The Thing that lived on my families farm

This story happened about three years ago when I was thirteen in Michigan.
The night was warm and humid. I was in my Aunts farm house, reading in the guest room when my Uncle yelled
“Ricky get down here!”
I rushed down the stairs to see my uncle in the door way.
“Wha.. What happened?” I asked. He pointed to a gutted chicken with no head.
“Oh god.” I said nearly vomiting, “What did that?” My uncle shrugged.
“This has been happening for some time now.” My aunt said from behind, “Just don’t tell Edie.”
I nodded. My Aunt cleaned up the dead chicken and I returned to my room, when I reached the room I noticed out the window something white go into the forest.
“What is that.” I whispered to my self squinting, trying to see what slinked off to the forest.
Later that night I woke up with a tried mouth. I walked down stairs to the kitchen and grabbed a cup. Suddenly the motion activated light outside the garage.
“Dang raccoons.” I said to myself knowing every one was asleep. I saw what looked like the reflection of eyes. What happened next will forever scar me. A tall lanky creature came out of the forest, it was white, thin, with a lizard like head and claws. I was frozen with fear. Then that thing looked at me dead in the eyes. That thing was headed toward the chicken coop. I then heard a chicken screaming (thats what it sounded like) and then a loud crack. I thought about screaming but I thought that my aunt or uncle wouldn’t believe me. The thing came back with a dead, gutted chicken, It smeared blood on the door and dropped the body. The moon shined through bright enough to see that the thing had horns like a deer. I ducked down and heard the thing slowly walk off to the forest. I got no sleep that night.
About a year ago I told my uncle and he said that the thing I saw lived in the forest near the farm doing the ‘ritual’ almost every day. It seemed it was doing that to assert dominance.

Hunted in my dreams

(Before we start this story i have to say that i’m not the best at spelling so i am sorry for my bad spelling, anyways… let me tell you my story with whatever i seen and still see.)

My name is Fell and i just turned 16 a couple of weeks before, when i was younger i would always play with my brother and our friends on a hill next to my old house that was covered in dead brush and had little trees until you got to the top of the hill. One day i was playing with my friend and he started to tell me about a creature his grandmother had told him about when he was being bad. He said that she would refer to it as a skinwalker and if he was still being bad when he grew up he would be killed by one. It was hard for me to beilive that his sweet grandmother who was only in her sixties, would tell him he would be killed by a strange creature. Me being the eleven year old i was, i simply brushed it off and continued to ignore his remarks about the creature whenever we did something bad like stealing my mother’s cigs.

One day my friend called me late at night before i was about to fall asleep, when i picked up he was breathing hard and sounded like he was hiding. “The thing is real!” suddenly the line cut and i was rolling my eyes thinking he was just messing with me, after awhile i find out he moved because someone had broken into his home but they never found who it was that did. And this is when the strange things began to happen…

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Me vs. La Llorona

I was told this story by some BMX buddies who live in Texas. I went down with a friend of mine named Billy. Billy is a real macho guy. He’s at least 6 1/2 feet tall and almost 260 pounds of cement. When we were spending time with 3 bikers (we’ll call them Wheels, Spokes, and Motor), they casually asked us “Have you seen La Llorona?” Billy was blank-faced, but I heard them loud and clear. For those who don’t know, the legend states that La Llorona was a young and pretty woman who had 2 kids after her husband got her pregnant, then skipped town. She wanted to marry some rich dude, but he was not going for it because she had kids. Therefore, she stabbed her kids, then drowned them in the river. After her grave misdeed, she went to her lover’s house. When he saw the blood on the gown, he immediately rejected her. She ran back to the Rio Grande, desperate to save her kids, but I’m sure you can guess where the flawed logic is. Now, she’s doomed to spend eternity, roaming the banks of the river with a horse head as punishment. When I told Billy, he laughed.

The next night, me, along with the other 4 all walked to the Rio Grande. There was no moon, so we had flashlights, and Spokes had a LED lantern that was quite bright. As we walked, we suddenly heard a small splash. “A fish” Wheels said, trying to convince himself as much as us. “Just a fish.” We continued to walk, but Spokes (who was the youngest at only 15) got spooked and booked it for home. Motor laughed, but stopped after only 4 seconds. She was standing still and staring straight ahead. I was about to ask her what was going on, when her flashlight suddenly went out. Now, it was impossible to see what she had been staring at. “Okay” Billy said. “I’ve had enough; let’s go.”

