My Grandpa’s experience on the mountain

Let me start off by saying this is not my story. It’s my grandfather’s,he told me this story at a family reunion about a year ago when I was 19.(Names are changed for privacy reasons)
It happened about 30 years ago.
[He looked somberly at his climbing pick] Did I ever tell you this story?
[I shake my head] Well, like I said, it happened 30 years ago when I was still a mountain climber. I was with a couple of friends in Montana. We had been hiking up a mountain for a couple days.
[He smiles] We heard noises a couple of nights before and found a dead deer. We brushed it off,that was our worst mistake. We continued through the misty hills.
[My grandpa looked down at the floor and got up to grab a drink] “Are you ok?” I asked my grandpa.
“Yeah.” He said
[We both sat down] Any way my friend Alexander fell that day and shattered his leg.
God….The blood was every where.
[He took a large sip of the alcohol in his cup] We made a makeshift splint and decided to camp where we were. That night we sat on logs near the bright fire. Alex was asleep with his leg propped up. The night was cold and silent.
“Karl do you….Do you see that.” Alex said weakly pointing to behind. We all sat in silence. We all were generally quite breathers but we heard heavy raspy breathing from the tree line.
“What the fuck is that!” Markus the youngest of our squad shouted grabbing his rifle aiming it to the trees. We stood up, “Hey leave now!” Karl shouted into the forest. The thing came into the dim light of the fire. It was ten feet tall, with a raven like head and black fur or feathers, I don’t fucking know what it was.
Thats when Markus opened fire at that fucking monster. It let out a horrible screech that echoed through out the forest. I ran off with it’s claws scrapping the trees.
“What the hell was that!” I said horrified as the screeching was still audible. We got no sleep that night. That day we used the satellite phone to call for help.
We told no one about that fucking thing. Not even your parents.
[He stood up and got more alcohol] “Just remember one thing Rick, Never go to those cursed mountains.” My grandfather said. I stood in silence. “Never go to those fucking woods.”

Strange Events At Weiss Farms

I’m new to this so forgive any changes in pace while I recount these events. So for introduction I’m an average person and on YouTube my name is Vincent Jaeger. I love living in smaller towns in the woods where it’s quiet, but it’s not always what other country types make it out to be.

My encounter starts late night at a date I can’t remember. I was on the porch when I noticed odd movement to my left. I looked over the railing and saw a white figure briefly before it slipped into the Darkness.

I wasn’t all that scared since I thought the white blob was just an animal. A couple years later I’m walking my lane at night and I feel like I’m being watched. I looked behind me to see something horrifying. What I saw crossing from the field and into the woods was a pale, white, humanoid creature that looked to be emaciated.

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Halloween Encounter

(So i want to get something clear. I’m not the person that drinks or anything like that but yesterday me and a couple friends had a party and i did get a slight buzz. But what i seen was something i know was real.)

During the party me and my friends decided to go out and trick or treat, (One: we were walking around at [9:00] or something and it was in the middle of the woods. Two: all the houses were about a mile apart from each other so we were all tired.)

While we were walking my brother said he had to got “Take care of something” and i watched him go behind a tree, my friends were talking and still drinking but i was the only one sitting on the floor waiting for my brother, suddenly i heard what sounded like a branch snapping and i assumed it was my brother.

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The Unseen Force

Have you ever walked into a room and felt like there was something there watching you? That is a feeling similar to what I have experienced; but on steroids, morphed like Bruce Banner turning into The Incredible Hulk. I had transferred from a shore station and was newly assigned to a destroyer at the 32nd Street Naval Station in San Diego. At times I would rent a room at a hotel off base to get away from the Navy as I wasn’t too happy with my new sea-going-command, or DVOIC (Division Officer In Charge). One night as I lay in bed in a hotel trying to decide what I was going to do the next day I felt something like a doorway opening in the room, but, from the corner of the room not the doorway to the hall. Now to try and clarify my point, no one feels a door opening in the normal world but, that night I had a distinct feeling that a doorway was accessed while an invisible force of energy of some kind flooded into the room followed by something with a seriously predatory nature.

