walking the rest of the way home. The last 100 yards were the longest. I saw the porch light on and I focused on it as the darkness swallowed the forest around me creating a tunnel effect. I felt like I was running in water; not moving as fast as I wanted but I finally made it.
My father let me inside and immediately asked if I was okay. Choking back tears I hugged him and told him I was fine. I didn’t see my mother before I went to my room but, I assume she was in the kitchen. That’s when I broke down. Sobbing uncontrollably, I questioned my sanity. Was there any way I could have mistaken what I saw? If it is real then what does this mean about life on earth and human beings? Has this thing always been here? No matter what I think the wall between what is real and what is imaginary has been broken.
Almost every night it seems I’m jolted out of sleep from a terrible nightmare. The events of that day keep playing over and over in my dream but they almost always end differently. Sometimes it sees me, chases me down, and eats me alive. Other times I get away but, it chases me torturing me as an unseen presence. I can’t even bring myself to go back to my childhood house during the daytime and it kills me. Why me? Why did I have to see this thing? I wish it had never happened but, I don’t want anyone trying to tell me it didn’t.
I’ve thought about hypnotherapy but, I would be afraid of the truth just rushing back and pushing me into a psychotic break. I worry about my family seeing something like this and it haunting them as it haunts me; or worse, they don’t survive the encounter. As I write this I can understand why it would be so hard to believe. To accept this reality requires a level of understanding that few of us can handle without losing the grip on our sanity. For those who don’t believe I hope you stay safe in your little bubble of reality because it is terrifying on the other side and there’s no going back.

Strange creature in deming mimbres riverbed

Ill make this story short…I live in a small town in New Mexico. Nothing really goes on here. I live in a small trailer park thats next to the mimbres riverbed water dosent flow unless theirs a really heavy rain so its nice to take walks through. So i live outside of town.

Iv always been madly inlove with the paranormal and creepy things but on this day i got to experience something first hand.

I was 20 im 23 now so this was a while back. I just got into a arguments with my mother so i decided to go take a walk in the riverbed to cool off . the sun was starting to set so it its was nice. I was probably walking for about 45 minutes i had to stop to catch my breath because im out of shape and walking fast through deep sand took a little bit out of me. I was pretty far from my home already.

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The Summoning

To begin, I have always been interested in the taboo subjects in life. Anything that had to deal with the paranormal, witchcraft, the occult, cryptids, and urban legends and folklore, always caught my eye. Which was not really expected from a person who was born and raised in a deeply Catholic family. But what can I say? I always wanted to dig into the darker parts of life and peek behind the curtain, tread into where others wouldn’t. I wanted to seek for the truth, seek for the impossible, and one night that searching lead me to experience something so terrifying that even the mere mention of this name gives me major anxiety to this day.

One cold and quiet January night, I was in my bed and surfing the internet. Just like any normal 13-year-old would do on their winter break. On this night, I had decided that my search would center around reading stories or encounters with the paranormal, cryptids, and anything that fell under the category of spooky stuff. It was in this search that I stumbled upon the Native American legend of Wendigos. What caught my attention about this legend were the images of a Wendigo itself: A cannibalistic entity, shell of a human being, that could only be described as a towering and grotesque skeleton of decaying animal and humanistic parts. A truly terrifying image that sent shivers down my spine. However, as I continued to read about the encounters with such entities, I stumbled upon a piece of information that explained that the Wendigo was folklore commonly told by the Algonquian peoples of the Great Lakes and much of Canada east of the Rockies. Apparently, a common horror story and folklore that was told in the Midwest. Alongside this information, I read that the Wendigo could be summoned through the mere mention of its name during the winter months. Now, I live in the Midwest and it was, in fact, the middle of winter. And I, being the brilliant 13-year-old I was, decided to test out this theory. So, I sat up and squared my shoulders and took a deep breath before uttering, “Wendigo.”

Five minutes went by at a painfully slow rate but I heard nothing. I scoffed and laid back down in my bed, smirking to myself as if I had just proven that everything about the folklore was pure bullshit. So, I continued scrolling through my phone, ready to put the event at the back of my mind to be forgotten about. But, life has a way of surprising you.

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The Thing in the Woods

To begin, my friend is letting me write this story for her – She said it’s helping her get a lot off of her chest. And this story has to do with her. Me and Opal my best friend were going camping for the weekend. And from the start she was not having fun.

She was having a lot of panic attacks since her boyfriend left. Hes in the army. And she felt so scared. I though I could help her feel better. So we leave right after work.

The first day was fine. She could not sleep but she never dose sleep. I on the other hand passed out. Since it was about 2 in the morning that we got there. The next two days was when it started to get bad. Opal had wanted to go to town so we could call her mom tell her how the trip was going.

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Nighttime tapping

Hi, I am a fourteen year old who lives in the upstairs of an Amish house and I have been having these . . . experiences? for a year or more now. I have only seen this thing once and I believe that was a dream, but to keep it short this started a month after we moved into a new house. One night when I was laying in bed playing on my phone when I heard two light taps on a window beside my bed, I froze and, after a few moments looked and saw nothing.

A year later I’ve forgotten about the tapping and have moved into a different room, these experiences last for the course of three or four months, I’m laying in bed reading a book when I hear this, *Thump thump, taptaptap tap tap* on the window facing the foot of my bed. Once again I freeze in terror and, after a minute or two it thumps away and i have no experiences for an insomnia filled month. Dec 13 : I wake up and look out my window as had become the policy, and see something that looks exactly like the rake, a white hairless thing with black pits for eyes staring at me, (this next bit makes me think it was a dream) and every time i blinked it teleported around from place to place and I roll over and go back to sleep.

It’s now February and I have moved into a new room, but over the past month something has been tapping on my window every now and then, but a friend of mine has seen something jump off of a street lamp, heard something stomping in the loft of his uncle’s barn and just a couple days ago something tapped on his window.

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Rake in the woods

This happened when I was in 2nd grade. It was way passed curfew and me and my friend Let’s call him Jameson. Because that is his actual name.

Anyway, it was quiet and warm out. Like to quiet for comfort.

There were no frogs or crickets! Jameson has an idea. He wanted to go explore the woods just a few blocks away. Usually, I would just say no. But, it was a Friday night, and we were stupid little kids. We walked the couple blocks it took to get to the woods. The minute we stepped into the woods, dred washed over me like a tsunami.

I felt like we were being watched. “Hey do you feel that?!?” Jameson practically screamed. “Shut the frick up, Jamie!” I shot back whisper yelling.

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