The next night, I was determined to see if I could substantiate anything about this chick. I convinced Spokes to come with me and promised to protect him if anything happened. He told me about the version his mother told him concerning La Llorona. He told me if you say “I have your kids” she’ll come and look. When she sees you’re lying, what she does is really anybody’s guess. I went off ahead of Spokes and jokingly said “Llorona, I have your kids.” After I said that, Spokes screamed bloody murder and ran right into me. I was about to scold him, when I happened to look above his head and saw a woman with a horse head, and she was walking toward us. I was frozen in fear, and Spokes was hiding behind me, saying prayers. I took my flashlight and flung it at her. Without seeing if it connected, I grabbed Spokes, shone his lantern in front of us and ran for our lives. After about 10 feet, Spokes finally started moving and running unassisted. When we got to my car, we dove head-first inside, locked the doors and hid under the backseat. We heard someone knock on the window, but were too scared to look. We kept hearing the knocking getting more and more insistent. I told Spokes “Whatever you hear, stay down and don’t speak a word.” He had been sobbing by that point, but immediately stopped after I said that. I cautiously looked up and saw Wheels holding a flashlight. I opened the door and he said “Aren’t you 2 too old for hide-and-seek?” I told him I saw La Llorona, and fully expected him to say I was lying. Instead, he just nodded and said “You must’ve said you had her babies. Not smart, dude.” He drove me and Spokes back to his house and told his parents what happened. They both told us it was very stupid. I haven’t been to Texas since.

The White Man and Grey DogNarrated! 

I have many skeptical friends who NEVER trust me when I bring up stories, but I think a camping trip a few years back might’ve changed the minds of a few. I was taking a trip with 11 friends. 12 of us total. 10 of them were skeptics about ghosts, monsters, Bigfoot, and all those other things. My BFF and I were the only firm believers. We stayed up until about midnight telling ghost stories while eating marshmallows and hot dogs. At [11:13] P.M. (according to my friend’s watch) my eyes did something that they do often. They happened to turn to an area with me remembering my dad’s advice to keep an eye on my surroundings. As I was telling a story about the Molly Maguires, I stopped mid-sentence when I saw a grey figure on what looked like 4 legs just standing still in a clearing about 100 feet away. One of my friends said “And the man was . . .” “I lost my train of thought” I lied.

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Something in the fieldNarrated! 

I was out hunting coyotes on my farm on a cloudy Saturday morning. There was no real noise around me which was odd because there’s usually at least one squirrel ratting me out or a truck going my on the road, but there was nothing. I decided to start the rabbit call and wait for a while until a coyote came out. I had my Scar 17 across my lap as I sat under the tree. After about ten or so minutes I passed out.

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Something attacked us

My story starts in the brecon becons i had some how survived a 4 hour bus journey full of annoying new cadets on their first air cadet tactical leadership course tlc for short. Since this was my forth tlc my name was down for the advance level which involved live fire exercises and helicopter extractions. well as i am sure i have thoroughly bored you now, i shall continue with the story. Almost immediately after i got off the bus i was greeted by the warm welcoming bellowing voice of the camp warrant officer a former grenadier guard truly a cadets worst night mare.

He ordered all the advanced cadets to form a squad to the right of him and march down to the armoury tent, where we were given are weapons i had the pleasure of being the squads machine gunner which meant being armed with a jimpy as we commonly called this beast of a firearm. after we received our weapons the squad commander told us we would be yomping slang for hiking to the first checkpoint where we would be staying the night, with in the next 30 minutes with that being said we spent the next 30 mins checking weapons and kit the time finally came to begin the march. i felt something was wrong right from the get go,it felt as if we were being watched.

When we finally reached the checkpoint and setup camp the squad commander split us up into pairs to go out and patrol the perimeter i was paired with a good friend of mine a thick accented Scotsman called Angus, we were the first to go out on patrol we got about an hour into the patrol with out seeing anything of any interest, but all that was going to change over the next 10 minutes. as we entered the second half of our patrol we herd grunting and bark being ripped of trees, at first we thought it was just the local army cadet force being as incompetent as they normally are, so Angus being the no nonsense Scotsman he is fired a round directly into the air this is something we would soon regret with the round being fired off the muzzle flash briefly illuminated the surrounding area, which meant that we could see what was making those noises. the image of what we saw will forever be burnt into my memory.
what we saw was this half wolf half man creature it stood about 7 to 8 feet up lent against a tree. but what really traumatised me was its face this thing had glowing yellow eyes accompanied with a expression on its face, that i can only describe as pure hatred of us for what ever reason. as soon as the flash went we heard it start bounding towards us both of us wasted no time in emptying our guns into its general direction, one of us must of hit the creature since we heard a high pitched yelp and the foot steps going back the way they came. we stood there for about 5 minutes straight just looking in pure shock and fear at the woods, when we finally reacted to the frantic calls over the radio about what was going on. we were ordered to return to the check point where we would be air lifted by Chinook back to base. after me and Angus had calmed down and regained the ability to reacted like normal human beings. we were thrown straight into a de-briefing from the commanding officer, since that experience i have never looked at the wilderness the same way and probably never will.