Don’t ask me to explain the aura of energy and intense psychic pressure that filled the room. I didn’t feel normal fear; I felt what a prey animal might feel when in the presence of something that it knew fed on it that was right in front of it with nowhere to escape too. As I lay there trying to understand what was going on, I froze. There was nothing my eyes could see in the room, just the feeling of mental energy washing over and through me, as I tried to comprehend what was happening. I laid there in bed now very wide awake trying to make sense of what was happening, awake, worried but, not yet scared just curiously angry.

The thing that had entered the room did not move, its unseen presence tangible and overwhelming if not visible to my eyes; detected by some forgotten human sense, ancient and attuned to its wavelength. It stood there watching, predatory, and clinically observing me as I tried to find the ghost, demon or whatever supernatural presence was in front of me in return and understand what was going on. Being raised in a Baptist home by my grandparents who were ministers in the church, I remembered being told one day if confronted with supernatural evil to ask it “what in the name of Jesus Christ do you want?” So, I did out loud and with purpose. There was no answer, no growling or, sound of any kind but the presence vanished no longer detectable by my senses as an unseen force.

Cadet Encounter

This is a real encounter. I am not making any of this up at all. I’m a junior in high school and I was in our school’s ROTC. During the summer last year, we were doing combat night ops during our land navigation training. Me and my fire team were in the middle of the woods, each one of us with a chem light hooked to our web gear. As we were moving through the woods, we came across a small trail and moved into a column formation, out of the 5 of us i was watching our backs.

As we were marching quietly, i chose to do a 180 degree turn to check behind us. As I turned I thought I saw movement in the brush. I passed the order to halt and we all went into a crouched firing position. As we were mostly juniors, we were using airsoft guns with LED tracer devices on the barrels. Our fire team leader told the team marksmen to utilize his ghillie suit and move onto the hill behind us. We sat there for about twenty minutes for the marksmen to report back, but he didn’t. We naturally thought that he got hit and was “Dead”. All of a sudden we heard our CO calling us back in with the bull horn he loved to use. We headed back thinking if the marksmen heard it then he would make his way back.

We got back to our camp and were right about our squad mate, except when we saw him, he looked horrible. His face was a pale white, like he saw a ghost. Our CO, we’ll call him Cap, was Native American and was always a bit edgy when we did training’s in the woods. We asked the marksman, we’ll call him John, what happened. But when we asked, he looked at us with the blank and unnatural expression I’ve ever seen, he told us that there was something here with us, and that we needed to leave. Of course me and the rest of our platoon didn’t believe him, we thought he was messing with us but I still decided to be a little cautious. Cap told us we should eat then rest up, as I got to my tent that I shared with another guy, I decided to pull out a sugar cookie that I got from the MRE i had eaten two hours before for dinner. About an hour passes and i’m lying in my sleeping bag, my battle buddy is out cold. All of a sudden i hear a low whistle followed by a tearing sound, like when you rip a shirt in half but amplified. One of our guys screams and that wakes everyone up. I ran out of my tent, still in my skivvies and stopped dead in my tracks. something was standing over one of our guy’s tents with a huge chunk of the tents material impaled on one of it’s claws.

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Early Morning SightingNarrated! 

A night not too long ago, I decided I should sleep on our trampoline outside, inside our house was hot, we didn’t have any AC unit. So I went to sleep outside and there was a nice breeze with a wondrous moonlight. I fell asleep quickly around 10pm, having thought it might be a quiet night until around 3am I was awoke to sounds of like roaring and yelling.

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I don’t know if it was a person

I live in Australia on a bit of farm land with my family, I’m not exactly sure what I saw that night but I hate going outside in the dark, because I get that feeling when somethings watching you. Me and my older brother let’s call him J, we were in a paddock just doing teenage stuff and I was over one side of the paddock and he was over the other side, I heard something snap branches and I thought it was a fox so I spun around and saw a human figure, it looked to be about 7 or 8 ft tall, the weirdest thing about this man is he got on all fours and started to come my way I turned and ran towards the Ute trying to get into the light because J had the light bar of my Ute facing towards my direction, J said I cleared it within a few seconds and knew something was wrong we both got in the car and took off I was so happy to leave that place I’m scared to go into the dark without my dog or a flash light I’ll never forget what happen that night. I’m not sure if it was a prank or a skinwalker but problem is you don’t get skinwalkers over here.

The creature i created

(Okay, so i checked the comment section yesterday and realized a couple of people were interested in this sighting i had, so i have decided to post another terrifying encounter i had with a creature i call white face, Hope you all enjoy.)

When i was 13 years old i remember i was always drawn to the dark arts and things like black magic and rituals, and when i finally was fed up with my “Bad Luck” i decided to trade my soul for happiness… Little did i know that i had just caused my normal life to end.

One day after school i had gotten home and found out i had been alone, to this i found an opening in my “Bad Luck” and took it… I took a box of matches from my mother’s smoking drawer and took a couple candles before drawing a large pentagram on the tile floor with red paint, (Needless to say when my parents got home i was in deep trouble.) When i had finally finished i ripped out a thread of my hair and a wooden wolf head my grandfather had carved for my necklace, i simply wrapped the hair around the wooden wolf head before cutting my wrist. i dripped my blood onto the wood and began to chant something, i don’t really remember what i had to say but all i know is the last verse i said was “allow me to smite my enemies, for they will bend to my will”.” or something along those lines.

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I was face to face with a faceless man

I am a 21 year old male who has lived on the shore line of Lake Huron in Ontario, Canada my whole life. The area where I live specifically is surrounded by farmland and dense forested areas that are home to many different animals and the occasional meth head. I had just graduated from lineman school in early 2017 and was hellbent on finding a job right off the bat.

I learned quickly that good paying jobs aren’t common so I took a job as a utility locator. For those of you who don’t know, what I do is find underground power lines, gas lines and telephone lines for home owners or contractors by using a fancy metal detector. This is important because being a locator means you have to go to some pretty strange locations such as abandon homes that are going to be knocked down. Anyway ill get on with the story.

On November 28th, 2017 I received a job for a home demolition and had to find the old hydro and telephone lines. The home owner wanted to meet me so I had a general area of where to stop locating. I gave him a call. He told me this house hasn’t been lived in since 1983 and that he had bought the house about 10 years ago. He had never stepped foot in it which I found odd. He said he would be at the house in about ten minutes.

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I Heard the Drekavac

My name is Alexander im 17 and I live in Serbia,most ppl call my country a little Russia becose culturaly we are the same exept for the language and instead vodka we drink rakija to get wasted.This happened yesterday or better yet to say today cuz currently its 8:25 am and this happened in 2 am in the morning.Most ppl have indoor bathrooms but mine just had to be outside,luckly not for farther than 1 meter or i wouldnt be here wrighting this,here we have a local legend about little fury creature known as “Drekavac”,it’s name can be translated as “the screamer” cuz before it attacks last what you hear is a loud unpleasant scream,it is said that it can take souls of children that have ben burryed on edge of graveyards or of those that werent burryed properly with a ceremony.last night i played fortnite,after some time i listened to some songs by skillet and watched few youtube videos,its pretty mutch usual.Then i had to go to the bathroom i went there to do my buisness,and as i did i heard a loud scream like if tiger,eliphant,crocodile and horse joined in a single scream,at first it was far away and i tought it was airplane altho i started shaking,i didnt understand why.I am not somone who gets afraid easly,usualy not even from supernatural as i had alot of experience with it even tho im 17,but as i heard that same scream again after 5 seconds,only this time mutch more closer,now i knew the ansver to my unexplained fear.I heard running noise all around the bathroom followed by voice almost like it was some video or audio played on a old caset recorder rather than actual person”aleksandre izadji napolje”(alexander get out).As it was running around the bathroom walls i waited untill it goes away just atleast far enough for me to run back inside;and when i got the chance,i emediatly sprinted in slaming the door behind me,i spiled holly water on every wall and specialy on the windows ,i also took a cross and put it near my bed just in case,as i did that i heard a “tap” on the window about 3 times,just 10 minutes later the feeling of extreme fear vanished like it never even happened,but i know what i heard,at first by the sound i tought it may have ben the wendigo but then i remembered the old tales about drekavac and knew to that must be it as its mutch more local legend and becose its also known of torturing the ppl late at night butchering them,but instead like wendigo eating human flesh,Drekavac feest’s on your soul.