I don’t know what it wasNarrated! 

To begin, I live in the heart of the Great Smoky Mountains of East Tennessee and was raised here. My best friend, who I’ll call B, was born and raised here as well, and we’ve been close since we were barely thirteen. We are still like sisters and spent most of our time together until we both got married and had families of our own. Now that you have a little background, I’ll share a short, but creepy two-part story about what we saw one night by the river on highway 129.

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The Tiger

When i was 17 my family, a few friends, and myself went on a trip to Tasmania for the school holidays, it was to be great fun. Our trip would lead us all around Tasmanias wildest parts including two days when myself and my two friends were aloud to go camping in a national park (we had a permit). On the days that this camping trip took place we were very happy and excited to be aloud to go off and do our own thing. We began by starting on many of the national park walking tracks, this one in particular would take a minimum of 4 hours to get to our destination.

We set off at about 10 am, by 12 pm we were already exhausted so we decided to stop for a break (a long one as it turned out) where we stopped it was simply beautiful, there was a lake beneath us (we were on a hill) the water sparkled blue, the trees green with the luscious leaves still moist with the morning dew, i remember the sun was high and shining in the sky. On the walk we had already seen many wallabies, and birds, even a few small mountain dragons. We even thought we saw a Tasmanian Devil, but it was gone before we could have a good look. Anyway we continued on our trek, by this tim it was around 5 pm when we finally set off again, by this time we had not realised that we would not reach our spot before dark, stupidly this did not phase us as we were still high off excitement.

we continued walking until the started to dissapear from view and the night started to descend. While on the trek we heard many animals, the birds, the small mammals, even some fish splashing, but one thing that caught me and my friends all by surprise was the sound we heard around 6:30 pm, three strange noises, i could only describe them as a sort of sneezing noise, except they were more rattly sounding and much more anamalistic. the sounds echoed through the hills and it was unlike anything any of us had ever heard. The rest of the time of the hike we walked in silence, sometimes we would ask eachother what we thought made the sounds. About 30 minutes after the first set of sounds we heard the same noise, they lasted a bit longer and were more drowned out but they were definitely the same creature. something that i only noticed after we heard them again was that the sound was closer, we were walking towards it. by the time we got to camp it was well into the night, at about 7 pm we reached the camping spot, and yes we do realise that the 4 hour trek took over 9 hours. anyway we set up the tent and got a fire started which wasnt actually aloud but we didnt care. we cooked our meat that we had brought, without thinking that it might attract a devil or some other small predator we through our scraps on the ground and proceeded to laugh and talk until the early hours of the morning when we heard the sound again. either it was following us whatever it was or we had walked right towards it.

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It flies

This didn’t happen to me personally, but to my older brother.

We used to live in a very rural reserve of western Canada. The closest town, roughly populated with around 1,000 people, was about a 15 minute drive away. There’s a small village “up the hill” with a small convenience store & old abandoned hockey rink. Across from the rink, along the highway, sits the old rez school. Around the school were multiple portable classrooms. All of them abandoned after the new school was built 5-6 years earlier.

At night it gets super dark with the only light coming from the village or, on this night, the moon. My brother and a few of his friends decided to go climb on or break in to the old school or the surrounding buildings. He and two of his friends couldn’t get into the main building so they decided to climb onto one of the portables.

He and one of his friends easily climbed on. His third friend was shorter and had a harder time. When they tried helping him up they saw a fourth person around the corner. His friend on the ground heard a noise and said, “someone else is here!” They looked in the direction of the noise and saw someone standing there. My brother asked if it was interested in joining them. He said it looked startled and ran to the open field behind the school. Now, the only light they had was the full moon, but he said it looked human but had pale skin, long arms and legs, and wings. The thing stopped running, looked back at them and flew into the air. My brother and his friend on the roof of the portable jumped off. He told the third friend on the ground to run back to the village. All three made it to the village in 3 minutes.

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Appalachian Mountain WendigoNarrated! 

It was an early monday morning, cold, and crisp. I had just begun to pack up for a week long hunting trip. I had the tent and the bear traps packed into the back of the truck and tied down with a couple bungie cords.

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